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  1. Your Immune System fights off germs (antigens) by creating antibodies to get rid of them. This is very important for our body without it we would be sick all the time.

  2. The Digestive System

    The digestive system helps break down food. This particular system of the body also helps transport the nutrients the body needs through the body, which gives us energy.

  3. The Skeletal System holds our body together so we can stand. It protects the main organs in our body like the heart, the brain and the lungs. it protects our organs so we can keep functioning. 🙂 🙁 😉

  4. The Skeletal System holds together our bodies. Our skeleton protects our internal organs e.g. our heart, lungs and stomach. The skeleton helps you stand with a good framework. It helps humans organs keep functioning well.

  5. The Nervous System

    The brain sends messages throughout the nervous system in your body.
    The system is made up of billions of nerve cells. There are too main parts to the nervous system – the central system and the peripheral nervous system.

    Nervous cells are made up of chemicals and electric reaction. Electric reaction is when electric reacts to a message. In your spine there is a spinal cord which is the nervous system highway That highway is connected to your brain, therefore the brain is the navigator which controls any function of your body.

    The messages in your body don’t always go to the brain, they can also go to the eyes, ears and face and then branch out throughout the body, not only your spine.
    When you get punched or fall over the nerves tell the brain and gets the message. The brain sends orders to all the body parts through the central spinal-cord.

    Your nervous system is an amazing system in the body that gives information to the brain and notifies if your in pain!

    By Luca

  6. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, sensory organs and all the nerves. The nervous system is the brain’s communication system and your body’s feeling system

  7. The Digestive System

    The digestive system breaks down our food intotiny little bits so we can digest. Our body does this so we can swallow. The organs that make the digestive system take all the nutrients and allows it to flow along with the blood togive us energy!;)

  8. The circulatory system is the system that pumps blood around our bodies. This system transports nutrients and oxygen around the body

  9. the respiratory system is the system in our body that allows us to breath.the respiratory system stretches from your mouth right down to your lungs.first you breath in the air which goes down to your lungs where it is put into the blood flow and the lungs pumps out carbon dioxide. your body does this all in a split second.

  10. The Digestive system is the system that breaks down food. It also gets rid of all the good food and sends it to the blood stream to give us energy.


  11. The respiratory system is the system of the body that helps us to breath it brings the air we breath down to the lungs and processes it into the blood stream where it is pumped around the body and carbon dioxide is pumped out of the body.

  12. hello
    As you may now 56lb watched a bit of the magic school bus. It was all about the digestive system i thought the food went in the stomach then straight down the toilet but actually it goes in the stomach then in another part then down the toilet.

  13. The Immune System

    Is made of:
    Cells and when your red and white blood cells reproduce they can make cancer cells this cancer is called Lukimea (blood cancer)

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