Tsunamis Claymation

Please provide your Peer feedback for this expert group about their information and movie making skills. Remember to always start with positives and then suggestions for next time.

Mrs Boyhan

25 thoughts on “Tsunamis Claymation

  1. We worked well in trying to make every one apart of this fun project, but we could work on keeping the camera still and try not to show the class room in the background.

  2. I liked the way you used everyone’s voice in the videon and got rid of things with your hand.

    You could improve on tacking more slides to make the movie go slower and be able to speak more.

    From Charlotte

  3. I liked the way you moved around the waves, it was very impressive and looked very realistic.It was really cool how you made the title screens float.Next time an idea is to put your script and place it in the slides.

  4. I loved the way that you made it look realistic from only Plasticine you also did a really good job with the wave effect

  5. Hello guys this is your warm feedbackand your cool feedback

    I think the camera Maybe next time you
    stayed still and the not show the class in the
    figure where well made background.
    you provided a lot
    of information.

  6. I really enjoyed how you showed how a tsunami happens. The way you used he arrows to show how the water moves looked and worked really well! Great job!
    Maybe an idea for next time it too speak a lile bit slower when doing your voice overs. Because sometimes I could’t undersand what you were saying.

  7. Dear Tsunami Group,
    I really liked how you used the play dough to create the tsunami. I also thought the explanation was very easy to understand. For next time, I think you could slow the pictures down to match the speed of the voiceover.

    From Nick 🙂

  8. This claymation on Tsunamis is very good. I loved how you moved tiny bit by tiny bit, it almost looked real! Maybe next time you could speak a little bit slower and next time to try and hold the camera still. 🙂

  9. Hello everyone this is warm and cool feedback,

    – I really like how your voices stand out.
    – I learnt how to make Tsunamis with plasticine.

    – Maybe next time you could speak slower

  10. Hi guys this is my warm and cold feedback for you.
    I think it was great how when the tsunami wave crashed down in your video, it made it look like the water was churning and it was a great effect.
    Maybe next time you could speak a little softer or get one person to speak for the whole thing.
    By Brandon

  11. worm feedback:
    i liked how you had alot of diagrams and i thought the wave waqs pretty cool. i thought that i got alot of info out of it.
    cool feedback:
    i think next time you should slow your video down and your voices were a bit fast aswell.

  12. I liked how you made really cool claymations that looked relistic. I also liked how you talked with expression.

    Next time and idea is to maybe speack slower so we can understand you


  13. Hello reader,
    I think tha the Tsunamis claymation was great. I likedhe way hey used a hand to get rid of things. Something the group could work is to slow down your voices so we can understand what you are saying.


  14. Well! I really liked the way you included a lot of humor in the movie. A tip for next time is to have only one person doing the voiceover. It will be much easier.

    From Ben

  15. I think it was great when you made it look realistic when the wave hit.
    Next time an idea can be to keep the camera still

  16. Warm and cold feed back:
    I liked how you made the wave o crash onto the town.

    next time you could talk abit slower
    but over all it was great

  17. My group and I did the Tsunami claymation. I really enjoyed seeing the process of the claymation in such a shot movie and seeing how much effort we put into the claymation.

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