Homework Writing Stimulus

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Write a paragraph response to the stimulus.

Your response may take the form of:

  • A descriptive piece
  • A story starter
  • A poem
  • A recount

Your response must:

  • Be 5 to 6 sentences in length (no shorter, no longer)
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Self-edit your work before publishing to check the above

Be published on the class blog before Thursday

25 thoughts on “Homework Writing Stimulus

  1. I was at a theme park and suddenly, the power and light went off. Who could of done this? It was dark now and lots of people were screaming. More and more people drove off in their cars. I went to have look at the electricity house and I saw someone in there. This was bad.

  2. I was walking in the fields when I saw an enormous roller coaster. I was so excited as I had never went on one before. Unfortunately the power was turned off. I started heading home when I saw the wagons were moving. I sat on the wagon and it was launched at tremendously high speed. After the ride I was sick and vomited. I knew I would never go on a roller coaster again.

  3. Paul and I were looking at the corkscrew roller-coaster ride, wondering if we should go on it. “Paul, should we go on that roller-coaster ride?” I asked.
    “I don’t know; it’s very winding and it looks like it goes on forever in that mist,” said Paul.
    “Yeah, it seems pretty scary and I might feel sick. We might never come back if we do,” I said.
    “True, but we’ll never know unless we try it, so let’s go!” said Paul, grinning.

  4. Suddenly I saw this rusty, old, metal thing that looked like a roller coaster that had been used a few years ago. It was hard to see what it was because it was a cold and misty winters day. After a few hours of hard work I had finally finished repairing the rusty metal thing, and making a very stylish cart for the roller coaster. I was ready to test it out! I slowly and carefully hopped into the cart and woooosh, off I went like a rocket it went round and round up and down and side to side! I was soo thrilled that it had worked, so I told my family what had happened and what I had done.

    • Hi Alice,
      we loved your piece of writing.
      We thought your writing was magnificent.
      Your describing words were fabulous.
      We look forward to seeing more of your writing stimulus.
      From Katie and Charlotte ( 3/4lp)

  5. So there I was, walking amongst the tall green grass when I herd a very loud boom!!!! There was a huge swirly thing in front of me, at first I thought that it was a huge roller coaster, but then I realized that it was a invisible tunnel that lead to an imaginary land!! I stared at it feeling very surprised that it had just appeared!!! I walked inside as it and it took me to a different land. There I meet lots of other people and animals.

  6. Over the green grassy field, the rollercoaster looks lonely and abandoned. I wished I could go on the roller coaster. Then suddenly, some lights turned on and I was shocked. I ran over to the rollercoaster and jumped on. It was fast and bumpy and only a little bit scary. Afterwards I felt so cold because the cool breeze flew past me. I will go on it again someday.

  7. It was the Monster ride of the year.The most terrifying thing on earth.I couldn’t stop looking at it!I wanted to be the first one to defeat that monstrous,terrifying and most hideous
    fear of heights!
    So I did it,you would not believe that I actually did it by myself…..

  8. One cold and foggy morning I was going for a walk to clear my mind. In the distance I saw a circular magic portal. It was very big and it looked like I could teleport anywhere in the world I wanted.

    I went one step closer, it started sucking me in. At this moment I was so scared at what might happen next. There was a metal pole in the ground, so I grabbed onto the metal pole. IT BLEW ME IN…

  9. I usually love a rollercoaster ride and much prefer it to a slippery slide.

    This one, however, is big and scary, so I will need to take my big sister, Mary!

    Even then, I will scream and shout, so I must take my brother ( even if he is a lout.)

    Thinking about it, he will not do, so I am going to take one parent or two!

    We jump on the ride and get ready to scream.

    I wake up, my sheets saturated in sweat and that it would seem, is the end of my dream!

  10. As I walked down a grass road I saw an enormous roller coaster. I was so excited I could not wait for a ride. I read the sign and it said it goes 1km/hr for 9 year olds. I didn’t know what that meant so I went for a ride. Suddenly, a storm came and it got slower. Then a huge flash of lightning struck the cart and oh, great heavens it was super fast and I felt very sick. The End

  11. Aaarrrgggghhhh!
    I was in a roller coaster and I was still in it.It took ages to get down. It was like a nightmare and I felt like vomiting. My head kept spinning as it went round and round. Oh when will the ride stop.

  12. My head is spinning, my heart is pounding as I’m travelling through the air on a gigantic roller coaster. It seems to be going on forever, I hold on tight gripping the hand rail so hard my hands hurt, it’s freezing cold and the strong wind stings as it slaps my face I want it to stop! Somehow I feel my body moving upside down side to side faster and faster I’m screaming for my life! “Wake up Sammy” it’s mum, I catch my breath and hug her tight, thank goodness it was only a dream.

  13. I was going for a walk when the wind started to blow hard. I looked around and saw something no one else would believe. It was an enormous black hole! No one had ever seen one so I was first. “Is it a good thing I was first to see” I said in my mind. Then suddenly I heard someone scream, I couldn’t help thinking someone had gone in to the hole…

  14. I was walking through the damp and slimy woods and I saw an amazing looking roller coaster. I couldn’t help myself, I looked at it i could not see were it went. I looked at the power box and there was probably not enough power to get me to the end if there was one, But I didn’t give up I hopped on and then in a mater of seconds i am going a million miles an hour. Will it end or will I stay on it until the power runs out. You decide…

    THE END 🙂

  15. There I was, scared out of my mind. My heart was pounding, my fingers were cold, numb and icy, I felt the freezing cold wind rush past me as I went round and round. I thought that I had been on it for hours and hours and hours. Also, things changed after I went on it, I preferred a slippery dip!!! But now that I have been a
    victim of the scariest ride in town, I still did not know why I went on it. I WONDER…..

  16. I got lost at a scout ground. I was walking around green grass looking at the endless blue sky when I saw a huge abandoned roller coaster. I got in the rusty cart and pushed the button. It went zoom and it began to look electric light blue everywhere. Then I noticed it said “the future.” I was shocked…..

  17. I was in the car with my family, until I saw a extra huge roller coaster. we were meant to be going to see my grandma but we got lost my mum said lets go there. I wanted to go on the big roller coaster but my mum thought it was a bit dangerous because her brother fell of into the big long grass. my mum didn’t let go on it so I ran of.

  18. I had heard a rumour that there was a haunted theme park hidden in the forbidden fields. At that time I didn’t believe in ghosts so, I decided to go explore the theme park on my own. As I ventured through the tall grass in the fields, I noticed that the sky had gotten cloudier and was covered in a smokey fog. In the heavy fog, I came across a broken, rusty old roller coaster which creaked randomly as I walked below it. Suddenly, I heard a loud cry throughout the theme park and a glowing shadow appeared in front of me reaching it’s hand out towards me. I was so scared I ran away and never looked back.

  19. Great job Year 3/4LB, i have really enjoyed looking at the great things on your blog. I am a Principal in Melbourne exploring all the great blogs created by primary school children and am learning how to create a blog as well as all the other teachers at our school. Thank you!

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