Tornadoes Claymation

Please provide your Peer feedback for this expert group about their information and movie making skills. Remember to always start with positives and then suggestions for next time.

Mrs Boyhan

18 thoughts on “Tornadoes Claymation

  1. Well done! I liked how you made the claymation a narative!
    You can work on trying to get the narative to have clear information and maybe just a little more informaion.

  2. I liked how the video was a story and you yoused paper figuree. Next time probbally use a bit more informatio and argue less in your group.

    Luke k

  3. I hink how you made your small documentary into a movie with characters. I was unique and different to what other people did! goog job!
    Maybe next time you could include a slide about how tornadoes are caused instead of just having a voice over.

  4. Hi Team,
    I thought we worked pretty well together because we got our movie finished on time easily. Next time though, I think we should try not to shake the camera too much.

    Nick 🙂

  5. I like how you made the paper people(good job Nicholas!)and the radio.Next time you could put in how a tornado is made.
    By Brandon

  6. This is my group

    We worked well but we had a few fights that slowed us down a bit. Otherwise we worked really well and we ended up finishing the movie!

  7. I liked how you used 3d people.
    I also liked the lay out of your story!

    Next time you could maybe slow down more.


  8. worm feedback:
    i really liked how you put it in a narritive.

    cool feedback:
    i think you could cover a bit more facts because i didn’t really get alot of facts out of it.

  9. In the tornadoes group I really enjoyed how you turned it into a narrative. A tip for next time is to include all the features that we were supposed to use. Well done guys!!!

  10. Hello reader,
    I thought the Tornadoes claymation was great. I liked how everyone spoke. Next time an idea is that you try not to move the camera.


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