15 thoughts on “Great Explorations of our World

  1. An explorer we know about is Christopher Columbus. He was born in Italy. He sailed from Spain and worked for Queen Isabella. He discovered the Americas. He bought back gold for Queen Isabella. He sailed with three ships.
    By Daniel and Lachie

  2. An explorer we know about is captain Cook. Captain Cook’s last adventure was to go to the Hawaiians islands . Firstly he made friends with the Hawaiians. But then the Hawaiians stole a sailboat and captain Cook weren’t friends with them anymore. Then they had war. Unfortunately captain Cook lost and died. He also explored Australia.

  3. My favourite explorer is captain cook. I like him because he discovered Australia and if he did not discover Australia we would not be here today.

  4. Walter Raleigh was around in 1594 when he explored America and introduced tobacco and potatoes into England. A poet, Tudor Courtier and adventurer, he was a handsome man with dark brown hair and was one of Elizabeth 1’s favourite courtiers.
    By Alice and Ariana;):)

  5. Francis Drake was the first Pearson to sail around the world and he did it in 1577-1580 and he brought back spices from Asia

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