The Dragon

Awesome amazing authors of Grade 3/4. Here is your new creative challenge. Use this writing stimulus to amaze me with your fantastic writing skills. I look forward to some cool creative reading coming up!



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  1. Rights,the first challenge. Great, just great. I would rather eat 500 bowls of chocolate, than risk my life for the clue for the next Goblet of Fire challenge, I mean, what is the point. Ooh oh! I was the last person to get the golden egg. The worst part was that the youngest, not even yet a teenager is fighting against the meanest and most fierce dragon in wizard history. It burned my hand, sparks of fire came out of its mouth.

    This is going to be fun!
    By Taya

  2. I feel the warm smoke on my face as the little creature breathes . His soft, scaly skin rubs against my fingers. He is magnificent, his green wings flap gently as he sits peacefully. His ears twitch as I whisper to him in a soothing voice. He soon falls asleep, snoring softly, dreaming about the next day.

  3. It was a warm sunny day,my mum thought it would be a good day to go to the park. I didn’t want to go to the park so we didn’t go.
    I left the window open for fresh air. I had a nap and when I woke I saw a DRAGON! My mum brought in some popcorn and I hid the dragon under my pillow. I picked it up when my mum left. But then it blew fire all over the popcorn.

    • Terrific writing Ailish. How did the dragon feel to touch? Was it friendly? A goal is to add more description to your writing. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ailish,

      Your story is fantastic.
      You really used lots of descriptive words.
      I can’t wait to see your other blog comment.

      Your sincerely Hannah and Jennifer

  4. One morning I woke up with a brown, hazel scaly baby dragon on my hand. I screamed “AGHHHH” and the dragon said “meep meep meep” . My sister came in and said “awwwwwww”. Is she absolutely crazy? I figured the dragon is harmless so I gave it breakfast. I smell smoke. I see it coming from the dragons mouth…

  5. I felt something slimy on me when I turned around and there on my leg was a baby dragon!!! I put it on my hand, it was purple and very slimy and it had big beautiful blue eyes. I could hear it breathing very loudly I think that it is a bit scared because it had never seen a real person before. I could smell its slimy body, it smelt horrible so I gave him bath and I got to keep him as my pet!!!

  6. I feel the spikes on the dragon and his tiny little bite. i feel the wings fluttering on my hand I also can smell the toxic smell I can here his little roar aswell.

    By Ben

  7. The Dragon
    One day I saw a tiny cute grey dragon.I held the dragon it was smooth and soft and very light.The dragons little paws grabbed on to me very tight and after it was really hurting.Then all of a sudden it let go and it leaped for a fly.The dragon was hungry for more and it soared to the kitchen.The dragon eat all of the food then it was still hungry for more and tried to eat me but luckily I had my dragon repel ante and it turned into dust.

    The End

  8. I put my hand in the soft,red velvet bag and felt a rough and spiky creature. I slowly picked it out of the bag. This creature was wriggling and wobbling. While I was picking it up I felt nervous and was trembling. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a petite, cute, green dragon. It had a long tail and huge wings, it also had a tall neck. It was the most marvelous dragon I had ever seen. I called it Digon.

    • Dear Alice,

      We thought your writing stimulus was amazing, because you added lots of detail. We could get an easier understanding of the picture when we read your writing!:)

      From Eve and Alessia.B.

  9. Once upon a time there was a boy named Leo and he lived in a kingdom of Ora. One day, when Leo was asleep a wizard sneaked into Leo’s room and placed a small, cute dragon. It was green and Leo decided to keep it.

  10. One day when I was at home doing home doing homework ,my Mum and Dad were at work but my brother was in his room. I caught sight of a sudden little flame from the back of my eye. It still kept on going ! At first I thought it was a trick of the light but it got bigger and bigger so I followed to where it was coming from and then when I thought it was a trick I saw a little dragon sitting on a candle coughing.It suddenly looked up and saw me.At first it didn’t move but then it smiled and did one more little cough and just when I was about to pat it my brother came out and saw me I stood there frozen.

  11. One morning when I woke up I saw a tinsy, tiny dragon. It was flying above my head, I got so freaked out that I ran downstairs into my mum’s and dad’s bedroom I yelled out” MUM DAD”!!!” there’s a baby dragon flying around “.It was on the bed.” Smoke I smell smoke”. Then I realised it was its noise sneezing. It wouldn’t heart you, I said can I please keep it. I feel it’s smooth scales .

    • Good start Lachie i like how you are beginning to describe how the dragon feels. Can you tell me more about this ?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  12. I feel the scaly,damp skin rubbing on my hand , the tiny dragon is a green bony dragon. It has a lot of fire power. I had always liked dragons in my books but I never thought they were really real. It liked me very much and I liked it. I really wanted to keep it. But if I showed my mum and dad they would kill it. So named it firepower and didn’t show my mum or dad. So I keep it in a box, and that box is in a bag, that bag is in my old toy box and that toy box is under my bed. I cared for it and loved it, I feed it before school and I feed it after school. It goes un seen for its 23 year life. It was a great experience to live with and un seen dragon for so long. But it was hard to see my firepower die.

    • Dear Mostyn
      I loved your writing Mostyn and great persuasive words. Keep up the good writing Mostyn.

      From Joachim

  13. This is Alice’s Mum, and I have really enjoyed reading all these wonderfully imaginative descriptions of the dragon picture. What great blogging.

  14. Thank you for joining in on our learning journey Alice’s Mum. We look forward to seeing you often on the blog.

    Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  15. Hi 3/4LB,
    I just want to say that these are some fantastic pieces. I was so impressed, I had to read ALL of them. You have described the dragon very well. I have to recommend this picture to my teacher!
    Yours sincerely, Bethany πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Ailish

    I think your description is interesting. I wonder what is going to be next. Your writing had descriptive words such as warm and sunny. I can’t wait to hear your next descriptive comment. I wonder what it felt like having a dragon on your fingers.

    from your friend lily

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