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  1. I was at the flags cheering on my friends. I was so happy when I found out my friend came seventh in cross country but so sad when one of my other friends dropped out of the race. I had absolute ball at cross country and I am so happy for my friend. Sadly I didnt race but it was real fun.

  2. Cross-country was real fun! we all did some exercise and all did a great job!I came 10th and it was hard but i did it! my friends also did great job by coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 11th.Also the house colours did a great job.
    Go Blue!

  3. Sports day was great! When I was running I felt so tired that I thought I was about to collapse! But I kept running, beacause I new if I backedout I would feel bad, so I ran and I ran. At the end I felt I did a great job even though I came last with my friends.

    • I feel you Alivia. I know just how you feel. Coming last is pretty bad, but backingout is even worse, atleast we tried Alivia:)

  4. Cross Country? It felt like we were crossing the country! The grade sixes ran 6 footy ovals, that’s 3k! I cam tenth, that amazing for me because i never get into district! I was so tired i could here my heart beat and breathing heart, there was no one behind be but i had the strength to sprint at the end, because every one was cheering and shouting. Oh by the way i’m in blue team!!

  5. cross country, CROSS COUNTRY? i am the most unfit person ever, which obviously means that i HATE cross country, so, me and my friends made a promise to run together, because we knew that none of us would make it to district, and we didn’t. so we spent the entire 3k lap just waking, then jogging, then walking, then jogging. at the end, i could here my own heart beat, i could see the crowd cheering, even though we came last. Me and my friends were supposed cross the line together, but the line was REALLY narrow, so i bumped one of my friends out of the way and the other one was running behind us, so technically i came 3RD last. i really enjoyed the day, but i was about to collapse.

    • Sounds like you had fun with your friends! I like how you described how you could hear your heart beat when you were running. That happens to me too.

      Please remember to use the correct grammar when leaving comments on the blog.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  6. Hello unknown reader.
    on the day of cross country I was really nervous because we were running 3k. As soon as the race started I could feel my heart beating really fast, in the end it was a fun day.

  7. Hello,
    We recently had our cross countrey and we had to run 3kl it was so hard.On the first lap I was in the lead but then I could feel my heart racing and I felt that I could not breath.After the race I had some fun with my friends and I got to play with my little sister and my little brother.It was a very hard run but I felt very relived and happy that I finished alive!It was a very fun day!
    Do you have cross countrey?

  8. cross country,a really freaky day every year.I am never been a running person.BANG! went the gun! i started to jog quite well. After the first lap i could feel the stich coming so i started to walk for a while. last lap the worst lap ever i could hear my heart beating 100 times faster. i could hear the screaming supportes and the stammping of feet it was a good feeling.

  9. hello guys
    I am blogging to tell you about cross country.
    well to start off I was in the 3 km race which to me is an impossible race to complete! well to tell you the truth i started pretty well I was in 5th place for about 10 seconds before i was overtaken in the first lap. but by the 3rd lap I was in 2nd last and by the end of the race i really tired!
    so that was my day of cross country
    from Massi

  10. Cross countary was so hard we ran 3ks and i was sooooo tierd but i did it.I fealt realy tierd and saticfied that i did it.i felt d in my hair and the swat on myhaed it was exausting!

  11. Hello all,
    I wasn’t able to make it to the 2013 St Bedes cross countrey so I was told to tell everyone about my favorite sport. I LOVE TO DANCE!! especially hip hop dancing. I also like to play netball. My favorite position in GD

  12. CROSS COUNTRY – Was awesome but it was very hard because we had to run 3km but I only had to do 2km because I was dignosed with mild CP at the age of 3. So I can’t run as long as every body else but it was a great day.

  13. I love cross country!!!!!
    I ran the whole way!
    At the start, I was coming first but the my 3 best friends sprinted past me!!!!!
    eventually, I came second 🙂
    When my friend and I were finishing, we were fighting to get the place of second! It felt like I was floating off the ground because I was sprinting sooooo fast!!!!!
    I am in district 🙂

  14. Cross country was hard and fun!For some reason district was harder, i don’t know if it was the amount of people or if the race was a little bit longer.At the finish line i could hear everyone cheering me on which was great!Like Lucia said 3 kilometers is hard!

  15. district was even HARDER than school cross country! It was hard because the track was different. I feel good i did it and some of my friends made it to the next level!

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