Grade 5/6 we have been learning about the concept of division. In your own words explain what division is, and name and explain some strategies that you use to solve division problems.


Visitors can you please describe for us strategies that you use when dividing.

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  1. Hello unknown reader,
    In 5/6 we have been learning about division. Division is the opposite of multiplication.When you are writing a word problem that includes division it would usually include words like shared between, groups of and the question at the end e.g. how many did each person get? While learning about division I have also got better at short division. In the end it has been very fun and I have learnt heaps.

  2. Hello everyone
    If I had to explain division to a really person in one sentence I would say. Division is splitting or dividing something into equal groups. But there are many other things to division like decimals and fractions. For example the Australian dollar is a decimal currency so if I had $5 and I had to split it between 2 people each person would get $2.50 or 2.5 of the $5. Another example is if I had 1 cookie and I had to share it in between 4 people each person would get 1/4 each of the cookie. One strategy I youse in division is working backwards I youse my timetables to figure out most division. So if I had 4 divided by 2 I would use my times tables and say 2 times 2 equals 4 so 2 must be the answer. Another strategy I use is making a array I learnt this in the last few classes we have had. Those some strategies I use.

    Luke 5/6 LB

  3. Division isn’t the easiest operation to use in maths, but the way our teachers have taught us is a much easier way to learn how to do it. Division is used in the real world and our everyday lives a lot! When we get older, division will be one of the maths operations we would use mainly, so we’ve got to know how to do it! It is easy to learn if you use arrays and break the number down!

    • Emily i think that division is not the easiest thing to do. Division is the same as multiplucation but just the different way around. In 56jcc we have also been leanring about division and arrays it has been a hard thing to learn about.

  4. When I do division I first write the sum I was given and then I start with dividing the 1st number to the chosen number to divide it by and then I see if I need to carry any numbers if I do I carry the left over number to the next number and then that number becomes a number in the tens column lastly when I have finished the division sum I see if I there is any remaining numbers that can’t be divided in to the chosen number if so then I do a r = number that shows if there is any numbers remaining.

  5. Hello everyone!
    Division is not as easy as addition or subtraction but if you know some tricks then you can get through it. All you need to know to do it is your times tables, then you can reverse that to figure it out. Eg. 121รท11. I know that 11ร—11=121, so the answer is 11! To explain division I would just say that it is splitting something into equal groups. However, he groups do not necessariply have to be whole numbers. Division is very important in our lives so I am glad that we are learning about it!

    By Brandon

  6. Hello
    My name is Jordan and i am going to tell you about division. Division can be hard or it can be simple. You can have loads of different division but we are learning short division. Division is splitting stuff into equal groups. Although i already knew about division, it was awesome to see other people get the meaning of division and getting them more smarter with division. My strategies that i use are making an array or just thinking how many times the number goes into the other number. And those are the strategies i use. I have loved learning about division and i hope all the other people find this comment helpful. Do you like division?

    Jordan 5/6 LB

  7. In 5/6 we have being working on our division. Divison is the opposite to multiplication. To start working out division problems, we used arrays to show our answer. Now we are dividing 4 numbers. If there is remainders, to show that we put down r and how many. Arrays really helps break down the number so its easier to work out.

  8. hello everyone
    if i had to tell someone about division i would say division is the opposite from multiplication. so if you know your times tables very well then you will know your division tables very well. division is very fun that’s what i think. today at school i zoomed through it which was awesome. i am just happy that i have got two great teachers to revise me over my division problems. today i had a great day in maths and a very exciting day in maths.

    from Julian 5/6lb

  9. In Maths this is how i work out my division problems.
    112 What i did was write how many times 4 goes into 4
    ____which is once and how many times 4 goes into 8 which
    4)448 is twice. Division is like for example say there were 8 balloons and 4 children. How many balloons will each kid get equally? we need division for when we go shopping to make sure we get the right amount of change.

  10. Dear Reader,

    In Grade 5/6LB, we have been learning more about and revising our division. I love division and at times find it easy and at other times I find it a bit more challenging than it looks. Division is basically sharing a number EQUALLY between another number. For instance, there could be 63 divided by 7, you get 9. Another way to think of it is how many times does the number go into the other number. We use division, because when it comes to the real world, you really need to know how to share things equally. Just imagine if you had 3 people at a party and there were 12 lollies. You would need to know how many lollies each person gets, otherwise you will have some upset children. When I am dividing,I use the formal algorithm, because I think it is the easiest.

    What strategy do you use?

    Nick P 5/6LB

  11. In 5/6 we are working on division. Division is really the opposite of multiplication. In class we are using arrays to show our workings out and now we are going a level up by not using arrays and we are using four digit numbers. The arrays have really helped with mt division.

  12. Hello everyone,

    Division is my favourite operation in maths but at times I find it quite challenging. It is basically like twenty shared in to five groups and the answer is four. We have been doing much more challenging questions than that and a strategy that we have used is arrays which I find very helpful. We also do word problems to make sure we understand the question. Thank you Ms. Reed and Mrs. Boyhan for helping us with our division.

    From Ben

  13. Hello everyone,

    Division is my favourite operation in maths but at times I find it quite challenging. It is basically like twenty shared in to five groups and the answer is four. We have been doing much more challenging questions than that and a strategy that we have used is arrays which I find very helpful. We also do word problems to make sure we understand the question. Thank you Ms. Reed and Mrs. Boyhan for helping us with our division.
    What strategy do you use?

    From Ben

  14. hello ๐Ÿ™‚
    in 56lb we have been learning about Divistion. Divistion is the opposite of multiplication. you separate numbers in to groups. Divistion is every where in the world. eg: Time, Sport, Music, Business and money.
    Harry ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. hello everyone,
    Division is a very hard thing to work with my my teachers helped by making the problems in to arrays.When i was in year 3 i had now idea about division because in class we were doing the hard way.Now i learn t that say if it was 20 divided by 5 all i need to think about is how many fives go in to twenty,it is as easy as that.If you still find that hard try doing it with arrays it is so much easier,trust me it helped me a lot.
    I hope you learn t some strategies about division.
    Do you do any of this stuff in your class room?
    From Olivia in 5/6LB!(:

  16. Hello
    Devision is an operation in maths that is the opposite of multiplication. In class, we have been doing short devision. Short devision is a way of figuring out how to divide a certain number between a certain amount of groups. A strategy we have used in class is using arrays to show our workings out. You put the number of groups on the outside of the line, and then you draw the number of groups on a line of dots, and then you keep going across until you reach the number you need to. I think devision is pretty easy the way that we are doing it because i have done it all before, but it has still helped me!


  17. Hello everyone,

    During maths my class has been learning all about division. Division is where you share a number into however many groups. For example 20 divided by 4 is 5. To solve this you must evenly put 20 into 4 groups; 1,2,3,4,5 – 6,7,8,9,10 – 11,12,13,14,15 – 16,17,18,19,20. As you can see each of the 4 groups has 5 numbers. A strategie I have been tought to use when checking my quotient, is to reverse the equation and turn it into a multiplication sum. For example, 20 divided by 4 = 5 can be; 5 multiplied by 4 = 20.

    I hope I have tought you a bit about division. I thank you Ms.Reed and Mrs. Boyhan for helping me understand more about division. From Emily

  18. Hi “Blogstars”
    Today I will reflect on what I have learnt about division. Division is a way of sharing things into equal amounts. It is also a form of multiplication, only backwards!
    The reason we have division is so that we are able to divide things into equal groups, we do this in everyday life. Whether its food, money or objects in general we need to know how to share them fairly. How could it get any simpler? Dividing is easy if you have a solid knowledge of your timestables.
    We learnt some easy strategies on how to divide … we learnt that you can divide using diagrams/pictures or just write it out in numbers forms.
    Either way its common sense!!!
    From Massi

  19. In my class we are doing division. Division is the opisite of multaplacation and is about sharing things evenly between things.There are two types of division long division and short dvision. they are quite simeler.
    from Lucia

  20. Division is to share something, weather it is a number, an object or anything else evenly upon groups. We use division in many cases, such as when planning a party, how much piece of cake will each child/person receive.When I am dividing, I like to use short division, but when I have no paper, I like to use the opposite of division…multiplication; 2×2=4 and 4/2=2. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Division is away to share something equal in a very easy way.We use it every day with out any notice, not many people know how important it is. Th strategy i used is multiplication. Sometimes the opposites are helpful!

  22. With Division, I have learnt new stratergies of how to get my answer. I think Division is like multiplication because your getting the sum and changing the numbers around, e.g 45 divided by 5 is 9. In Multiplication, 5 times 9 is 45. So if you know your times tables you will probably get your division sum correct.


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