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  1. I thought this swimming sports was so much fun! I really enjoyed the novelty race at the end of the carnival. I did it with Emily. An achievement for me was going in the blue relay team because I wasn’t supposed to do it, Emily Coslovich was and so I was chosen and so was my sister. I did really well this year with one 1st, two 2nd and one 3rd. All the events were so much fun and I loved being able to talk to all my friends! It was a great year and everyone did really well!


  2. The swimming sports was a really fun day. I went in 3 events. Even though I didn’t do very well in all of the events, I still enjoyed the day. My favourite part of the day was when green team won the relay! Go Green!

    Elisa :]
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  3. S wimming sports was what we had last friday.

    W e all had many events to choose from, even novelty!

    I competed in all events.

    M y events were 50m Freestyle, 25m Freestyle, 25m Backstroke, 25m Breastroke and 25m Butterfly.

    M y friends cheered me on as I swam.

    I t was the perfect day for a swim. Bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky.

    N othing lats forever, we had to walk back to school at about noon.

    G reat day all round is what I’d say!

    By Bronte 😀

  4. This is my swimming poem

    I heard the loud cheer,
    As I was near,
    I saw the pool,
    As big as a school,
    As I smelt the water,
    I wouldn’t bother,
    To swim in different races one after another,
    And taste the yucky chlorine that also smells like my brother!

    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  5. Hello everyone this is my acrostic poem on swimming sports…

    Swimming sports
    Wading in the shallows
    I like swimming
    Medals and ribbons
    Making a good atmosphere
    Ideal for fish
    No cheating
    Great fun

    Sporting event
    Play by the rules
    Octopus would be good at it
    Ridiculous speed in the water
    Terrific walk back
    Swimming sports are the best

    Thanks for reading
    Luke K

  6. On Friday the 23rd St. Bedes went swimming.
    During the relay green team was winning.
    I could hear a heap of waves splashing.
    In the 50 metres the people were dashing.
    I could smell the chlorine out of the pool.
    After a hard day of swimming, we went to school.

  7. Last Friday, St.Bedes had their swimming carnival. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it a lot. I came 1st in my 50m freestyle, 3rd in my 25m backstroke, butterfly and freestyle, and 2nd in my 25m breaststroke. I have no Idea what I came in the novelty event (kickboard Race), but gold team came 4th in the relay. Being my last swimming sports I had a lot of fun and was glad with my results.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog 😛

  8. This is my swimming sport poem

    As I stand there
    For the ‘ready set go!’
    I look and wait
    And think about not to be too slow.
    Then I dive into the water
    Swimming in the forth lane
    I look ahead
    And try to swim with no pain.
    Then I saw
    The wall ahead
    Sadly I didn’t win
    But came forth instead.

    Isabelle, Mrs Boyhans blog 🙂 🙂

  9. I walked out onto the pool deck;
    I take my place on the starting blocks;
    Get Ready, I hear…then “BEEP;
    And all are in the water;
    Crowd chanting, people banging, swimmers swimming
    The wall is coming closer;
    Then the moment of truth;
    I turn around to see where I’ve come;
    Third in the 25m freestyle.

  10. Swaying water as they take a dive
    Wet and dripping as everyone thrived
    Intense swimming from every competitor
    Making every stoke, forcing you to breath heavier
    Moving like a machine through the clear water
    In every speech, calling the heats in order
    Noisy cheers from all the support
    Gold,green, red and blue for victory the teams fought.

    Greta Reginato:)
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  11. Swimming sports was what we had last Friday.

    We all had many events to choose from, even novelty!
    I competed in most of the events
    My events were 50m Freestyle, 25m Freestyle, 25m Backstroke, 25m Breastroke.
    My friends cheered me on as I swam.
    I t was the perfect day for a swim. Bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky.
    Nothing lats forever, we had to walk back to school at about noon. i came 4th 4th 4th and 1st luckily!


  12. Swimming with
    Inside the
    Massive Genazzano
    My o my

    Off I went
    Towards the
    Sleek finish.

  13. As I walk to the starting block, I put on my swim cap
    Looking around I see people cheering
    I sink into the water,
    I can smell the chlorine in the water
    I hear the starting pistol
    While I am swimming, the sound of splashing from people swimming fills my ears
    I then accidentally suck in pool water and taste chlorine
    Once I get out, I can hear people talking as I walk through the showers, smelling soap
    When I am back in the spectator stands, I can finally enjoy normal water and a sandwich

  14. Last week on friday i went to the swimming carnival,it was lots of fun.There were heaps of events. The main noises i heard was the water splashing ad the people in the stands.The thing that i smelt was the water or the clorine.I saw so many splashes in the water and people bolting to the finmnish. Over all i had great fun esspecialy when we were doing the kick board novelty race, that was very fun.
    By Ashley
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  15. Swimming sports acrostic poem:


    Under the water
    All kids having fun
    Losers keeping their heads high

    By Damian
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

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