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Grade 5/6 we have just returned from camp on the Great Ocean Road. Our camp included many wonderful acitivities such as learning to surf. What was your favourite activity. one that you will remember for a long time?

Describe your feelings, the sounds and tastes during that acitivity……..

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  1. Camp was really fun and exciting! we learnt lots such as learning to surf, sheltering and how to catch yabbi’s. We had a disco and we had awesome cabins! other than that it was awesome!

  2. WOW, what a great day, we went surfing, it was my first time going surfing. I went pretty good for my first time. I stood up over 15 times, well its not the most exiting thing in the planet, the wave was small. The wet suits warmed us up even though it was freezing cold! Over all it was on of the best times i have had and you should go there too!

  3. Dear unknown reader,
    camp was really fun this year because last year it was really muddy but this year it was really bushy and wet!
    The funnest and most interesting activity was surfing it was easy then I acctually thought it was a couple of step that we learnt and the next thing is that your in the water standing up on a board!Our cabin 1 queen sized bed (that I scored:)), 3 bunck beds and our own bathroom on one night we stayed up all night! Over all this was one of the best experiences in my life so far.

    From stephen

  4. Camp was awesome! But it could do with a little adjustments like the food and the rooms, but that’s camp! On the second day we went surfing! I couldn’t believe myself when I was actually standing up, I was a bit rusty on the board, but other than that it was so fun!!

  5. Camp was one of the best experiences in my life. Probably the best part was surfing and it was the first time I catched a wave! I was really happy with my cabin. Another great part was building a bush shelter that was really fun and my groups shelter was waterproof so we won. Even though the was horrible I had some great moments. They were the best three days of my life. I really enjoyed the disco and the night walk. One of the funniest moments was when our priest started dancing and doing the moon walk. Overall it was an amazing experience and I had a ball!!

  6. Hello unknown reader,
    this year camp was extremely fun because or all the fun activities we did. the funest activitie for me was when we went surfing at the start it was quite hard to stand on the board but in the end almost everyone ended up standing up in the end camp was fun.

  7. Hillo everybody!(I said hillo on purpose because it is hi and hello)
    I wasn’t at camp so I can’t talk about that but I learned a tonne of things in inquiry. Like a fire tornado is made when a bush-fire comes across a tornado. It is a tornado on FIRE! How cool is that?
    A firenado is extremely dangerous and if saw one near, RUN!

    From Brandon

  8. Hi everyone
    Camp was really fun. My favorite activity was definitely surfing because I caught heaps of waves but I also got dumped heaps of times. Another fun thing was my cabin I was in a cabin with Harry and Riley this was really fun because Riley and harry kept my soft toy elephant and my pillow(lucky they did not steal my sleeping bag). We also had a really cool disco witch was really fun when we went to bed to bed i fell asleep straight away after telling harry not to steal my soft toy elephant, I think harry did it anyway. That was camp for me I think everyone had a great time. Thankyou

  9. Camp wasn’t the best, I mean, the food was okay, I didn’t even eat the second night’s dinner and starved for the entire night. But I really enjoyed all of the activities, I was surrounded by my friends, which was great :). It was really fun when some of the kangaroos got inside the camp-area, I think it was our group’s fault for leaving the gate open, oops. It was an amazing camp because we got cake (it was the teacher’s birthday).I would not mind going back there, it wasn’t too bad.

  10. Camp 2013 is a time I’m never going to forget. I liked the time I got to spend with best friends not to mention being my first camp without any family members.I really enjoyed all activities that were on offer like surfing, playing games on the beach and all activities on the campsite.It really wasn’t the best when we had to do jobs but it didn’t really matter because it was fun to enjoy doing it with friends.Next year it’s going to be different with year 4’s

  11. Camp was Epic the best activities that I did was the Night Walk and the disco it was so much fun but I could’t wait to get home and see my family and eat Mum’s home cooked meal after the camp food that we had.

  12. Camp was soooooooooo much FUN!!!!!
    My favorite activity would have to be the surfing! It was too cold for surfing, but we did it anyway! I caught about 6 waves!!!!! I love how when you see the wave about 5 meters away, then you get on your board and the wave touches your toes! It will push you forward, and even if you don’t stand up, you will get pushed and have the ride of your life!

  13. yello guys
    I am writing on this blog to tell you about our amazing time at camp!well to start off i was put in a cabin with Nicholas, James, Thomas and William.we did some awesome activity’s like archery (but i did not get to do archery) and SURFING.yea that’s right surfing we learnt how to surf and i got up on only one wave (I know its not much to brag about but for me that’s a big thing for me!
    camp was grate!!
    from Massi

  14. Dear Reader,
    I am writing to you about camp.
    Camp was awesome this year.
    Coastal Forest Lodge, the camp that we stayed st, was in Anglesea, a beautiful town with a beach.
    The best moment was when we went surfing in the beach. There were good sized waves.
    I also really enjoyed the disco and our cabin had an

    From Nick

  15. camp was one of the best exprience of my life. probaly the best part was sufing. it was a cold day but we still went as we approced the beach it got more and more exiting. we went into the water it was cold. the first time i stood up was like i had won a medal! i had an awsome time at camp 2013.

  16. School camp was Awsome! we went surfing and lernt how to do oreanterring.I loved the archery and my cabin was Awesome i had most of my friends in it.So much fun!

  17. WOW!what a great day surfing,being in a cabin with your friends and even archery it was one of the best weeks ever!How cool!It was even my teachers birthday.Sure second nights food was a bit dry but costal forest loge is the best place to go on camp (ok it is the only place i have been to for camp)But it was AWSOME!

  18. Hello,
    Camp was awsome!The activites were really fun and they were a ropes corse,surfing,making huts,uchery and mini golf,orientiring,a enishitives corse and a nother cores.My favort activty was so surfing even thogh I asadently swolowd some walter it was soooooooo fun!!!! Do you have school camps? Camp was AWSOME!Bye 🙂

  19. camp was great!Surfing was my favorite and i loved feeding the animals especially when we jumped from haystack to haystack.It as really fun when we made the bush shelter and went under, i got soaked with water since Emily knocked the bucket and i am glad she did.

  20. Camp was really fun I also enjoyed the surfing and feeding the animals. The surfing was fun because I have never done surfing before. I really liked feeding the horse and the cows were really hunger and loud. The first day was fun, but the second day was the best because we had a day at the beach. Camp this year was better than last year. Emily Mrs CC’s blog

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