Homework Writing Stimulus

Grade 3/4 please record your writing response here.

writing stimulus 1

Β image sourced at The Literacy Shed

Write a paragraph response to the stimulus.

Your response may take the form of:

  • A descriptive piece
  • A story starter
  • A poem
  • A recount

Your response must:

  • Be 5 to 6 sentences in length (no shorter, no longer)
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Self-edit your work before publishing to check the above

Be published on the class blog before Thursday

40 thoughts on “Homework Writing Stimulus

  1. In the dark and spooky woods, there is a half-skeleton-half-robot who is seeking its prey. It is very bony, spiky, tall and powerful. It has 3 antennas, humongous spikes on his shoulders and its nose looks like a laser- emitting gun. Behind the trunk of a tree is a terrified, frightened little boy. He wants to escape from the horrible half-skeleton-half-robot.

    • What is his prey Jason? Is it the animals of the forest or are you indicating that the little boy is the prey? Great start with your descriptive writing. Remember to use your synonyms to create a descriptive piece.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  2. One night, in the forest there was a alien bug who had just landed from out of space. It had very long legs and on it’s it back there were long lines that went from one side if it’s body to the other. It had big eyes and a weird shaped head, it had lots of spikes coming out from the back of its body. That same night a boy was going hunting with his bow and arrow, as soon as he saw the alien bug he got so shocked and he stayed behind a tree waiting for the alien bug to leave.

    • Terrific work El. What do you think the alien bug is looking for? I wish I knew what happened next, does the boy warn his village?
      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  3. Do I see something? It looks like a skeleton! I crept forward and had a better look. I have never seen a creature like that! I tapped the creature on it’s back. Just then, it lunged straight at me!

  4. In the horrible,dark woods there stood a scary monster. This monster was made up of bone and metal and had the most dreadful squeal. It was holding onto my best friend but I could not do anything about it. I was to scared,I could not go near it. I quickly ran to another tree. CRACK! I had stepped on a piece of wood and broke it,but it as to late, it had picked me up and was looking at me like I after my friend was main course…


    • Well done Arianna.

      A great start to a story, you have captured my attention. Perhaps next time remember to use your synonyms to enhance your description, e.g. the most dreadful, ear piercing squeal.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  5. Suddenly, a huge beast appeared from behind the white mist that seemed to reach the top of the trees.
    The hunter hid trembling behind a large tree in the forest.
    Peering behind the tree, he watched the huge beast, which looked like an enormous preying mantis, standing in the middle of the stream.
    The beast scooped up the hunter’s prey which he had killed earlier, with his bow and arrow.
    Knowing that his dinner for tonight was gone, the hunter wondered whether he would be the beast’s dessert.
    He was terrified.

    • Fantastic work Bridget. Great descriptive writing.

      Remember that the rules of punctuation apply on the blog. When writing a paragraph you don’t need to hit return after every sentence.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  6. In the spooky woods at night ,what was I thinking? suddenly the howl of the ghost skeleton. my heart was pounding,so fast I could hardly even breath!
    then just as I peeked out from the tree, he rose.
    his bony spikes rushed past me as he ran of the scream of his prey.

    • Terrific descriptive writing Taya.

      Remember to always self edit your writing checking that all your grammar and punctuation are accurate, for example all sentences start with a capital letter.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

    • Great effort at a poetic response to the stimulus picture Daniel. A goal next time is to include more description in your response e.g down a misty forest…..he crosses a raging river

      Well done.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

  7. In the deep, dark, forest there was an evil man lerking near the water. He saw his dinner and he shot a little pig. Nearby a creepy, rocky, monster came to pick her up. The rocky monster was sad for the little pig because he is actually very caring. Now the evil man was trying to kill the rocky monster for getting his pig. The evil man tried to spear him and missed then he fell into the river banks.

    • Fantastic work Ava. You have looked at the pictures from a completely different angle from everyone else. Your monster is kind and caring.

      You definitely have me hooked . Great work.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

  8. I was woken up from my serene slumber when I felt the ground beneath me shake violently. I quickly stood up holding my bow and leaned against a tree. Slowly, I looked over my shoulder to check if anything or anyone was around. There was a tall dark figure standing in the middle of the stream with a struggling wild horse trapped in its hand. The figure looked inhuman and had a corpse-like body. I trembled as I watched it devour the horse viciously afraid that I would become its next meal.

  9. One spooky night a half zombie half skaliton was hunting through a spooky forist for it’s prey.The forist was filled with creepy insects, the strange but creepy beast was censing a boy with a bow and arrow behind the tree.The boy was really sceard and ran away with his bow and arrow.the beast was getting hungry.

    • Great work Samantha. Remember to edit your work checking that your spelling is accurate.

      Great story response to the picture.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  10. Early one morning when it was still dark I got up! There was a roaring noise. I got my Bowen Arrow and I followed the strange, terrifying and roaring noise. The next thing I saw was a BIG TERRIFYING ROBOT SKELITON!!! It had a dead fox in its hand. I was so scared I yelled out “MUMMY”, the big terrifying robot skeleton saw me and he started walking over to me. I wondered if he would eat me. I said “hello” in a polite voice he picked me up and ate me.

    By Lachie

    • Oh no!

      Poor you!

      Great story in response to the picture.

      Remember to edit your writing checking your spelling.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Lachie,
      This story is amazing and is very descriptive. We loved how you put lots of description on whats around the character. Straight away we could not stop reading the story and we just wish it would keep going on forever.

      Tyler & Massimo:):)

  11. last night I was doing some poaching in the green acre wood. It was a very cold night and around 10pm I saw a creature. It had long skinny brown legs and stick figure long arms. I could just see what the thing was holding. A baby antelope had been killed. I ran home wondering what that thing was and I swore to myself that I would never going near the wood again.

    • Great work Edwina. A good imaginative response to the writing stimulus. Fantastic work with synonyms/ descriptive language.

      Remember to edit your work checking that all your punctuation / grammar is correct.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

  12. In the deep dark woods there was a river, and lurking in the river was a monstrous creature, a creature that I had never ever seen before. It was like a big robotic preymantis with lots of spikes and prickles. I was standing behind the tree when the monstrous creature picked up the dog that I had just shot for my dinner. I was very suspicious. I went back home to my friends to tell them what I had just seen with my very own eyes.

  13. once apon a time in the deep dark woods there live a robot stick insect with spiks sticking out of its back and robot eyes one day a boy came with a boronarro they had a fight one day but the came a good monster who was like the evil one and he saved the boys life. THIS THE STORIE OF THE DEEP DARK WOODS.

    • Hi Ben,
      Your story is brilliant I like how you make it scary and how you describe where you were. You need to check your spelling and sentences.

  14. As I walked deeper into the eerie forest it became dark and cold and the frosty air sent chills down my spine. I could hear the wind rustling through the trees around me, suddenly from a distance I could see a mysterious figure, as I moved closer I felt my body go into shock . I froze, I saw a tall skeletal creature standing in the murky lake, slowly I hid behind an enormous tree, holding my breath I peeped, the creature roared and I ran away as fast as I could.

  15. I was terrified when I saw it,it stopped ,it looked at me, the pair of eyes gleaming at me!!!
    It stepped forwards and I ran as fast as I could…then I felt a slight bash in my back.I woke up in a cave,tied up to an arm-chair and with the bug eyed freak RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!
    I tried to get out,but the bug eyed freak got angrier the more I moved!
    So here I am just sitting here… waiting…

  16. In the deep dark forest, I was running with my bow and arrow hunting for a food.Then I saw a big possum, so I shot it with my bow and arrow. In a tick, a monstrous tree creature wooshed by and grabbed the possum. The monstrous tree creature saw and came towards me starvingly. So I climbed up a tree and shot an arrow at his back. The monstrous tree creature gotten angrier and grabbed me for his next meal.

  17. an archer sees a mean stick insect, the stick insect sees him. The archer runs as quick as he could to the forest and hides behind a tree. The stick insect looks around and can not see his prey. He moves quietly backwards and the SPLASH he falls in. The archer is saved !!!!!!!!!!!

    THE END!

  18. in the deep dark forest I went for a stroll I felt something under my feet I didn’t know what it was. my fear grew until I picked it up. it was only a cute little piggy. but then I my fear started to grow again as I heard something or someone creeping near the river banks. I looked around but saw nothing because he was hiding behind a tree. so I tried to help the little pigging but then I saw someone fall into the river banks.

  19. There was once a boy who was good at archery. He really liked it so he entered a club not so far away from his home. His name was David but his two friends at archery called him ‘firebow’ but he didn’t care. He and his friends got a special task to hunt an animal in the forest. They were all brave and went into the green and brown scenery. David was looking and saw a tiger. He was about to get out his bow and arrow but something stampeld over it. It was big,spikes and brown. David got his bow and arrow and wanted to shoot it but he was a little scared.

  20. In a dark forest there was a boy hunting for food.Then a huge stick skeleton monster came up and the boy was terrified. he tried to shoot it with it’s bow and arrow but it didn’t do anything.So the boy and just hid behind a tree.Then the boy waited for sunset then he left frightened.

  21. In a dark forest there was a boy hunting for food.Then a huge stick skeleton monster came up and the boy was terrified. he tried to shoot it with it’s bow and arrow but it didn’t do anything.So the boy and just hid behind a tree.Then the boy waited for sunset then he left very frightened.

  22. Hi Gerard,
    I think your writing is great, why did the boy wait till sunset? I can’t wait till your next writing.

    From Josh. S

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