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  1. Hello reader,

    On Tuesday the 18th of June the grade 5/6 went to the national gallery of Victoria (NGV). We saw lots of different verities of art and sculptures. We had a 30 minute talk about Oscar Clude Monet. Monet was and impressionist artist. He did lots of paintings that are very interesting and famous. Finally we went to see the exhibition of Monet.We saw all the real paintings he painted back in the 1800s. Any way it was AWESOME and i really think you should go and visit the NGV


    • Hi Jordan,
      I agree that Monet is an awesome painter. Can you name your favourite Monet painting? What are some of the characteristics of an impressionist painter?

      Mrs Boyhan

  2. This week the year 5/6s went to the National gallery of Victoria. We went to the gallery because we were learning about Oscar-Claude Monet. There were so many painting my favourites were the water lily’s. I learnt that Monet’s first name was Oscar-Claude and also that Monet’s first wife Camille Doncieux died at only 34 years of age. This was a great exhibit. 🙂
    From StEpHeN

    • The Monet exhibit is fantastic Stephen. Why are the water lilies your favourite of Monet’s paintings? One day if you go to Paris you should go to the Musée de l’Orangerie where there is a circular room with the water lilies in it.

      Mrs Boyhan

  3. Dear Reader,
    On Tuesday the 18th of June 2013, the Year 5/6s went on an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). We saw lots of galleries including the Robin Rhode exhibit and the Monet’s Garden exhibit as well as the Great Hall and the Atrium. I learnt that in Claude Monet’s day, impressionism was considered atrocious paintings. There was actually a cartoon of men on a battlefield holding impressionist artwork instead of weapons. I really enjoyed seeing all Monet’s artwork and my favourite painting was the Waterlillies. I also liked the movie at the end of the gallery… What was your favourite part of the excursion?

    From Nick 🙂

    • Hi Nick,

      I don’t think I could name a favourite part of the Art Gallery, but I certainly enjoyed Monet’s art work and the video at the end of Monet’s garden in Giverny. On my next trip to France I want to visit Giverny to visit Monet’s garden and Arles to visit the many Van Gogh landmarks there.

      Mrs Boyhan

  4. On Tuesday we went to the NVG (National Gallery of Victoria)
    the reason we went to the NVG was because in art we a learning about Monet and how he painted. I learnt a lot about Monet and his life like he …
    . lost his wife’s Camille and Alice
    . His eldest son Jean Monet died from brain damage
    .Monet died from lung cancer at the age of 86 for smoking which is weird because you die at a younger age then Oscar Claud Monet did

  5. hi
    This week the year 5/6’s went on an excursion to the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). We explored the gallery from the outside to the inside looking and wondering what things were. We looked at the Robin Rhode exibit,the outdoor sculptures and the Monet exhibt. WE all learnt a fare bit about Monet on Tuesday that can help us out at school. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and drawing on the walls! 🙂

    • Good reflection but remember to use capital letters when necessary. What was your favourite painting at the gallery?
      From Ben

    • What was your favourite part of the Robin Rhode exhibit Emily? Did it help you at all in creating your own claymation?

      Mrs Boyhan

  6. Hello everyone!
    This week my 5/6 class went on an excursion to the national gallery in the city. I learnt about Monet, who was an impressionist and suffered much in his life, when jis first wife died of cancer, and when his vision went bad and colours looked different. It was a great excursion and I bet that everyone enjoyed it.
    By Brandon
    P.S There was a lot of cool paintings.

  7. Hello everybody,
    Last Tuesday all the 5/6 s went to the national gallery of victoria on an excursion. This was to see the exhibition of Claude Monet, as we have been learning about him during art. I learnt so much while spending time at the gallery I don’t know where to start telling you, about everything I learnt and experienced.

    I learnt that Claude Monet was an impressionist painter, which was a completely different syle of painting to what people liked in his era. Impressionists, painted wet on wet when painting. This is where, if painters wanted to add another layer of paint they wouldn’t wait for the coat to dry before adding a colour, they would just simply add the colour on the wet paint so it would mix in. This is a part of the style that impressionists used, apose to other artists.

    At the Museum my favorite experience would definitely be the water wall! This was a glass wall located at the entrence of the museum, that hade water running along one side of the glass. This created a cool effect when looking through it, and an enjoyable experience when touching it.

    I hade an awesome time at the museum, I have heaps more to say but if i said anymore you would probably fall asleep!

    • Art galleries are some of my favourite places to visit Emily. I always come away feeling excited and inspired. What was your favourite Monet piece that you saw at the gallery?

      Mrs Boyhan

  8. On the 18th of June we went to the National Gallery of Victoria. When we arrived at the gallery we put our bags in a locker. Then we went to a free exhibition. We could colour in diamonds that were on the walls. We also saw a stop motion video that the artist did of himself doing different movements. It was very interesting. After that it was time for play. When we finished play and our snack we went into a small auditorium where Grace told us about Monet and his life. After that we finely got to go and see the exhibition. It was amazing. Once inside we were allowed to try and draw the paintings in our books. The paintings were very good. At the end of all the paintings there was an interactive room. In the interactive room there were computer monitors. On the monitors we could flick through information about his paintings. The last thing in the exhibition was a 180 degree screen. It showed us around Monet’s property in Giverny. My favorite part of the exhibition was the video at the end. I really liked the excursion and would like to go to the exhibition again. 🙂 🙂

    • Well done Harry. The video at the end of Monet’s garden in Giverny was beautiful. Did you have a favourite painting?

      Mrs Boyhan

  9. Hi
    This week the 5/6’s went to the [National Art Gallery of Victoria] NGV. We explodes many differnt exhibts. We went to the Robin Rhode exhibt, i really enjoyed drawing on the walls and doing some small activities. We all learnt a lot more about Monet and how he painted his artwork and his technique. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends!

  10. Hello unknown reader,
    On Tuesday 18/6/13 all the 5/6s went to the National gallery of Victoria because we are learning about Claude Monet in art. My favourite part was when we had a 30 minute talk about Monet and his life. I learnt that he got a very different vision of colours and started painting his garden all different colours and not the colour the garden actually was but luckily for him he got cured. I think the excursion had an excellent value of education and of course fun and not to mention colourful as well. What did you learn from the excursion?

    From Ben

  11. Hello,
    on Tuesday we went on an excursion to the Melbourne museum! We got to see Monet’s paintings. they were so amazing to see,in art class at school we saw copy’s of his pitchers and it was just so amazing to see the really thing! from the excursion i have been so inspired by his painting, I love one of his paintings with a tree but in the back round you can see the city.Have your class been to the Melbourne museum before and seen monets exibert?

    From Olivia

  12. Hello reader,
    a little while ago all the 5/6’s went on a excursion to the National Art Gallery of Victoria. We all got to see many sculptures and the best thing about going was that we all got to see the exhibition on Monet. Monet was a amazing French Impressionist. He loved to draw water because there are so many different ways to draw it and there are also different ways to make reflections. In the end it was a great experience and I would definitely go back again.


  13. Hello
    On Tuesday, the grade 5/6’s went to the National Gallery Of Victroria! We went to see the Monet exhibit. We saw some FANTASTIC paintings but my favourite paintings would have to have been the water lily series.

    We also had a talk on Monet’s life. Oscar Claude Monet was an impressionist painter. He would not paint like the more famously artist in his era, he painted wet on wet, which means that you don’t wait of the paint to dry after you paying one layer, you will just paint the next one straight away.

    We also got to sit in a dark room with a screen surrounding half the room. The screen played pictures of Monet’s house and his garden. It was called ‘The Last Day In Giverny’. Monet is much, MUCH more famouse now than he was when he painted the pictures because people thought impression painting was a joke, but now we think of it as genius!

    Everyone had fun at the Monet exhibit! I definitely recommend going to the exhibit to see his AMAZING paintings!!!!!

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