Good Learners are researchers

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Grade 3/4 we are using a CSI thinking tool to explain our thinking about a learner being a good researcher. Please put your thoughts here with your partner (collaborator).






10 thoughts on “Good Learners are researchers

    colour=yellow because it is like a bright new idea.
    symbol= a question mark (?) because you ask heaps of questions
    image= candy because you can’t get enough of candy and it is the same with answers.

  2. C= our colour is yellow because each grain of sand is a new idea.

    S= our symbol is = because every question has an answer.

    I= our image is sand because the deeper you go the more answers you get.

  3. Colour : Yellow because it is like a new bright idea.

    Symbol: Light because it is a very bright new idea you suddenly get.

    Image: A computer because you can search new ideas.

    By: Elly and Bridget

  4. Growth relates to NEW IDEAS

    C: Fluro green- Leaves on the tree keep on growing like new ideas.

    S: Tree- To grow ideas and reach out to better information.

    I: A garden- The plants always spout like they want more ideas and better information. Also a garden grows bigger and better every time you see it like new ideas expand.

    By Taya and Ariana

  5. C: Our colour is blue because the sky can fit all the questions and answers

    S:Our symbols is a book because it gives you answers and questions

    I: Our image is a person with questions in his head and asking them with his mouth

  6. C:rainbow because a rain bow has lots of colours and researchers have lots of questions.

    S:books because a book has lots of information and researchers want to learn and read information

    I:a person getting information from a computer researchers want to get information and use it and put it in their own words

  7. C.S.I
    COLOUR-light blue because you wake up to a beautifull light blue sky and it’s like a fresh new idea

    SIMBLE-? because good researchers ask questions

    IMAGE-A brain because you think about what you are going to do.

    By Ailish and Ava

  8. Good learners are reasearchers.
    C= colour is green because it is good that they have found a answer
    S=symbol. My symbol is a computer because we research on computers
    I= image. My image is somebody holding a folder saying Answer because somebody has found the answer.

  9. Colour: I think the colour yellow is because when stars die other stars are created like new ideas

    Symbol: birds because they eat worms and they feed their babies and experts give ideas to the other person.

    Image: scientist because they predict then they try the experiment.

  10. What fantastic C.S.I’ s about researchers Grade 3/4. I to have created a CSI, here is mine:

    C: The colour yellow, just like the dawning of a new day new ideas and questions lead to great new learning

    S: My symbol is a question mark – great researchers have lots of questions.

    I: My image is of a person with other people in a circle and computers, books, experiments, nature all around them.

    Mrs Boyhan

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