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  1. Here I am, standing on a wide thick plank with holes in it. Petrified I might fall to my death. I am squeezing onto the handles. Suddenly, an obese man steps onto the plank it tips to one side. ” This is the end of me.” I thought. I quickly ran to a stopping place and shouted for help but that was no use. I ran all the way back to my family and sat while my dad finished the course.

    • Hello Ariana,

      Your writing really excites me. I did find it a little hard to understand.Were you trying to make it a mystery?

      from Francesca

  2. As I dreamed, I was walking along the path, I knew I wouldn’t make it to the end. Did I tell you that I’m afraid of heights. Whoa! I nearly fell off the edge! Nah. Just joking! My mind was racing. My mind was telling me to jump off the edge but I said I can’t. But eventually I jumped! I woke up with a feeling that all this was real!

  3. In a forest there is this walk way and it is really high. I would really like to go on there really high and be amongst the trees and see everything. It will also look very pretty. You can see the beautiful leaves. But I might get a little bit scared because we are really high. you could see your friends house because you are so high.

    From Ava

    • Ava, love your work. when you were a baby we took you on one of those tree top walks. It was awesome!!! I had you in the baby carrier on my chest and you were jumping around very excited and full of energy. We should do another visit now that you are older.

    • What a lovely descriptive piece of writing Ava. You have described your feelings very clearly for your reader. I would definitely be very scared as I don’t like heights!!

      Mrs Boyhan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. If I ever in my life go on the otway fly I would go with my whole family .
    I bet you’d feel the air blow against your face.

    I would love to go on the otway fly because you’d be able to see the top of the trees.

    I would love to go on the otway fly.
    The air would be nice and warm.

    • What a beautiful description of what you would feel and experience on the Otway Fly. ‘I bet you’d feel the air blow against your face.” Fantastic work.

      Mrs Boyhan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. In the forest I would like to be amongst the trees and feel the breeze and nice paradise I would love to go to the forest heights my dad once took me to luna park we both went on the ferris week and it was really fun. I was crying like someone died.

    • Dear Ben,
      I really enjoyed reading your writing.
      Next time you could describe your writing more.

      From Josh. S

  6. I was walking along the Otway Fly and I saw a giant gorilla. It roared when it saw me. It broke part of the bridge. I ran to the other side of the bridge and got off. The gorilla was very angry. Just then, it hit its head on the bridge. It got knocked out. Then, I ran off. The people saw the bridge. They told the owner to fix it. That was the most troublesome day in my life!

  7. One warm, light day my family and I went to the Otway fly. It was so high I could only just see the ground. I was loving it I loved being high of the ground and so does the rest of my family. But my brother he hates being high so he didn’t want to come but my dad brought him anyway. Get brought a toy with him because he was so frightened. My brother didn’t have much. Fun but everyone else hade heaps of fun. While we were walking down, my brother dropped his toy into a tree. We ran down and luckily it fell down.


  8. One cool sunny day my dad and I went walking amongst the trees. The cool wind blew through our hair. As we got higher in the trees we saw something like a jumping castle. It looked like a lot of fun, so we decided to go on it. It wobbled like jelly, at the sight of the pieces of wood underneath me looked like the chocolate that you would put in ice- cream. I just did not want to get off it!!! It was so much fun.

  9. One day a man walked on the Otway Fly and then the bridge snapped and he fell into a tree. Later,he made a tree house and it had a plasma telivision and a library.After a while he got home sick so he made a huge ladder and climbed down. When he got home he wished his house was like his tree house. But he was glad he came home because he missed his family. He never went to the Otway Fly again.

  10. There is a young boy and his name Is jack and he went to a walkway.Jack isn’t scared of heights so jack went to the very top.It was 1km heigh.jack was a brave boy so he jumped of the walkway and went to the one under him.When he landed the walkway broke.Then jack landed on a stable walkway and was safe.Jack looked up and he saw a man with a chainsaw cutting the walkways.Then jack got scared so he ran down the walkway and when he went to the ground he found a bike and rode away and never came back.

  11. Wow what an awesome view. But this bridge is very wobbly – Wow. Cool now I am at the top. This is awesome I can see the top of the tallest skyscraper. I wonder why the walkway is orange. I bet I will come again. There is so much air in this spot and it is cold.

    By Daniel

  12. On one cold day in Tasmania, my family and I went on a long metal trail above the forest floor that seemed to go for miles, but it didn’t go for very long. It was also very high it was about 2 kilometeres high from the forest floor. My brother and I loved jumping on the metal floor and looking through the little cracks in the floor to see if we could see any people or animals on the forest floor. Mean while my mum looked worried and kept on telling us to stop jumping, probrably because she thought it was going to collapse. My dad was just enjoying the beautiful views of the trees and plants below.

  13. I am just so terrified , the minute I look down it makes me want to vomit! But I’m watching everyone they have a big fat smile on their faces and I don’t! I’m scared of heights so I cant go any further. It feels like I’m going to fall and I don’t like it, not one little bit. My Mum, Dad, brothers and me just standing there looking at other trees. I woke, it was just a dream! Oh it wasn’t I’m still up in a tree! Why, why, why!!

  14. I was walking up a bridge high in the trees with my brother and family.As we got higher I became a little frightened.I followed my family shaking with fear.I was a little boy named Thomas.My brother Paul loved being up high.He was dancing around with his soft toy hedgehog.He accidentally fell over and bounced high into the air.He did it again on purpose.My parents joined in to.I ran over to the corner and sat down.I was too embarrassed and scared to tell my family that I was scared of heights.

  15. One very hot day my family and I went to the Otway fly. As I took my first step my heart began to pump very loudly. I thought I would not make it to the end. I walked half way and I saw how much more there was. I thought I was going to die, but I want to live! So I run back to the start and waited for my family to finish the walk.

  16. Hi Larissa,

    I think your blog is terrific and you have talented writers in your class.
    I’m new to blogging but have had wikis for a number of years. You’ve given me some great ideas!
    If you would like to visit our Year 4 blog, the link is below.

    Kind regards,



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