St Bede’s Feast Day

Today is the feast day of St Bede. What are some of the things that you have learnt or now understand about St Bede Grade 5/6?

To our visitors what is a fact that you know about a Saint?

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  1. Hello everyone
    St Bede is a cool saint here are some facts about him
    1.St Bede grew up in St Paul’s Monestry
    2.St Bede at 30 became a priest and at the age of 7 he moved into St Paul’s monestry for good.

    Luke K

  2. Today is St Bedes Day (tomorrow) and we have been learnig about his life. We got to do an activity which was making stain glass windows out of pictures of him. Did you know that St Bede was the first english historian?

    • A great fact about Bede Emily. Remember to check your spelling and grammar before submitting.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  3. Tommorrow is st bedes day! St bede would’ve been a great teacher and an occupiede student.

    Bede was such a great man. He loved to teach and learn so he was a teacher and a student. I’m so happy for tommorrow!

    Reading and learning about bede is really fun! I cant believe how determined he was.

    • Yes both pepper corns and many other spices were very expensive when Bede lived. Can you tell your audience why the peppercorns are linked with Bede?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  4. Today I have learnt that st Bede was not a saint that would travel the world to preach, he would only stay in England.

    I have learnt that Bede spent his time in prayer and study. That is how he became a priest at the age of thirty.
    I now understand that in order order for Bede to teach what he had learnt to others, Bede began to write.

    I understand that Bede saw the word of God as pepper, very valuble and life saving.

    I understand that Bede saw God’s word as life, even until the end of life.
    I now know that Bede saw teaching as a delight.

    • Great reflections Lana. Why do you believe that Bede saw the word of God as being like pepper?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  5. I now understand, St. bede sent his entire life giving,writing,learning and speeking the word of the Lord. H e became a priest and a monk.

    Today i have learnt that, St.Bede wrote forty-five pieces of writing to help spread God’s word. He wrote about nature, poetry, music, physics and much more.

    I now know, that pepper was more valuble then gold and silver in St. Bede’s time. He had a small amount pepper that he keeped secret.

  6. St bedes day is great it brings the school together and is really fun!We went to mass in the morning and lernt that in his time st bedes most valued things that he shared when he died were the bible and some pepper!Now days we can just acsess that stuff so easy!Lucia

  7. St Bedes day was awesome! We went to church in the morning. Then shortly after we did some class twittering. Then after recess we did our walk-a-thon. the best part of the day was obviously the walk-a-thon. We went around the block to raise money for Our Lady of the Mission. I raised 5 dollars from doing 10 laps. I did 50c per lap. All though it was called a walk-a-thon a lot of people ran. (including me πŸ™‚ ) I thought we had a really fun day and i learnt a lot about St Bede.


  8. St Bedes day was the best. First we went to mass and learnt a bit about St Bede then we went back to our class and did some twittering about St Bede. My favourite part of the day was the walkathon. We had to raise money for our lady mission and a lot of people ran in the walkathon. So from then on it was not a walkathon but a marathon. In the end everyone ran. I ran 10 laps so I raised $10 for the charity. I was very happy that I raised some money for their charity and I’m glad that I did the activity. After the walkathon we had a police band come in called code 1 which was pretty cool. I loved St Bede day and want to do it again.


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