Cyber-Safety Philosophy: What do I believe

As digital citizens of the 21st century it is important we have  responsible and informed backgrounds about all the potential for using technology and internet communication and collaboration in our lives.  This might be fun, entertainment, learning or even business!!

How do you keep safe online?

How do you know which places or sites in the online world are safe or not?

What is your cyber-safety philosophy?

Post below and reflect on others’ comments about these questions.

4 thoughts on “Cyber-Safety Philosophy: What do I believe

  1. I don’t ever tell my password to anyone and I never click on things that say ‘You are the 999,999th visitor today! Click here to get a free iPad’ because they give you a virus. I believe you should block people who aren’t being nice to you or don’t look safe. I never give away to much of my information, only my name, gender and rarely my birthday. I think that social networking can be safe if everybody uses it appropriately.

    Elisa :]
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  2. I believe when I am online I will only join conversations with people I know. I will not put on any details that will make me unsafe.It is important that with any social media to turn my account to private. Being cyber safe is important and so is only adding people you know. I will always try to be safe.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog 😉

  3. I believe that when you are online, you should always be careful what information you give out to people, on what social site you are using. Always be aware of who you are talking to, you never know if they are who they say there are, after all they are behind a computer screen.
    Surly everyone knows that you should never talk to anyone you don’t know personally! otherwise you are putting yourself in danger. Never ever comment on things because hurtful messages may be directed to you and cyber bullying may be hurtful to yourself and others. I believe if you are in this situation of someone requesting to be your friend that you dont know you should always Unfriend/Block.Report

    Marieanne 🙂 Mrs Boyhans Blog 😉

  4. I Believe when I am online I should always appeal to what is said and how I should handle it. If I made an account I will always change my settings to private. I believe to keep the internet a safe place you must update photos that are appropriate, and to always follow the rules to an app or website. I also strongly believe that I should be careful with the actions I take and with who you talk to and never trust anyone you don’t know. Even if they give you information about themselves you never give away information about yourself. The social network is a dangerous place and something that can be hard to trust.

    Riley 🙂 Mrs boyhans blog

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