I Wonder

Grade 3/4 this week your snapshot writing can take a couple of forms. You can either write an imaginative piece or  you can write  ‘I wonder…’ questions.

For example, ‘I wonder what the bear was thinking?’

Please choose your 3 best questions / wonderings  and write them on the blog. Can’t wait to read your wonderful questions!

Here is the image….are you ready?


writing stimulus 4

32 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. I got sent this weird picture from my Aunt.
    I wonder what the bear is going to do next?
    I wonder if the bear is meant to do this?
    I wonder if the person is annoyed?
    I wonder what the man is feeling like?
    I wonder what the song is that he is playing to the bear?

  2. I wonder questions………

    I wonder if the bear is a good dancer?

    I wonder if the man gives the bear dancing lessons?

    I wonder how the bear communicates with the bear?

  3. I wonder where the man found the bear?
    I wonder what the man is doing with the bear?
    I wonder if the bear is real or fake?

  4. 1) I wonder if he is a real bear?
    2) I wonder when the picture was taken?
    3) I wonder if the bear was the mans’ pet?

  5. 1. I wonder how does the man felt chained to the bear?

    2. I wonder if the bear is well trained?

    3. I wonder when will the bear change back into a person?

  6. One day I landed in a city. I wondered ” Where am I? What am I doing here?” After a short period of time I realized I was in the 18 hundreds. When I was exploring the city I saw a person dressed in a funny bear costume. The person was singing with another man playing an accordion. I laughed and laughed. I got woken up by the lamp turned on by my mum. She asked, ”Why are you laughing when you’re sleeping? ” Oh if only she knew about that dream!

  7. I wonder where they are?

    I wonder how good the bear is a dancing?

    I wonder which one off them is a better dancer?

  8. I wonder if the man knows he’s being cruel to the bear?
    I wonder if the bear can eat and breathe with a ring through its nose?
    I wonder if the man is ever nice to the bear?

  9. My questions are…

    I wonder why the man is playing a musical instrument ?
    I wonder when this happened ?
    I wonder if the bear prefers the jungle ?

  10. My I wonder questions…
    I wonder why the person has a walking stick?
    I wonder how they tamed the bear?
    I wonder if they needed permission to use that location?

  11. I wonder… -What would happen if a tram came -What the people on the street are thinking -If the bear cares about what is happening

    • Hi Edwina
      I was wondering the same things! If a tram came the bear would be squashed. I wonder what the people on the street would think if they saw a squashed bear on the road?
      From your friend Sally (:

  12. I was in India, it was a windy day. The lane-way I was walking through felt a bit awkward and smelt a bit awkward. I knew why, a bear. I was wondering what I was doing here anyway. My dad had invented a time machine, and I had gone in it…..

  13. I wonder if the bear is real or just a person that’s dressed up?
    I wonder how the bear got on the road?
    I wonder what the man is doing?

  14. I wonder if the man is getting money?
    I wonder when they started doing this to the bears?
    I wonder how the people around him are feeling?

  15. .I wonder if it is a real bear?

    .I wonder what the people in the backround are thinking?

    .I wonder why the man has a bucket hanging from his pants?

  16. I found this strange picture in my letterbox today.

    I wonder why the string is attach to the man and the bear?

    I wonder why there is a bucket on a wooden stick next to the man?

    I wonder who is in the bear cloth?

    I wonder what the lady dressed in yellow thinks when she walks out of the shop?

  17. Fantastic work Grade 3/4. You continue to amaze me!! I particularly love the wonderings in the middle of the short stories, very creative thinking.

    Mrs Boyhan 😉

    • I’m interested to know what you are wondering Matthew. I look forward to you communicating your thinking.

      Mrs Boyhan

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