Cybersafety Week

This week we are learning about how we can be responsible digital citizens.

We have watched the video below in class. Watch it again and write your top five tips on how to be a responsible digital citizen.



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  1. Tips for being responsible online.
    1 never give out personal info.
    2 Don’t post anything inappropriate.
    3 tell parents if something bad happens online.
    4 If your parents would not like it don’t post it!
    5 don’t cyber bully.
    By Lucia

  2. Hello everybody,
    This week our whole school is going to be learning about cyber safety! There are many ways we can be safe online some things we can do to help protect us are…
    -Never talk to any strangers online
    -On social websites we should make our settings private
    -We shouldn’t tell anyone our personal details
    -We should also keep our password a secret to others
    Thank you for reading this,hope this has taught you a bit about cyber safety!

  3. This week at St Bedes is CYBERSAFETY week. When you are online, it is best to not accept friend requests if you don’t know this person. If you are being cyber bullied, you should not talk to this person anymore. If a virus pops up on your screen, just leave it there and go and get a parent.:)

  4. This week is Cybersaftey week. We are learning how to be safe on the internet and what to do in a situation when being in a troubled situation. Look at the video on the home page how to be safe and not to be dum and silly on the internet.

  5. We can be good digital citizens by approving photos before sending them and make sure you know the person your talking to online and make sure you look after your self because if you don’t you might just be talking to Simon!

  6. Hi,
    Here are five tips to be safe online:
    > Keep your profile private so only friends can see
    > Make sure you block people you dont know
    > Dont give out your name or personal details
    > Dont show pictures of yourself
    > Be careful

    Well keep safe online always,


  7. My top 5 tips would be to always make sure you are following the game and social network rules, to go to the security settings and make sure you are only playing games or chatting with your friends, to not give people your personal details, to not share private photos with others and to not tell people where you are or where you are going to be.


  8. Hi,
    To be good people on the internet, we don’t leave viruses on other computers, and don’t cyber bully. Also, don’t swear or call people anything on social networks.


  9. hi guys
    today i will tell you my star fact regarding safe posting on the internet. If you’re going to post something have it checked by a parent before hand to make sure that its appropriate. They can help you make neccessary changes if required.
    Bye guys

  10. hello,
    My tips on being a good person on the internet is don’t call people names or swear on social networks, don’t put up photos of yourself that you don’t want other people to see, don’t talk to people that you don’t know they might be someone else to who there describing them selves as and tell a trusted adult if someone is cyber bulling you or if there is a virus.

  11. I think to be good digital citizens we need to:

    .Be carful what we post online
    .Don’t tell people where you are going or where you are
    .Don’t talk to strangers online
    .Don’t tell people your personal details
    .Put online profiles to private


  12. 5 tips on being responsible online
    – Never give out your personal details
    – Make sure you block out people you don’t know
    – if you are uncomfortable with something on the internet always tell a parent
    – make your profile ” friends only” to be safe
    – Don’t post pictures of yourself online

    These 5 tips will keep you safe from now on!!

  13. hello,
    this week we have been working about cybersafety.
    We have learn t about how to be safe online, here are some things i learn t-

    -don’t give out your personal information
    -don’t post out your pictures of your self
    -tell a parents if there is something wrong
    -ask your parents premition before doing things online
    -Block people out if you do not now them

    Here are 5 tips to keep you allways safe online!!

    From Olivia (:

  14. Good digital citizens don’t

    Give Personal details or credit card details
    Post inappropriate comments or photos

    Good digital citizens

    Think before they send/post
    Use nick names

  15. hello
    This week we have been learning about cyber safety.
    We watched this vidio about a stalker. The message was to never post anything personal online where everyone can see, i’m sure no one would ever post anything personal online. Remeber keep safe online

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