Mad Scientist Day – Chemical Detectives

We have been exploring different chemicals and the way certain chemicals react when we combine them. Grade 5/6 please describe your favourite science experiment that we have conducted. Remember to explain your hypothesis, the materials needed and the results that you achieved.

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    Claudia, Mrs Boyhans Blog.

  2. This term we have been learning about science. We have used different chemicals to achieve our experiments. My favourite experiment was the lemon juice writing, what you had to do is get a cotton bud, fresh lemon juice and bottled lemon juice. With the cotton bud you had to dip it in each chemical then write your name down with each chemical. Once we had done that we had to wait for it to dry then iron it, if the writing appeared it worked. I enjoyed this because we got to explore different chemicals that we could use so our name would show up when we ironed the piece of paper.

  3. The topic was really fun because we got to do experiments and real scientist came in and did experiments and told us about science. My favourite experiment was the ‘dissolving cup’ because it was really interesting how it dissolved and melted. To do this experiment you will need two foam cups, one bowl, water and nail polish remover. First get the bowl and put one of the foam cups into it. Then put nail polish remover into it. After that place the other foam cup into the bowl as well, then just put water into it. Then let it sit for about five to six minutes and watch the cup dissolve.

  4. I found this topic “My Chemical Romance” very interesting and fun. We did many experiments and I really liked doing the “Dissolving Cups”wich is where we have 2 cups, one with nail polish remover and the other with water. The water dose nothing but the nail polish remover slowly dissolves the foam cup. The thing that stood out most to me about the topic was all the new scientific language I learnt, I was surprised by how small atoms are, you must use a scientific telescope to see them. I have discovered that E=MC2 means energy equals mass times the speed of light, but sometimes I forget what it means. :):):):)

  5. Our Mad Scientist day was an awesome day. We did an experiment where you had to dissolve metal shavings, salt, sugar and sand by mixing. Obviously the metal didn’t dissolve because it is metal and is just too strong. And the sand wouldn’t dissolve, either so that left us with salt and sugar that dissolved. I also LOVED all the costumes people wore. There were some really awesome wigs and some very mad looking scientist out there! Some of the detail in them was amazing! Our Mad scientist day was the best mad scientist day in the whole of Australia because everyone made an effort and came dressed as a scientist!

    By Maddison

  6. This term the grade 5/6’s have been learning about science. We have been teaching other classes some science experiments such as, the disappearing cup, the coke and mentos, the dissolving objects in the glass and more. This term I have discovered how and why we need scientist in our world. We need scientist to help more and more people in the future, so that we can have a better world. We also had an assembly on ‘mad scientist day’ it was very fun to do the assembly. I was very surprised when we did the dissolving cup because that experiment didn’t actually work. This term was really fun, exciting and cool.

    Isabelle, Mrs Boyhans blog

  7. Luke, Julian and I conducted an experiment in dissolving different things. We tried dissolving sand, metal shavings, sugar and salt. We showed the rest of the school how we went about dissolving things I was surprised by how often I had to refill the water jug. We went through 2 jugs of water and we only had 4 groups to show the experiment to! I discovered that if you put too much sugar or salt in a small amount of water, it is harder for it to dissolve and doesn’t dissolve all of the sugar/salt you put in. I was surprised by how many kids thought that metal shavings would dissolve, except the shavings didn’t dissolve. The overall experiment was a success because the salt and the sugar dissolved, and the metal shavings and sand did not, as expected.

  8. This term for Inquiry we learnt about science at the end of our unit we did a massive Mad Scientist Day were displayed all our work to the younger kids and everyone came dressed as scientists. Our class demonstrated the experiment where You try and dissolve all kinds of things from sugar to metal shavings. Then at our assembly we did a massive Coke and Mentos explosion. During the topic I learnt that most of these experiments were very easy to do and they were also fun.

  9. My favourite experiment was disappearing cup. You need acetone, 2 foam cups, a bowl and water. Pour water into one foam cup and acetone into another. Put the acetone cup in the bowl. In minutes, the cup will break down because of the acetone. The water cup won’t do anything. Something that stood out was when the cup dissolved. If you try this, put lots of acetone to increase the chance of the cup dissolving quicker. I was surprised when the acetone dissolved the foam cup. It was so cool. I discovered that acetone breaks down little chains in foam cups which caused the foam cup to break down and dissolve.

    Mrs. Boyhan’s Blog

  10. On Mad scientists day we began by doing Footsteps Dancing. After that we set up for our experiments. I was with Ally and Damian.the experiment we had to present was insoluble or soluble. We had to try and dissolve metal shavings, sand, sugar and salt. The sugar and salt dissolve whilst the sand and metal shavings didn’t. We showed the experiment to 4 classes and they all enjoyed it thoroughly. After we showed off the experiment we had to host assembly. Everyone had a different role and mine was to introduce our principal with Ally. All in all I think Mad Scientists Day was really fun!

    Bronte 😀
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  11. Hi everyone
    On mad scientist day I came as offcourse a mad scientist. Some of the experiments I did on the day where coke and mentos (at the assembly) soluble and insoluble things and many more throughout the term. One experiment that I really liked was COKE AND MENTOS! And I’ll explain how it works. The mentos actually has lots of small craters (invisible to the naked eye) and those craters contain or trap a gas called carbon dioxide which is the same gas in fizzy drinks that makes it fizzy when you put the mentos in the bottle of coke the carbon dioxide multiplies and bursts out of the bottle creating an EXPLOSION!! In this experiment the thing that stood out to me the most of all was the explosion and how it made that explosion. Just a little tip for next time put more mentos in the bottle than we did (jpeg!). Something that I was really surprised by during this experiment. Hang I’ve gone way over the letter gage I was only meant to right 111 words I’ll have to stop righting now.
    Luke K

  12. During our mad scientist day, in or class, we taught other kids about dissolving different materials and objects. We were teaching them to hypothesis (predict) what will happen when we add the materials to the water and stir. We were teaching them things about science that we had learnt during this topic. Part of the day was for everyone to dress up as a ‘Mad Scientist!’ and we donated money to a charity for immunizations. During the week our class had been getting ready too host the assembly, and to suit the day our topic was science. We spoke to the students about the day and showed everyone some interesting experiments.

  13. The time came to show off our experiment to four different classes on MAD Scientist Day. Our experiment was to see if sand, metal shavings, salt or sugar dissolved.
    To do this experiment we had to first fill a beaker with water and then place one of the four substances in the beaker and then stir. If the substance disappeared it had dissolved, if it was still in the beaker and you could see it, then it had not dissolved. Salt and Sugar were the only one’s that dissolved.
    Some advise I can give is not to put a lot of salt or sugar in a small amount of water because you will saturate the water.

  14. During the term we have learnt about many experiment like coke and mentos,ice types,invisible ink and many more. I have really enjoyed this topic.the experiment that we showed the class for mad scientist day was how to dissolve sugar,sand,salt and metal shaving. Sugar and salt are the only ones that dissolve.on mad scientist day everyone dressed up as what they think a scientist looks like.Our class did assembly we made the coke and mentos experment in front of the school.the day was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.i think it was the best inquiry topic this year.
    Mrs boyhans blog:)

  15. Last Friday, the 5/6’s had their mad scientists Day. We donated a gold coin that would go towards immunisations and got to dress up as a Mad Scientist. During the day we demonstrated our experiments to the younger grades. Our experiment was to have four different materials that may or may not dissolve in a cup of water. We used Sand and mental Shavings that did not dissolve, and Sugar and Salt that did dissolve. At the end of the day we preformed our assembly to the school. I had lots of fun on Friday and I thought it was a great way to show our learning’s and experiments to the school.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog. 😛

  16. On Friday the 5/6s had a mad scientist day. The whole school dressed up as many crazy scientists, each person donated a gold coin for immunisations. Each 5/6 class did an experiment for the school. Everyone learnt so much and had a lot of fun. At the end of the day our class did an amazing assembly and everyone had a great day. I have learnt so much about this topic!

    Mrs Boyhans Blog 😀

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