Sonnets for our Dads

Grade 5/6 we have looked at Shakespeare’s sonnet ‘Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day’. For Father’s Day please write a sonnet comparing your Dad to something. Remember our Learning Intention is to learn to use lots of similes in our writing. I look forward to reading your sonnets. ¬†ūüôā

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  1. Shall I compare the to a revolution?
    When thou believes something art wrong, thou art prepared like a soldier tall and strong.
    But when thou believes something art right thou art always there like a soldier ready to fight-
    Whether it be day or night.
    Your smile is a pleasant sight even when thou art about to take flight. And since you never fight like a spitfire going off in the night I know that I can trust that you are always right. Especially when choosing a coin from I.S wright.
    So when thou find it hard to sleep at night .no longer thing of your next flight instead think of my love that will last every day and every night. Just like a light that is never out of sight.
    by mo

  2. Shall I compare me to a spring day?
    Thy leafs grow back colourful and new from the working way.
    When thee takes thee family on holiday thee shines and provides light like a blazing flame.
    Thy shows that as a father thou dout need fame.
    Even the spring day must end but thous just seems to stay and stay.
    Witch shows that thous and our spring day will never cease to fade away.

  3. Shall I compare thee to a spring day?
    You are the day that everything grows on like an early spring day. Your love helps our family grow as someone who won Tatts lotto when Essendon were kicked out of the finals and Carlton put in every day since you have been chatty, happy and more active

  4. Shall I compare thee to a springs day?
    A beautiful and new spring day or a not so pleasant and cold spring day.
    You are the good spring day, everything light, colorful and happy. But very rarely a cold, dark springs day.
    These hardly ever happen.
    You are the sunshine to my day, the light, the color of my life.
    Your love for me is eternal and a good spring day lasts forever, but a bad spring day goes quick and comes slow.

  5. Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?

    When the fire is burning your cuddles were as warm as the flame, your eyes as bright as the fire and your love as warm as the heat.

    Our hearts as warm as our drinks, our teeth chattering as hard as the biscuits crunch, the dunk of the cookie over as fast as the gloomy night.

    But thy eternal winter’s night, is like you love, it shall never fade.

  6. Shall I compare thee to a Teddy Bear?
    When you hug me they are as soft as a teddy bears fur.

    Your smile is as big as a teddy bears tummy all filled up after just being made.

    A teddy bears smile is like your love it is eternal and will never fade and always stay with me!

    By Charlotte

  7. Shell I compare thee to a summers day?
    When you took thy family to the park to play.

    Happy as thy golden sun on thee beautiful summers day.

    But thy summers day will end thee will still be as happy as a golden sun on a beautiful summers day.Thee will still keep on having thy time of thy life.It thy never end like thee time it self,

  8. Shall I compare thee to a springs day?
    When the sun comes up your up in a flash to start your day with a BANG!!!
    Thee are always happy and bubbly when thee comnes in from a fantastic day in the garden,I look outsude and everywhere is spotless like a clean kitchen with shiny accessories!
    although your sometimes swety like a dog after a long run you always have a great attitude to everyone.You come inside with a smile as bright as a rainbow in the blue sky,I striaght away know your one in a million. dad you are awesome and have a great hummour like a clown at the circus!

  9. Shall I compare thee to book?
    Past the sleepy front cover, a hidden truth lies,a cheery personality, an amazing story waiting to be told.

    Every day, lying on the couch in front of a computer screen, thee have the potential to regain your former glory, a master badminton player, just like a book, ready to reveal it’s truth.

    But thy days as a book with a boring cover shall be over, as years pass, thy true introduction shall be told, as well as a pleasant ending.
    By Brandon

  10. Shall i compare thee to a Springs day?

    The beautiful scent of the happy flowers shine brighter than the warm sun.
    Hearing the sound of the birds laughing making me smile.
    The feel of the fluffy grass is just like your comby hugs.
    I love hearing your jokes like the beez and their hunny.
    Your cooking is beautiful like the sunset on the Rye beach.
    Unfortunatly Spring doesnt last that long, but i know you will!
    (You’ll keep the spring with us forever!)

  11. Shall I compare thee to the Cat in the Hat

    Always Hilarious with his movie quotes it makes thee laugh at the

    saddest times

    happiest times

    worst times and weirdest time

    Always laughinb at all the jokes you hear. continuasly laughing at everything

  12. This is my sonnet



  13. Shall I compare you to a Kakapo?
    Always cuddly and finds he right spots on ones body for a quality tickle.
    And always happy and cheerful no matter the problem at hand.
    After ones wash your hair goes everywhere just like a Kakapo after a short sun shower that is dancing and prancing around on the wet soggy ground.
    Like a Kakapo you will always try to fly but unlike a Kakapo will succeed your goals no matter who the client is.
    So whenever you read this poem don’t think of me think of the Kakapo you ought to be.(a Kakapo is a rare flightless parrot)

  14. shall i compare thee to a cheeky monkey?you are always up to some thing .

    when you took the dairy chocolate out of the golden cupboard your face shone like a flash light.

    your laugh is as funny as a monkeys curly tail.

  15. shall i compare thee to a bumper car?

    You are tricky to get hold of while your on the phone like it’s literally hard to get hold of a bumper car while someones driving it. when you have a small injury you keep on walking and talking, when a bumper car bumps something it keeps on trying to stay driving.When you have a huge injury you say ‘nup’ and don’t stand up, when a bumper car has a crash it goes ouch and has to crouch!

  16. Shall I compare thee to a Cheeky Monkey?

    With mischief rattling around your brain waiting for a time to let out a joke.
    Playing around like a 3rd child in the family.

    All full of humour like a cheeky little monkey entertaining the audience at the zoo while you’re trapped in your little enclosure.

    You may get annoying but I will always LOVE you!

  17. Shall i compare thee to a fox?

    Shall I compare thee to e fox, sneaking around trying to find happiness. Getting things mum cannot stand.
    Although you scare us with joy you realise why we go with the flow.
    We love thee dad, You cannot be better oh dad! Thou art the best even when you rest. From all mum cannot take you always like to fake.

  18. Shall I compare thee to an Autumn’s day?

    Shall i compare thee to an Autumn’s day?
    Though windy, my favorite season. Always colourful and loving, creating room for new things everyday!

    Your wind althogh annoying, it makes you unique. When your face crinkles we know another Autumn’s day is coming, but we don’t care!

    But thy eternal Autumn’s day shall fade when we laugh it all off, but as long as i will live, Autumn will always be my favorite!!!

  19. Shall I compare thee to an autumn’s day?

    Shall I compare thee to an autumn’s day?
    though windy, my favorite season. Always colourful and loving, creating room for new things everyday!
    Your wind although annoying, it makes you unique. When your face crinkles, we know another autumn’s day is coming, but we don’t care.
    But thy eternal autumn shall fade when we laugh it all off, but as long as i will live, autumn will always be my favorite!

  20. shall i compare thee to a footballs day

    when hawthorn lost the grand final in 2012 and my bear(dad) was angry as a bull.everyones faces were down like a sloth for the whole day. but now my big bear said ‘ as long as the hawks dont go to sleep in the finals, then we will succeed. if hawks do well you always are happy but if we loose he still lights up our faces with joy and happiness. you are the best dad i could ever ask for and the only one i could ever ask for. you always look after me and care for me when i need help. happy fathers day dad you are the best dad. i love you so much. hapy fathers day dad!!!!

  21. Shall i compare thee to an Autumn’s day?

    When you eat something that upsets your tummy, you’re like a sandstorm brewing on the darkest of days.
    With your teeth clenched up like Sarah being served vegetables, your face gradually turns red like Rudolph in the middle of summer.
    Your farts pass and go like a windy Autumn’s day but as long as Autumn may last your farts fly past!

  22. Shall I Compare Thee To A Winters Day? When Adelaide lost the preliminary Final you were as angry as a brown bear that has had its honey stolen by a bigger and stronger brown bear.

    You were so hunched over you looked like a monkey without fur and clothes your mouth like a bow pointing down.

    But that will all fade when once again Adelaide will get into a Preliminary final but unlike last time they will win the preliminary final and get into a grand final and win that also.

  23. shall i compare thee to a winters day?

    like snow all sludgee and cold,but only after melbourne has lost a footy game and the next one potentially sold.
    as he sits in his chair annoyed and confused which is quite often sometimes we wonder why he is so sad , but when he is glad the whole world lights up and a country could survive with only his shining smile and without denial the best dad around.

  24. Shall I compare you to a big squishy mushroom?
    So cuddly and nice but when over cooked not very nice,
    but when you are with the chef you are just right,
    because that is your love just that one,
    we will love you when you are old and wrinkly,
    like we love old and wrinkly mushrooms.

  25. Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?

    Shall I compare thee to a winters day when Sydney lost the grand finale to west coast. You were as gloomy as a thunder storm grey and depressing. But when the storm passes you are fun and exciting when they try again.

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