Aqua treasure hunt!

This week in Grade 3 /4 we are on a treasure hunt for words using the latin root word ‘aqua’. We have discovered that aqua means water.  Words we have so far are:

aquarium,  aquatic, aquarena, aquamarine

What are some more ‘aqua’ words you have discovered ?


13 thoughts on “Aqua treasure hunt!

  1. aqualung aquamarine aquaplane aqua-regia aquarium Aquarius aquatic aquatint aqua vitae aquaduct aqua-fortis aquaphobia.


  2. Some aqua words are , Aqualung, aquatic, aquatint, aquamarine, aquaculture, aquaphobia and aquaplane. Aqua means water.

    • Great work Jason. You are a brilliant word detective. You find so many words for our treasure hunt each week. 🙂

      Mrs Boyhan

  3. In 3/4lB we have been learning about aqua words such as…

    aqua code

    By Samantha.

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