Cyclones and Tornadoes Claymation

Please provide your Peer feedback for this expert group about their information and movie making skills. Remember to always start with positives and then suggestions for next time.

Mrs Boyhan

19 thoughts on “Cyclones and Tornadoes Claymation

  1. I think it was great when you talked clearly and slow. Your video was really funny and had all the facts at the same time.

    You could try having more people talk in your movie next time and try to add a bit more slides to the movie.

  2. This group did very well in all the information they said in a short amount of time! Oh yeah i saw Slender in the movie! To improve your movie is you can make a bigger cyclone/tornato because the person is bigger than the cyclone/tornatos!

  3. I liked the giraffe and how it disappeared through the wall.i really enjoyed watching the tornado, it was really realistic.I think it was smart when you used paper to demonstrate the cyclones.An idea for you is to speak a little clearer and faster

  4. I think our group worked well together and we got a lot done. Maybe next timeour group needs to bring in more supplies and move the camera less

    Luke K

  5. I really enjoyed how you made your props. All your plastascene props looked amazing and worked well too!
    You could try to not move the camera as much next time. Maybe you could use blue tack, to keep your I pad still for next time.

  6. To the Cyclone/Tornado Team,
    I really liked how you made your video funny by adding the giraffe in!! Next time, maybe let everyone talk in the voiceover.

    Nick 🙂

  7. I really liked how you included some funny things and how your animations looked so real. Your voices were really clear and easy to understand. Next time, try to keep the camera still.

  8. Warm and cool feedback,

    – I liked how you had different characters e.g giraffe that kept disappearing. 🙂

    – Maybe next time you should try concentrate more by speaking better.

  9. I think it was great how you gave a detailed survival plan and the tornado in your video looked pretty amazing. A tip for next time is to try and stop the camera from moving.

  10. warm feedback:
    i really liked how you made the cyclone big so we could see it well. i also like how the giraffe popped up alot.

    cool feedback:
    maybe next time you could put blue tack so the ipad doesn’t move.

  11. I like how you used technical words. I also like how you used your claymations well.

    Next time you could have maybe had more than the one person talking.


  12. Next comes my own group!!! I thought it was great how we cooperated as a group and got the job done. Our group could improve on not taking too long on each different slide.

  13. Hello reader,
    I was in he Cyclones and Tornadoes group I think hat we worked well togetherand we did well at making the models. The thing we could have taken less time with the title.


  14. I think it was great when you said your names so we knew who made the video. Next time an idea could be to keep the camera still.

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