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Grade 5/6 we had two guest speakers last week, helping us with our inquiry into what we can do to keep ourselves healthy emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Mrs Rossi discussed with us kinesiology and Mrs Hughes discussed the circle of life.


Reflect here on some of the things you discovered with our guest speakers last week.


18 thoughts on “Inquiry Guest Speakers

  1. on wednesday mrs hughes came in and told us about the circle of life. there were alot of things that i didn’t know about my body and now i do. it was really amazing to see how the circle of life works.

    when mrs rossi came in she told us about the systems in our body and how we can control them. the brain is apart of alot of systems and so that is why the brain comes in handy in alot of things. it was really interesting to learn about our systems in our body.

    i have learnt so much from the two guest speakers and i know i am going to learn heaps more.

  2. I learnt allot from the gust speakers. I did not know allot of what hay talked about. It was easy to understand.
    We learnt about how the brain works and did some exercises for our brains. All so we learnt about the circle of life and the stages of life. The gust speakers were great.-Lucia

  3. I learnt a lot about the human body through listening to Debbie and Lisa. Debbie taught us all about the human brain and showed us different exercises to train certain areas of our brain. Whilst Lisa taught us about the circle of life and all the different stages we go through as we grow up!
    I can’t wait to begin our next lessons as we travel deeper into these areas!

  4. Mrs Rossi
    It was great I learnt a heap about the brain.

    I learnt that the brain has two sides and the difference between the two sides.I also learnt the different exercises that you use for your brain to warm up before you do an activity.

    Mrs Hughes
    It was very factual what Mrs Hughes told us even though half the stuff she told us I didn’t even know about for example the names they call you when you are in your mothers stomach.

  5. I have learnt so much from the guest speakers. Especially from Miss Rossi with her kinesiology speech.
    I didn’t know that exercises could help the improvement of our delicate brain! I didn’t learn much about the circle of life because I learnt all that in year four.

  6. The guest speakers have taught me a lot more about the stages of the body.I really enjoyed when Mrs Rossi showed us some brain exercises and how it helps your body. When mrs Hughes showed us the circle of life it was very interesting to see. I enjoyed listening to them both!

  7. This week Miss Rossi and another lady came in and her name was Mrs Hughes came in to talk about the circle of life it was very interesting and Miss Rossi talked about the brain and showed us sum exercises for our brain.

  8. I learnt about all the different stages of life from Mrs Hughes and I learnt a bit about how doing different exercises can help my brain warm up from Mrs Rossi. A lot of things I didn’t know where covered by them both.


  9. I learnt a lot from Mrs Rossi! I didn’t know that some exercising our brains could be so easy!!! I also learnt that our brain is made up of 75% of our brain is made up of water!!! I need to drink more :0! I didn’t learn much from Lisa because it just seemed like revision. I learnt everything like that in year four 😉

  10. when mrs lisa hughes came in she talked about the circle of life and social emotional physical and spiritual.she talked about the different stages of life on the outside of the circle and on the inside of the circle of life is about who you are physically socially spiritually and emotionally.

    when mrs Rossi came in she spoke to us about kinesiology. kinesiology is studying the brain and what it does in general. i learnt that the brain has two sides one for imaginative thoughts and one for intelligence.

  11. I learnt things that I didn’t know about the brain and that we have to do exercises to keep our brain healthy.
    When Lisa came in, learnt about stages of our life that I didn’t know about.
    Emily.T 🙂 😉 🙁 :0

  12. HELLO!

    We had two guest speakers. Mrs Rossi and Lisa Hughes.

    Mrs Rossi
    With Mrs Rossi we did brain exercises and learnt how the brain functions and how to keep it healthy in many ways. Like getting sleep for 12-13 hours sleep. Also that the brain needs lots of water so you need to drink 7 glasses or 1.5 liters of water a day.

    Lisa Hughes
    Lisa is a nurse and teacher and she is teaching us about the circle of life and human development and the stages of life e.g puberty. She has taught us a lot already and am looking forward for her further lessons!

    Learning about the human body is interesting and i am looking forward to learning more from these magnificent people!
    Jords 😛

  13. I learnt so much from the guest speakers. I learnt from Mrs Rossi that there are different types of exercises you can do to help the brain warm up. I learnt from Mrs Hughes all about the circle of life and how we form.


  14. Hello everyone,
    I learnt so much from the guest speakers especially from Mrs Rossi with her kinesiology talk.

    Every Friday we’ve been luck enough to have Mrs Hugh’s to come and talk to us about the circle of life. This week we talked about ‘puberty’ I learnt that girls start puberty muck earlier than boys and that when we are going through puberty we need more personal time.

    When Mrs Rossi came and talked to us about how the brain works it was very interesting because I never knew that exercises could help the improvement of our learning and movement in our brain. Every week Mrs Rossi comes into our class and helps us exercise our brain Mrs Rossi also put on tunes from Mozart apparently it has different tunes and pitches to help our ears and brain to focus.

    It is so fun learning this stuff.


  15. Mrs Rossi taught us a lot about the brain and gave us some brain excersises. I thought that was fun and we learnt a lot about the brain and all the parts of the brain. We also had another guest speaker Lisa. She talked to us about the circle of life. I learnt heaps like I never knew another word for a teenager and then lisa told us its called an adolescent.

    I had a great time and learnt a lot!

  16. I learnt about the left and right side of the brain including their differences. We also did brian exercises that helped us to calm down our brains.

    Lisa talked to us about changes through adolescents and the circle of life.

    I really liked the guests speakers, and thought Lisa was really funny.

  17. Hi blog stars,
    Today i will be sharing my thoughts of our inquiry incursions.
    I will start off with Mrs Rossi. I really liked her stratergies in calming the brain down. My favorite method is when you use the opposite hand to tap your foot, I find this is really effective.
    Now let’s look at Lisa, she’s been teaching us about the circle of life. My favorite part of her classes is the way she makes rediculous sounds when describing things that happen within our bodies.
    Well thats all folks
    Can’t wait to hear from you

  18. As you may know, we have been having guest speakers coming in to talk to us. Mrs Rossi talked about how the brain works and taught us some exercises to to get the brain working. We also had Lisa who taught us about the circle of life (spiritual physical emotional and social)
    Then we had a woman come in to tell us about spirituality i forget her name. She had the biggest seashell i have ever seen!

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