Jigsaw expert groups – How does the earth work?

Write a reflection about what you have learnt as an expert on the natural disaster you have researched. Include what causes it, what impact it has and how people can plan to survive it.

Any visitors please tell us anything you know about natural disasters.

52 thoughts on “Jigsaw expert groups – How does the earth work?

  1. I’ve really enjoyed learning about natural disasters and how the earth works. Probably my favorite thing was doing and preparing our presentation for volcanoes. I have learnt heaps about volcanoes and I really enjoyed drawing volcanoes in the class room. All I can say is that it was really fun.

    • Hi Victoria,

      What have you learnt about what causes volcanoes? And what are scientists doing to help people predict when one is about to explode?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  2. Well, i’m learning about landslides, oh, you don’t know what that is? Ok, ill tell you. A land slide is when well the land slides out of place coursing a big cliff. These are coursed by a volcano, earth quakes or heavy rain fall. There really dangerous!!!!!!

    • Hi Izzy,
      You have told us what causes land slides can you tell us any information about the large landslide that happened in Venezuela?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  3. Learning about ” How the earth works” is really fun! It is really interesting and exciting! The earth can be curious and weird cause we never know whats gonna happen! This can be scary but is just mother nature in other words.This has to be my favorite subject ever!

    • I agree Jordan Mother Nature can be curious and it is fascinating to learn how she works. What have you become an expert in and can you tell us something about your area of expertise?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

      • Sink holes are a hole that collapes from an underground lake. The hole can be up to 600m long and deep! But don’t worry, they are ULTRA rare in Australia. Why? Because the land is much more dry and firm. But in America and such, the earth is much more damp witch is much more likely for sink holes to occur.


  4. Dear reader
    I really like the topic ‘how the earth works’ because i like natural disasters and how they work. I’m rsearching sink holes or pot holes. But one of my favourite natural disasters is tornadoes because i liike the way it moves and spins!

    • Well done Stephen. Can you tell us now that you are an expert in sink holes what causes them and how we can prepare for them?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

  5. For my Inquiry, I am studying Landslides. The first time I heard about landslides, I was wondering what it was. So that’s why I am studying it. If anyones wondering, like I was, what excatly a landslide is well, it’s where the mountainious land gives in and collapses after a numerous amount of days from continuous rain!If you know any intersesting facts about landslides please tell me!

    • Fantastic work Alivia. Have you learnt anything about the recent landslide in Venezuela ? Can you find out about this large disaster and give us some information here please?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  6. for inquiry my group chose to do sink holes. it was really fun studying sinkholes. did you know that there is a 40% chance of dying while in one or while falling in one. sinkholes are most common the United States. sinkholes can range to 2m deep to 602m deep. they are SUPER dangerous, although all natural disasters are

  7. Hello unknown reader,
    this term in inquiry we have been learning about natural disarstes the natural disarster I know most about is the tornado. Tornadoes are caused by hot and cold winds mixing together. Tornadoes are my favourite natural disarster.

    • Terrific work Laura. Now that you are an expert in tornadoes can you tell us about the destruction that they can cause and how we can prepare for one and keep safe?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

  8. This term the 5/6’s have been looking at HOW THE EARTH WORKS.My partner and I have been focusing on FLOODS. Floods are caused by big amounts of rainfall spreading across large parts of the earth.Here in Australia, mainly up north, there have been quite a few floods recently. Next time I would to focus on tsunamis!

    • What parts of Australia have suffered from floods recently Emily? And as an expert how can you prepare to survive a flood?

      Mrs Boyhan. πŸ˜‰

  9. For my Inquiry my group and I did Volcano’s and we learnt all about the Volcanic eruptions that they cause and what they do erupt it was very FUN to learn about.

  10. this term we have being learning about natural disasters. my parterns and i have being reaserching on BUSHFIRES. bushfire are one of australias worst natural disasters. black saturday kill millions of people and destroyed lots of homes. bushfires are reguraly bushland and in hot dry places. a more reasent one is in maryville nsw. its a great topic to learn about!

    • Bush fires are certainly very destructive in Australia and a constant worry in some areas during Summer.

      Isalei you need to check your facts about how many people died in the Black Saturday fires. They were definitely the worst bush fires we have had in recent history.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  11. My grop did bushfires and we lernt alot like some bushfires are made by glass and black saterday was more than one fire it was 400 mini fires and over 150 people died!

  12. I also think volcanos are really cool how the can be formed from a hotspot or a plate splitting!But my grop did bushfires i arready bloged about that!

  13. How the earth works (our inquiry topic) is so fun and cool! We have been learning a lot about volcano’s recently since Victoria,Alessia,Max,Luca and i have been working on it for a project.Did you know that there are three different types of volcano’s, there is an active volcano, dormat volcano and an extinct volcano.

  14. HI
    my group did bushfires and we leart that bushfires start in different ways.One way is the sun shining through glass another is powerlines falling there are so many more!This natral disaster will burn down towns even citys sometimes!to survive a bushfire you need to get to a nataral fire brake like a river or a beach.Lucia

    • Well done Lucia. You have included great advice on how to survive a bush fire. How can you prepare your property for Summer and the danger of a bush fire?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  15. WOW! I have learnt a lot about natural disasters. The one that I concentrated on was floods.

    A flood is a large amount of water spreading over a dry patch of area caused by heavy rainfall, tidal waves or snow melts causing rivers and damns to overflow and burst over the land. Floods happen on low lying areas of the earth. A lot of floods have happened up north of Australia in Queensland. Floods can damage many town services, homes and buildings, electricity, peoples lives and much more. If you encounter a flood stay indoors and keep useful phone numbers.

  16. In my jigsaw group, I researched tsunamis.Tsunamis are very dangerous, strong waves. They can kill many people and animals. A tsunami is caused by an underwater earthquake. The Indian Ocean tsunami was so destructive, it killed approximately 300,000 people… What are some interesting facts you discovered about your jigsaw group?

    Nick P πŸ™‚

    • Fantastic information Nicholas about what a tsunami is and the destruction it can cause.

      What are some tips for a survival plan if you are in a tsunami prone area?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  17. The Natural Disaster I chose was Earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused by the rubbing together of two plates called Tectonic plates Tectonic plates are what the Earth’s surface is on. They lie on molten lava under the earth.

    Survival Plan:

    If you experience an earthquake and you are inside, drop to the floor. If there is a table nearby hide under it. After the quake do not exit your cover straight away. There could be aftershocks. Sometimes they can be more dangerous than the first quake. When it is safe to evacuate the building help injured people get out safe.


    Earthquakes can trigger a Tsunami or a volcanic eruption. In most cases a earthquake makes buildings collapse and the earth surface to crack and sadly deaths.

    Other Information:

    A quake’s Epicenter is the point at the earth’s surface. The Hypocenter or focus is the main point where a earthquake rupture starts.

    • Fantastic work Harry. This is very thorough and gives your audience a clear picture of what an earthquake is and some of the things they can do to survive one.

      This is an excellent example for your classmates of what a great blog response looks like.


      Mrs Boyhan πŸ˜‰

  18. In class my work group and I studied Volcanoes. I enjoyed learning about volcanoes. I learnt a lot of different and new information that I did not know about before we started this topic. For example, I didn’t know that volcanic ash rocks are called ‘basalt’. The top of the volcano is called a crater. Basalt is only one type of volcanic rock that may come out of the crater, the other type of rock is called Pumice.

    • Thank you Alessia. Did you discover what causes a volcano and do you have any tips for surviving a volcano if someone is writing their survival plan?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  19. For my inquiry project I did Flame Tornadoes!
    I chose it because I thought no one else would do it. Flame tornadoes are really rare because the conditions for one to be made are quite strict. A bushfire has to be whipped up by the hot updrafts of a tornado. Flame Tornadoes are really destructive and can kill many people.


  20. Sinkholes are a massive hole in the earths surface. Sinkholes are formed by water going underground and create a underground cave and when the surface at the top gets to thin or it has a lot of pressure on it,it collapses into the hole causing a lot of destruction. If you fall in a sinkhole don’t panic when you fall in you won’t die because the water at the bottom will break your fall. Then run to the highest point of the hole and yell for help and soon you will be rescued and pulled up. Sinkholes are a very interesting and unpredictable natural disaster I really enjoyed working on it with my group(Emily, Luke, Kara, Jordan and me. This the best topic EVER!!!!!!:)

    • Thanks stephen it was AWESOME! I also liked working with my group and i think all people should know about SINKHOLES!


  21. Hi Mrs Boyhan
    Magma rises from 7,277 meters down within the volcano and explodes when tectonic plates rub together. Scientists are trying to warn people about when a volcano is going to explode. Did you know there are different types of lava?

  22. In my group, we did twisters!

    A twister (tornado) is a HUGE funnel shaped cloud spinning towards the ground. When hot and cold air chase each other around the sky, it creates a spinning top shaped gust of wind.

    A twister can ruin crops, destroy houses, hurt people and kill people. A twister can only form over land. Its wind speed can grow up to 300 miles per hour. When twisters reach their speed, they are rated on a scale from F0-F5, F5 is the biggest they can get.

    If you happen to be warned about a twister forming, or you see a twister forming, you need to GET UNDER GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. WOW,I have learnt so much about bushfires! Now i now how to survive a bushfire,how it starts and a lot about Black Saturday.

    To survive a bushfire your safes place would be in water because fire cant go in water.If there is a bushfire in your town do NOT hide in awater tank because if it is made of plastic it will melt or if you water tank is mettel the water will boil.A bushfire only needs oxegen,heat and fuel or it could start from very hot weather,arsinests or camp fires that get out of control.Did you know that black saturday was the worst bushfire Australia has EVER HAD!Over the day they found out the there were more then 100 fires and the bushfire took lots of nature and more than 1,000 people died ):

    If your class is ever doing natural disaters you should choose bushfires because they are very interesting and Australia has alot of them.
    This is the best topic ever (:


  24. Hello everyone
    My inquiry jigsaw piece was about sinkholes. I learnt a lot about sinkholes, like how they happen and the effects they have. Sinkholes happen when the roof of a underground lake or cave collapses and leaves a gaping hole in the ground. The highest death toll for a sinkhole has been 150 people died. I also learnt a survival plan for a sinkhole, if you fall in a sinkhole try hold onto floating debris or tread water and call for help. Sinkholes can range from 1 meter to 600 meters. I didn’t just learn about sinkholes I also learnt a lot about other natural disasters like Fire-tornadoes. Did you know? The highest death toll for a fire-tornado was 38,000 people died! I learnt a lot in our inquiry jigsaw.


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  26. for the past few weeks my jigsaw group has been working on the rare yet deadly natural disaster known as a “flame tornado! Now your probably wondering what exactly is a flame tornado? Simply put; its a bush fire that comes into contact with a tornado.Anything in its path will be uplifted and burnt to a crisp!
    So how is it caused? Updrafts of hot air catch the fire as the tornado comes into contact with it and send it whirling through the air creating a fire tornado.
    Your probably thinking: how would one survive one of these disasters? The best thing to do would be to get as far away from the flame tornado as possible.
    I chose this natural disaster because i was fascinated by the topic and didnt know anything about it till now. So remember to steer clear of fire tornadoes

    massimo πŸ™‚

  27. Landslides are a type of natural disaster. Landslides can be called mudslides too. Landslides is when the earths crust collapses making a big cliff. They are caused by other natural disasters such as volcano eruptions and cyclones. Landslides are found on hills or mountains were the earths crush can fall. I f your in a landslide cover your head and try to grab on something thats not falling with you. So remember Landslides could rip a building in half or a street! When its raining a lot on a hill of dirt, watch out!!

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