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Grade 3/4 your writing has been amazing. What wonderful descriptive authors you are.


Here is this week’s homework writing stimulus. I can’t wait to read your responses.  🙂


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21 thoughts on “Homework Writing Stimulus

  1. I was swimming in a lake when I bumped into something very hard and very wet.At first I had no clue what this thing was, then I realised that it was a little house in the middle of a lake!!! I knocked on the door and said ” hello, is anyone home??”. Then I walked into a small room where I found a huge pile of letters that were written a long time ago, and some were even written to sailors who were on their journeys!!! Then I woke up and realised that I was dreaming!!!!!

  2. That looked old and haunted too! If anyone lived in there, who would? It was a very creepy sight. Maybe it was a poor person’s home. Maybe it was just a shed. So I went to explore.

    • Cooper I’m interested to hear what you found. In order to improve your writing try to include more description like what did the place feel like?, what sounds could be heard?, how were you feeling entering the building?

      Mrs Boyhan

  3. Everyday I went to get a pail of water from the crystal clear lake. Each time I went I wondered what that house was doing in the middle of the lake. So one day I decided to go inside the house. I saw a turtle lying in front of the house and it wasn’t fed so I gave it a carrot. It munched it very quickly. It was quite unusual to see a turtle munch so quickly. Then the turtle said,” I am a magic turtle. Inside this house is a bad tempered man so run away quickly and thanks for the carrot.”

  4. Beneath the rocky mountains I was walking and I saw a wooden house. It was under some water, there were rocks in the water and inside was dark and wet. It looked like there was a big flood or someone’s house caught fire. I was really scared that one of those things were going to happen now!

  5. The old timber hut sat in the fresh water lake high in the mountains of Nepal. It had belonged to Babu’s ancestors for centuries. On this cold Winters day Babu was making his way to the hut in his small timber boat. Babu’s job was to catch fish for his village so they would have enough food for the rest of Winter. Babu hoped that the grey, stormy clouds would not rain down on him. He prayed that he would be able to catch enough of the Trout that lived in this particularl lake, so that they would be able to eat well that night.

    By Ariana

  6. One misty day I went for a walk in the mountains. I was walking towards the bottom of the mountains, near a river when I saw a big, big thing in the middle of the river. As I walked closer and closer to the big thing it became more likely that it was a little wooden house that a man built.

  7. Phew! I climbed up a mountain and i was so thirsty. I ended up for three days and I saw an old house flooded up with salty water. I wanted to go in but water was too deep. I was so tired that I waited up a tree. Early the next morning I saw that the water went down. I walked in and guess what I saw…..

  8. One cold and gloomy day i was walking through the woods and I was very high up on a mountain and in a river I saw something it was so small I couldn’t see what it was. I ventured through the forrest and when I go to the bottom I saw a tiny little house. It looked like it was deserted but there was someone living there . I saw a boy he had saw it like me and investigated it he was very like me . OR WAS HE ME… 😡

  9. Long ago, in a faraway land there was a small house in a valley. However this house was not an ordinary house as it not only was placed in water but was surrounded by water as well. The house was made out of wood. A special person used to live in this wooden house but unfortunately he passed away. One day an explorer went to observe the area and stumbled upon the house. Little did he know that the house belonged to a missing runaway Prince.

  10. I live in a cottage. even though my house is very small I still love it. so this is how it starts. my family was watching the news. it said that there was going to be a storm,a really big storm. We thought when is the storm. until it said tomorrow night we thought why are they only telling us now? I think they should of told us earlier. The next night our garden was water.

  11. This picture reminds me of my great grandmother,who I never actually met. My dad told me about the house that she lived in, when she first came to live in Australia from Italy.

    At night, she would look up at the stars through the holes in the roof. I can only imagine how cold her house would have been at night. When it rained, she must have got quite wet.

    We are so lucky today, that we don’t have to live in old houses like the one shown in this picture.

  12. I went down the steps to the river. I went into the water. I swam till I could not reach the bottom. I looked around and I saw a small hut. It looked as though it had not had anyone living in it for at least three years. I did not think I swam out further… BOOM, I had drowned

  13. One cold morning I went on a hike to a nearby mountain. I caught a glimpse of a small hut. I went down some steep stairs and swam in the chilly river. Finally I got close to the hut. It had huge cracks in it. It was old and wooden and covered in green moss. Should I go inside?…

  14. I woke up to a chilly, slimy, wet floor. I was so tired to open my eyes, but I had to. When I looked down I realised that little fish were swimming below my feet and that the whole floor was filled with cold water. “I wonder where it came from?,” I said under my breathe. I looked outside and there were miles of water in every direction. “What should I do, where should I go?,” I nervously said to myself. ” I’m going to be stranded forever,” I screeched. I decided to not worry and build a small but nice boat out of my bed. I sailed for hours until I found…….

  15. There I was standing infront of an old shabby cabin resting on a murky lake, the sky was grey and looking very miserable. Suddenly I felt raindrops and I knew it was about to thunder, so I ran into the cabin for shelter. It was dark and the cold air sent shivers down my spine, fear gripped me as the bolt of lightening seemed to shake the tiny cabin, down came the heavy rain and I felt trapped. Hoping and praying that the rain would pass so I could make my way home to a warm and safe place.

  16. WORST HOLIDAY EVER!!!!! My parents had just booked a timber shack! Why, oh why? It was disgusting, full of mold and seemed a bit creepy.

    The night of my life had just come, we were swept away from camp. AAAAAAAHHHHH! The Blue Mountains!

  17. One day my mum and dad and I went exploring in a forest. We climbed over a huge mountain and we found a small house in the water. I called out “hello” but nobody answered. We went inside and l switched one of the lights on. There was a trap door and I fell in. I looked around me to discover that it was a gold mine. I screamed “we are millionaires”

  18. WORST HOLIDAY EVER!!!!!! My parents had just booked a timber shed instead of a luxury cabin by the lake. Not only was I stuck in this horrible shed full of mould in the middle of nowhere but my parents where missing! As the wind howled through the mountain tunnel the misty and freezing night before, I had been awoken by a loud bang and now I realised that was when my parents disappeared. It also appears to me that the shack has been thrust by the wind even farther into the mountain ranges. Never mind that though, I need to think of how to find my parents!

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