A Dark and Gloomy Night

The old crumbling, sandstone house rose out of the deepening gloom. In the distance thunder crackled, and intermittent flashes of lightening lit up the falling roof and broken shutters. The two children mover cautiously toward the heavy wooden door.

Grade 5/6 please compose a introductory paragraph for the story ‘A Dark and Gloomy Night’. Remember to set the scene using lots of interesting adjectives and adverbs. Use a thesaurus to help you.

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  1. As she crept into the park the white marble gate creaked open.It was a totally different seane in the day.The grass was lush,pale and green. The lake shone like a pale blue sheet of glass and the sky was so beautiful blue!But now they sky was just a streak of black.The grass looked like thousands of greay tenticals trying to reach up and grab you! The pale full moon was the only light.

  2. The multicolour lights lit up the damaged old pier. The rusty big ferris wheel spun rapidly in the dark starry night. The lovely strawberry smell of pink sticky fairy floss drew the children closer into the unknown. They skipped closer to what seemed like a round bigtop but then they found themselves in the dark gloom of the entangled woods. CRASH! BAM! BOOM! There was a mysterious dark gloom ahead.

  3. The scary mysterious wooden house stood in the middle of a violent dark forest. The wind rapidly spun around the house like a cyclone and shattered the glass windows and the roof collapsed into a heap. Two hesitant children crept closer. As they got closer the fierce broken fearful door opened and sucked the two children in BANG!!!!! Everything was as quiet as a mouse except for the loud howl from an owl with hatred in his eyes. Suddenly the lighting flashed as quick as a bolt. No one dares to enter the violent forest ever again……

    By Isalei

  4. One dark and gloomy night they felt the rumbling of the lightning,it was so loud it woke up the 2 kids.They screamed so loudly it made the evil owl fly away.Every thing started to shake even them.Then every thing started to fall as the wood shattered every where.The heavy wooden door was about to ball so they pushed it so it was fall on the other side.They both scarcely shuffled around the house because they did not want any thing to fall o them.The got out and saw there old gloomy house shutter like a glass bottle getting dropped on the floor.There old gloomy house was GONE!

  5. The door creaked as the children entered the measly old mansion. Their hearts pumped louder and louder as the howling of wolves went on in the distance. Thunder rumbled as the children creeped upstairs frightened. They were all alone, BANG! A tin soldier fell got up and chased the children.
    They ran outside and smoke fell on the ones who are dead! It was dark and the only light was the full moon that shone against their faces. The measly old mansion was left there waiting for more children to come.

  6. CRASH! BAM!roared the wind and fire thunder.Over the old ruined mossy cobblestone house which shone out of the darkening sky. The crashing was coming more recurrently,the wind was coming faster and faster every minute and the rain more substantial.The two little kids were slowly and carefully walking towards the old rotten and gnawed door.

  7. WHOOSH! A massive, powerful gust of wind swept through the old, unstable, beach cottage on one dark, gloomy, windy night. Huge waves crashed on the soft sand. Luke was scared and covered himself with the sheets while his mum and dad sat by the warm fireplace deeply attracted to their battered, old books. Heavy winds occasionally swept Through the old cottage smashing framed, dusty pictures and neatly stacked glasses. Then a massive bang made them all leap to their feet and sprint outside just to see the ancient cottage collapse at their very eyes.
    By Ben Perera

  8. She stood in the bleak, dark room. She could’nt see anything other than the haunting darkness. She could sense evil in the large room. Vases rattled loudly from the myterious evil craling around the room. Haunting whispers echoed in her ears. The heinous laughs came from all directions. She frose. A rigorous hand with long, sharp nails caved over her shoulder…

  9. It was a dark and gloomy night.The bony tree’s branches were like hands, reaching out and trying to grab the two children. As they tentively approached the harbour, they hesitated. What could possibly lurk in the impending, shadowy depths of the water? The haunting, ghostly trees that lay behind them, seemed much better than proceeding any further.The children turned back, heading blindly into the intimidating, ghostly forest. Suddenly they stumbled onto an open area, where a creepy, abandoned, half-collapsed house stood, silhuette against the trees, seemingly inviting them forth. Thunder and lightning crackled, as if on cue, lighting up the house’s intimidating frame. The children hesitently stepped forward, towards the elephanine wooden door. The children pushed the door, but it creaked open by itself, as if by magic. They stepped inside, but the door crashed close behind them….

  10. As the two panicked children steadily hicked across the ancient crumbling path way. Flickering bolts of lightning continuously jumped up and down, giving the place an eery feel. Thick trees, and empty branches filled their sight as the mist gradually rose towards the bare, pitch black sky. Perplexing sounds echoed in the trees kept hidden amongst the dark folliage. The two children bravely sustained their emotions, persueing their journey forward into the nights deepening darkeness.

  11. It was a dark, gloomy night when I heard a frightening sound. I got out of my fluorescent bed and reached for the ringing phone. ‘See saw, See saw.’ Someone said in a dark, slow voice. As I looked out the six-squared window, the sky was pouring with filthy droplets of water. I went back to bed and out in the rain I heard ‘See saw, See saw.’ I looked with great fear in my eyes and there, standing right in front of my trembling body was a purple faced, big, creepy eyed monster. Offering me delicious, choc, chip cookies! Who said ‘See saw, See saw,’ and I never saw tomorrow!!

    By Alivia

  12. It was a dark and gloomy night, the wolves howling in the distance, breaking the silence. The whole house was sleeping, not even the dog dared to open its eyes. Everyone was in a deep sleep except one single child who woke to the light sound of the trees brushing against the scratched window. The child tossed and turned in their bed, that at that time felt like some sort of rock covered in itchy grass with a blanket of ice cold leaves. The child was trying to sleep, but having the screeching sound in the background made it almost immposable!

  13. A Dark Gloomy Night

    it was monday night and i was wandering to my house. as i was walking i saw a mysterious old big chair on the grass. i was worried about the thunder crackling down more heavily because it was getting much more scarier as it got heavier. i hurried over to the chair and it said ‘you are in trouble run away’. i ran away down the street to my house and into the house then i saw something that was really scary and i screamed…… it was a robber in my house. he jumped out and ran away. as i was looking for my things he stole. i saw that he stole my Barcelona t-shirt that i loved. i was so upset. it was a dark gloomy night and i wanted to go to bed so i did. it was a very mysterious night and sad night for me.

  14. It was a dark and gloomy night. ‘THUMP, THUMP’. I heard loud and strong lightning. Scary and life threatening thunder peered into my small house. The guinea pig shivered under the small pillow. I felt cold winds powering winds through my soul. All i could hear was the howl of a wolf pack. ‘BANG’ the giant timbar door fled open.

  15. As the two frightened little children walked in the gloomy night with the mist of the forest they approached a warm little wooden cottage. Suddenly a lightning strike echoed in the distance. They cautiously walked slowly to the wooden cottage. They knocked on the door loud and confordantly. Nobody answered they knocked again even louder. Nobody answered they decided to go in. But then they said to them selves we shouldn’t trespass into somebodies house they stepped out side but then the clouds became dark and the pita-pata of the rain began.

    By S-T-E-P-H-E-N

  16. It was a dark and gloomy night and the trees rustled in the silent breeze and small mammals scuttled into there warm and cozy burrows. But not all animals were asleep, a large, flightless parrot with green and brown feathers hoped down from a tree started scratch its back on a rough tree. The parrot cooed with delight. Then he started foraging for his next meal, he decided to have roots and leaves or just the usual. But just as he found his first scrumpcious root, It started to rain, The kakapo pooed in fustration and waddled over to the cover of the trees and pooed and sqauked again

  17. One dark and gloomy night we waited in that muddy rat infested trench.We waited for that sound we dreaded most. We watched as the general raised the rusted whistle to his lips. As it past his bristly grey moustache we knew what we had to do. Then we heard that high pitched tweet and we went over the top into no mans land. They threw all they could at us. As the mortars and shells erupted and around me I watched as my comrades fell into the muddy gravel. I heard ear deafening noises of shells and I watched as bullets whistled past my face. I ran through that hell in the pitch black until i was exhausted. I lowered my for a second and fell face first into the mud and screamed with the pain. It was dawn by the time the two stretchers came and the blinding rays of sun touched my face for the last time. I had fallen in battle.

  18. It was pitch black when Jim was playing with his tiny colourful toy trains in his old and dusty room that was filled withspiderwebs when suddenly his broken wooden door slowly started to creak open. He cautiously got up and approached the ruined stairs to see what was happening. The walls started to crack and the lights were flashing on and off, he moved with carefully towards the wrecked front door and sprinted far, far away and was never to be seen again.


  19. One dark night on a old dusty road lived a wierd family,they would sleep walk ebery where until a lady sang a song and they sleeped walked towards her dark house and she grabbed them.It all happened on a dark gloomy night.

  20. Four kids were at home getting ready to go to bed when they heard a frighting noise come from the clouds. The kids thought it was lighting passing by and that it would go away but it didn’t. the lighting was so strong it blasted a tree which came tumbling and crashing trough the fence and clipped off some of the balcony which was made of pretty sandstone was now tumbling,down. The kids were terrified they crawled under the table and tried to conserve as much body heat as possibly.

  21. It was a gloomy cold winters night the wind was howlling the leaves rustling and rattling no one was out.”Squeek RA RA” or so they thought! The creature wth a heap of feathers Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow feathers was creeping around the town squeking and screaming its head off. No one could see it though and never heard it agian.

    Can you guess what the creature is?

  22. CRACK!! The thunder rumbled and raged in the freezing, eerie atmosphere. The rain was pelting onto the rusty, tin roof and bouncing back up into the gloomy air. The heavy, old-fashioned door creaked open and gradually hit the wall with a thud. I looked at the aged building, starting to think that this wasn’t the best idea. “Why did I have to come here” I moaned as the door unexpectedly slammed back into its place and then fell onto the dusty ground. I stepped in cautiously into the house, and suddenly, everything went black…

    By Nicholas Perera

  23. it was a dark and stormy night. flashes of lighting light up the night sky
    echoing the the crackles of thunder. alone in a dead paddock stood a run down abandon house. two children sneaked around the lonely paddock. they grew closer to the house. finely they reached the heavy wooden and metal door.

  24. It was a dark and gloomy night and I have just woken up from a my horrible dream about a lollipop eating a fish. Oh it’s still dark.I’m glad that’s over with. I’m going down stars to get a glass of milk arr it’s the eating lollipop his chasing me arr it the fish.Tap tap goes the fish is on my side! Wow I’m awake!



  25. It was a misty, gloomy night at the old abandoned house. Dark clouds crowded the sky, with white,blinding lightening. Two shadowy figures appeared at the rusty, mahogany door.They rang the whitish door bell ‘Ding Ding’the door bell echoed into the dark, gloomy distance. The door creaked opened, ever so slowley. The saw a humongous staircase that lead into darkness. The two shadowy figures were children shivering ever so frightened. All of a sudden there was a dead long silence…. ‘BOO!’ ‘AHHHHH!’ and the children ran away leaving nothing but the old, creep house.

  26. It was dark and gloomy night the trees rustled in the silent breeze and small mammals scuttled away into their warm and cozy burrows. But not all animals were asleep, a large flightless parrot with green and brown feathers hoped down from a tree and tarted to scratch his itchy back on it.The Kakapo cooed with delight.Then he started foraging for his next meal in the undergrowth. He decided to to have roots and leaves or just the usual. But just as he found a scrumpcious root it started pour with rain. The kakapo pooped in fustration and went to the cover of the trees and pooped and sqwauked some more.

    Luke K

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