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Yesterday Grade 5/6 visited the IMAX theatre to see the movie ‘Forces of Nature’ and then the Melbourne Museum to visit the ‘Dynamic Earth’ exhibition. Grade 5/6 what is something that you learnt, something you enjoyed the most and how did you feel?

To our visitors can you tell us anything you know about our inquiry into ‘How the earth works’. We are particularly interested in natural disasters?

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  1. yesterday we[year 5\6] went to imax\melbourne museum.we started of the day getting on our seemed to take an eternity but we finally arrived at the destination.firstly we went into imax to watch a movie called forces of nature. the movie was about three natural disasters. they were, in this order[ the way we watched them]:volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes.we learnt a lot on each of the three and we also learnt that scientists are trying to figure out how to predict and in tornadoes as well as predicting they were trying to figure out how tornadoes are formed or born.after that we went into the melbourne museum.first we looked at the earth and stone exhibit then when we finished looking we could go onto a lot of other exhibits as long as we were accompanied buy a teacher. in the end i think everyone had a great time and saw what they wanted

    by Jett drieberg 🙂 🙂 🙂 ;p ;p

  2. Our excursion was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it because I got learn new things, I got see all the beautiful rocks and minerals and most of all I enjoyed having a great time with Lana. What I enjoyed the most was when we got to go to IMAX. The movie was very interesting telling us about natural disasters and what they cause. I learnt lots about tornados, earthquakes and volcanos.

  3. Hello,
    Yesterday we had a excursion to IMAX and the Melbourne museum!At IMAX we saw a movie called the forces of nature because our Inquiry topic is Natural disasters,the movie was awesome!In the movie you could feel the vibration of the sound.Some of the movie was really scary.At the Melbourne museum we saw how much the earth changes over time,we also saw a 10 min movie about volcano’s,we also saw rocks they found and at the end we looked at the dinosaur section and some of the sea life section.From this excursion I learnt that the lava from the volcano is keeped under the ground and I lernt that scientist are trying to find out what is a horacane made out of and how they are made.Do you now anything about natural desasters and if you don’t I hope you learnt lots about it.Bye.

  4. Our trip was so amazing I loved the movie and the museum also I learnt that volcanos are caused by earthquakes I loved it but I wish we went up stares:)

  5. Going to the IMAX theatre and the Melbourne Museum was very exciting and interesting! We watched the ‘ Forces of Nature’ movie which was full of information that you would not know! e.g some scientist live next to one of the most active volcanos in the world! We also went to the ‘ Dynamic Earth ‘
    exhibition. That was great to. We saw a 3D video on the earth. Well it was a great and interesting day!

  6. Hi
    going to i max and the musem was great and we all had lots of fun there!In the movie we lernt that the are learning how to predict different natral disasters all olver the world and saving lots of lifes.IN the museam we saw some dimonds and i really liked those!

  7. On the IMAX and Melbourne Museum excursion i learnt that a Tsunami is caused by two tectonic plates and f5 is the strongest wave in every natural disaster.With Volcanoes i learnt that if you split the earth in half you get laver and a little bit of laver causes a big Volcano eruption.I learnt heaps in that movie i really liked it and it gave me alot of information about natural disasters.In the excursion my funnest part was the movie or seeing the red back spiders.I really loved it.In the excursion i felt very amazed to get so much information in my brain.I loved the excursion and would love to do it again.I want to say thank you to all the teachers that made this day and all the IMAX people.I loved that excursion and hope to go on more like that.

  8. The excursion we went on was great. I learnt so much from the movie we watched. I also learnt a lot from the museum visit. However, I really enjoyed the movie. It made learning fun! Some interesting things I learnt about natural disasters are just how unpredictable and life threatening they are. Pretty scary actually!

  9. I loved the excursion to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. I particularly enjoyed the movie, Forces of Nature. It taught me a whole heap more about Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes. I had a very good time… What did you enjoy the best???

    Nick 🙂

  10. The excursion to IMAX and the Melbourne museum was awesome!!! My favourite activity was the film when we saw all the natural disasters and why they happen. It was all very interesting and informative and now I know a lot more about natural disasters.

  11. Hello unknown reader,
    a couple of days ago all the 5/6’s went on a excursion to imax. We went to see a movie about natural disasters. The movie was about 3 different types of natural disasters.The first natural disaster was about a Volcano, the second one was about an Earthquake and the third one was about a Tornado. The part I found the most interesting was the part when a lady said that her working partner had the most dangerous job when he was working with Volcanoes. His job was to go to the top of a Volcano and put a machine into the ground so that they knew when the next Volcanic Eruption was going to be. She also said that 19 people had died doing that job. After that we went into the museum to look at the Geology exhibition that was about lots and lots of different types of rocks and crystals. At the end of the day I found the excursion very fun i would love to do it again and again and again.

  12. Hello,
    This week the year 5/6 visited Imax and the Melbourne museum. It was really fun and interesting I enjoyed the movie the best although it was short it taught me a lot and what will happen if a deadly earthquake, volcano and a tornado could do to a city. I really enjoyed being at the museum too because it had great display’s of rocks and models of earth. It was a GREAT day!
    By Stephen

  13. Hi everyone!

    I had a fantastic time at the museum.The movie at IMAX was awesome. I loved how we got to see the dynamic earth exhibition. It was great when we got to go on a scale to see how much we were worth in gold pieces. It was a great experience.

  14. Going to the Melbourne museum and i max was incredible and so fun. The I max movie was awesome and really informative but I enjoyed the volcano room the most. It was really awesome and it was cool because it was in 3D!!

  15. Hello everyone!
    Going to Imax was really fun thanks to the Forces of Nature movie. It was really informative and I learnt some things about how scientists track tornadoes and have a research lab very close to a volcano. The museum was really fascinating and even though the bugs exhibition made me shudder, for some reason I enjoyed it a lot!
    By Brandon

  16. I have a really good time. The place that got my attenion was the glow in the dark rocks and volcano dust. I have learnt a lo from this exiting exerion nd I could not stop talking about the 3rd bigest sreen!!!!! Over all i had a ball, hey that rimes! Any way, i wish we can do something like that again!

  17. It was really fun when we wnt to the IMAX cinema because I got to learn about the Earthquakes in Turkey, the Cyclones or Tornados (cant remember which one) in Oaklahoma and a mighty volcano some place where I can’t remember. The screen was ginormous, I had to look over the chair infront of myself just to see the entire screen! After we went to the cinema and watched our documentry, we went to the mueseum. The best part of the mueseum was the dinosaurs, even though we were’nt supposed to be looking at that, I couldnt stop myself. But when I actually went looking a the earth part of it, i was facinated by the volcanic ash and all of the stones, gems and christals.The only bad thing about the day was that the cinema was WAY too loud, and that my friend made me touch aicent dinosaur poo! 🙂 haha. it was a fantastic excursion.

  18. The excursion was really fun!!!
    The one thing that really cought my attention was the AMAZING gems and stones in the museum!!!
    They were so beautiful!!!
    Seeing the movie really inspired me in learning about more different types of natural desasters including earthquakes, I had never really had interest in until now, and volcanoes, I love seeing them erupt!!!

    It was a FANTASTIC excursion!!!

  19. Hello everyone
    On our excursion to the museum we went to IMAX at IMAX we watched a movie called the forces of nature. This movie was about natural disasters some of the disasters featured in this movie where, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes. We also went into the museum that was really fun and my favourite thing was the room of animals behind the dinosaur bones. We had a AWESOME day.

    Luke K

  20. On the 20th of May we went to the IMAX Theatre and the Melbourn Museum. While we were there we saw a movie called the Forces Of Nature. The movie was about Natural Disasters. I learnt about Earthquakes, Volcanos and Tornados. We also saw an exhibition on this topic. I really liked the movie because I learnt that earthquakes can trigger a Volcanic Eruption. I also like the small movie 3D movie in the exhibition about Volcanos. I really liked when the lava and the fish come at you. For me the day was fun and interactive. It was enjoyable to learn outside of the class room with my Friends. 🙂 🙂

  21. yello guys (see I combined hello and yellow)
    last week our class took the most awesome excursion to the Melbourne museum .first off we went and saw a very informative movie about natural disasters at Imax (did you know Imax is the worlds third largest screen on earth that is so cool).
    then we went into the museum to see this exhibition on volcanic rock. we also saw this short 3D movie about volcanos. all in all I thought the day was fantastic. 🙂

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