Volcanoes Claymation

Please provide your Peer feedback for this expert group about their information and movie making skills. Remember to always start with positives and then suggestions for next time.

Mrs Boyhan

18 thoughts on “Volcanoes Claymation

  1. I really enjoyed how you added the duck seen in to the movie that was really funny! i like all the information in a short amount of time. Maybe next time you could make a bigger volcano beacause the duck was nerly bigger than he volcano.

    How do you thing you could improve?

  2. i really liked how our group decided to make chicki and fred the ducks and how we listened to each other.i think an idea for us is to talk slower

  3. I like how you added some funny things into the video with cheeky duck I also learnt a lot from your video. Next time an idea is to read a little slower.

  4. I enjoyed how you included funny references. My favorie part was chiky the dumb duck!
    You could work on trying to get your scrips said a he same paice, because sometimes you talked really fast, and sometimes you were slower.

  5. Dear Volcano Group,
    I thought Chicky the Duck was a great idea to make your video a bit humorous. Next time, I think you should do the voiceover again if someone makes a mistake.

    Nick 🙂

  6. I think it was very funny when the duck for some reason jumped into the volcano and it was awesome how you talked about the different types of volcanoes.Next time try and make the characters move more smoothly because they kept jumping.
    By Brandon

  7. Warm and cool feedback,

    – I liked how put Chicke the duck in the movie and also the credits.

    – I think you should’ve spoke a little slower because I could not understand a thing.

  8. warm feedback:
    i liked how our volcano was big. it was very exciting watching video.

    cool feedback:
    i think we could slow the movie down a bit, and slow our vices down.

  9. I really enjoyed how you used technical words.
    I also liked how you made your claymations 3d. loved chicky the duck!

    You could next time work on slowing down when your talking.


  10. The volcano group were awesome like the rest of us!!! Chicky the duck was so funny when it melted because of the volcano. For next time a tip would be to speak a bit clearer during the voiceover.

  11. Hello reader,
    The Volcanoes claymation was great. I liked how the group made the movie funny. the thing the group could work on is slowing down their voices so it is easier to understand.


  12. Warm and cold feed back

    You did really well at making the volcano explode

    Next time you could talk slower

    Great job

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