Landslides Claymation

Please provide your Peer feedback for this expert group about their information and movie making skills. Remember to always start with positives and then suggestions for next time.


Mrs Boyhan

18 thoughts on “Landslides Claymation

  1. I liked how you used losts of important information.To improve you could speek louder so the vewers can hear the information.

  2. i really liked how explained everything clearly and i really enjoyed when you made it rain. next time you coul;d make the boulders there natrual colours

  3. I liked how you made the back ground look like it had been raining maybe next time you could explain a little more. max.

  4. I liked how you provided a lot of information and yoused a lot of your supplies to help you in your video. Next time you could improve in not moving the camera so much.

    Luke K

  5. I believe Lana and I spoke well together, when agreeing on wha ideas o incorporate into our film.
    Maybe next time we could try and do our voicover without getting the sound of us flipping pages.

  6. Dear Landslide Team,
    I learnt from your video that landslides can be caused by Tectonic Plates or Rain. Next time, I think you could improve on not moving the iPad’s camera too much.

    From Nick 🙂

  7. I like how the car moved very smoothly and looked very real.Next time an idea is to make an entire sheet of land slide not just pieces.

    By Brandon

  8. Warm and cool feedback,

    – I liked how you spoke the perfect timing for your speaking.

    – I think you should improve on the camera jumping a lot.

  9. warm feedback:
    i really liked your video. how it wasn’t fast talking and it went at a good pase.
    cool feedback:
    i think it was a bit short.

  10. I liked how you talked with expresion and used technical words.

    Next time you could maybe keep the camera still.


  11. Well landslides were excellent. I really enjoyed how you put a lot of detail into the movie. It made it look awesome!!! A tip for next time is to make the movie go for a bit longer.

  12. Hello reader,
    I think the landslides claymation was great. I liked how the moved the models. The thing the group could work on trying not to move the camera.


  13. The most interesting part was when you explained how the land slides are caused,I never experimented a land slide. I think that your survival tips were brilliant, I would use the same strategy if a landslide comes to Argentina.
    The project was awesome, I really liked it!


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