Inquiry Immersion Day

For those students involved in our immersion day for our inquiry topic “Sit down and let me tell you a story” please write a reflection outlining the things that you enjoyed, what you found out and what you would like to know more about.

For those students who missed our inquiry immersion day please reflect on what you know about different forms of art and how they can be used to tell stories, and what areas you would like to learn more about.

9 thoughts on “Inquiry Immersion Day

  1. I realy enjoyed it when michal samon came in as a gust speaker. He was really funny and cept us all entertained!
    I liked it how he told us the story bihing all of his books and there was alot of humor to it! His drawing skills were AMAZING! One day I would like to draw like that.He was insperation to us all!

  2. hello,
    the immersion day was so fun.It was so cool to meet the Aurthur and illustrator Michal Samon!I would really like to find out what type of stories do they tell in France and how they tell stories in France. I now that stories can be told by dance,songs,drama,art,sculpture,books and much ,much more.I really loved our immersion day and i learn t a lot!

    From Olivia (:

  3. i found our incursion very humorous and great. he was very artistic and drew all the drawings very quickly. i loved he’s drawings they inspire me to be like him.

  4. Dear Reader,
    On Friday 19th July 2013, St Bede’s Primary School had a day to discover about and think about our inquiry topic this term. Our topic is called ‘Sit Down and Let Me Tell You a Story’, and is about how and why we can tell stories through The Arts. On the day, we took part in lots of activities, including ‘Readers Theatre’ (telling a story through a play), and wondering about our topic. The highlight of the day was definitely when the author and illustrator Michael Salmon came in and talked to us about what he does. I am really looking forward to performing in the School Production.
    From Nick

  5. hello,

    On friday the 18th of July the whole school had a really fun day. We met michel salmon. An awesome, funny drawer/writer. He drew and talked about his life and drew a funny picture of my friend! Any way it was a really really really cool day!

  6. Hello reader,
    Last Friday we had a inquiry immersion day. It linked to our inquiry topic for the term “Sit down and let me tell you a story. It was lots of fun especially when Michael salmon came and talked about some of his books and how he got all his ideas from. He also drew some of his cartoons and gave out so colouring in books. This term I am looking forward to learning all about different types of stories and how you can tell them.


  7. Last Friday, Michael Salmon came to St Bedes to talk to us about his life and his story books. He told us what he did when he was younger and what he liked in his day. Michael drew lots of pictures and some of the students. He was very enthusiastic when he talked to us and we were all very interested. He was open for any questions and open for autographs too. Michael Salmon has a large range of books and they were all amazing. I enjoyed having Michael Salmon come to talk to us and I bet lots of students and teachers enjoyed it too! 🙂

  8. Hi guys!
    Michael Salmon was very inspiring and entertaining. I couldn’t believe that he could draw that well and how he was very good with the audience. I am mostly looking forward to learning about how French tell stories and how we can tell stories through stage performance, music and dance but I am really excited about the performance and everything really. Michael Salmon really inspired me to achieve my best and work up to my ultimate goals. This term’s topic is going to be one of the best yet and I can’t wait to learn more.

    From Ben.

  9. last friday i was so amazed when I saw Michael salmon draw his cartoons so fast. It was fun funny and great to look at. He is a great illustrator and drew his cartons in a flash thats why he was a great illustrator. i liked his personality a lot he is very humorous.

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