Sinkholes Claymation

Please provide your Peer feedback for this expert group about their information and movie making skills. Remember to always start with positives and then suggestions for next time.

Mrs Boyhan

16 thoughts on “Sinkholes Claymation

  1. The facts where very good and I liked the survival tips. You also had some funny little characters.

    The camera jumped a bit and you could also talk a little bit slower.

  2. Fantastic! I loved how you had LOTS of detail. You could workon trying to get the right timeing for your voice over.

    do you agree?

  3. I liked this video because to what this group was saying was making a lot of sense maybe next time you could speak more clearly.max.

  4. I really liked how you yoused the back drop to create a sinkhole and you provided heaps of information. Maybe next time dont bang the script against the i pad.

    Luke K

  5. I really liked the scene where everything fall into the sinkhole. That really showed me how sinkholes happen, and the damage caused.
    Maybe next time, you could slow down the timing of how fast your picures are shown. Otherwise Amazing clay mation!

  6. To the Sinkhole group,
    I think that your sinkhole looked very effective. Next time, I think you should slow down the movie so that it matches the speed of the voiceover.

    From Nick 🙂

  7. I liked how everything fell in to the holeand we did pretty well considering the fact that we had only tree team members.Next time we shouldn’t turn the script so loudly otherwise it will be in the video.

  8. Warm and cool feedback,

    – I liked how the sinkhole actually fell like a real one!

    – The timing on the movie was a bit too fast.
    – Also the speaking was fast and a lot of background noise from you voice overs.

  9. I liked how we worked together with only 3 people.
    I liked how we used the box well to make the sinkhole cool.

    Next time we could maybe keep the camera still and dont bang the paper next to the ipad.


  10. warm feedback:
    i really liked how you made the sinkhole erupt.

    cool feedback:
    i think next time you could slow down your voices a bit. and next time maybe you could go in a quieter space because i think there was alot of noise in the background.

  11. The sinkholes group were awesome!!! I really enjoyed how you included a lot of detail in your film. A tip for next time is to make the claymation a bit longer so we can understand it

  12. Hello reader,
    I think the sinkholes claymation was great. I liked how they made everything fall. Next time try not to move the camera.


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