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We have started learning about abstract art in Grade 5/6. We started by looking at Jackson Pollock. Next term we will learn about the artist Kadinsky that Mrs Boyhan learnt about from Mr Williams last year.

Here is our digital splah art inspired by Jackson Pollock. Grade 5/6 what do you know about abstract art so far?

Splash Art by Grade 5/6 on PhotoPeach

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  1. I really enjoyed doing the splash art. They all looked really good. I think we all did really well on the paintings. We should make more types of paintings like splash art this year.

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  2. I really enjoyed the making of the Splash Art. I found it really fun and creative. Now I want to do it with actuall paint and compare it to each other, splash Art on the computer and with normal paint.I really want to do this again because I found it really fun. I think it is really fun and we shounld show the other Clasess. There were lots that I found interesting with all the different colours and different patterns.

    Alex D
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  3. Wow! Our splash art looks amazing! I really liked the one that had a black background with colour on top. It looked really good. Amazing colours, also. I love them!

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  4. I think all the Splash Art looks really good and every one put in a great effort. My favorite is The Blue, Pink and Black one.

    Awesome effort guys!!

    Bronte πŸ˜›
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  5. I really like the video. We did an awesome job making the splash art. There are lots of different types of abstract art including splash.

    Elisa :]
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  6. Splash art is when you flick you paint brush. It is part of a group called abstract art.Abstract art is when it does not look like anything.it was invented by Jackson polick.
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  7. We had so much fun doing our splash art. We now now that an abstract artist is someone who’s paintings or drawings don’t represente any particular thing in the real world. We used a website on the computer that creates splash art with the mouse.

    By Camille and Ashley
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  8. Hi there.
    I loved seeing and reading about your abstract art. My 3/4 class has also worked on abstract art this year when we investigated Sonia de Laurney. We posted about it on our blog too. Here is the link if you would like to check it out:
    Recently I was in the city and I also noticed some modern art when I was walking along by the Yarra at Crown and Southbank. This modern art was a series of statues, and there is a photo of one of them on our blog under ‘holiday news’.
    Have you done any new pieces of abstract art since your post?
    Keep sharing your great work!
    3/4MK teachers from Holy Spirit

    • Hello Mary,

      Yes we have done some abstract art since then. We have done Kadinsky’s Concentric Circles. They look really good! The 3/4 did a really good job on their art. What are the 3/4 learning about now? We cant wait to get a sneak peek!

      Bronte and Ally πŸ˜€

      • Hi Bronte and Ally.
        The latest artwork in 3/4 MK has been making newspaper fashions. There are some photos on our blog on the home page if you scroll down. The students absolutely LOVED doing this and we are thinking we might have to do something similar for Cup Day! Are you going to share any of your concentric circles on your blog – I would like to have a peek too!

    • Just lately we have done a Concentric Circles inspired by Kandinsky. Also we have studied lots of art like Pop art by Andy Warhol and Pollack’s splash art (above).

      Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • Hi Mary,

      Our class has been doing abstract art since the start of the year. We did Kadinsky’s Concentric circls and Pollock’s Splash art. In our class we really enjoy doing abstract art. My favourite is the splash art that we did. All of our ideas were different. We also did the Kadinsky’s concentric circles after we posted this. What kind of art are you doing now?

      Mrs Boyhan’s Blog πŸ˜›

      • Hi Maddison.
        We are currently making making designer fashion outfits from newspaper! The students have been so clever in what they have been able to come up with and have really enjoyed doing it. We have our Art Show coming up next week and even I have contributed to a small part of our class canvas where each us did a painting in the style of our favourite artist studied this year. It actually looks fantastic. Look forward to seeing what you do next!

  9. Hi 56/LA,
    We really enjoyed doing abstract art. Abstract art does not representthe anything particuar in the real world and is an insperation all around the world.

    Claudia & Marie-anne.
    Mrs Boyhans Blog πŸ™‚

  10. yes we are also doing pollocks splash art and I really enjoyed it then we did kadinskys concentric circles I love absract artbecuase its a way you can exspres your feelings.

    Luke K

  11. Yes, we have done other absract artwork, we have done kadinsky-concentric circles, they all look great and it has been a lot of fun.other artwork we have done is: Van Gogh-Sunflowers, Andy Worhol-campbells soup cans popart and Pacaso portarats.
    have you done any other artwork in your class learning?

    Ashley and Greta
    Mrs Boyhans Blog:)

  12. Hello Mary,
    Thankyou for replying to our work ! Some of the Artists My class and I have been looking at are Van Gogh’s work – Impressionists We have also looked at Any Warhol-Pop Art
    Kadinsky- Concentric Circles and Pollock-Splash Art. My teacher Mrs Boyhans LOVES art !
    Nice hearing from you !
    Who is your favourite Artists ?
    Marc from Mrs Boyhans Blog ! Learning Globaly !

    • Hi Marc.
      My favourite artist I think would be Monet because I love the way he is able to use colours. I remember going to an exhibition of his art many years ago and really enjoying it. I am very lucky that I share my class with another teacher who LOVES art, just like Mrs Boyhan, so my students get to create all sorts of amazing artworks and I get to enjoy them! Keep up your great work!

  13. Hello Mary,

    We have done a lot of art work this year. Recently we have don concetric circles by Kadinsky. We have also done splash art by pollock. They are both Abstract Artist. Other art work we have done is Pop art inspired by Any Warhol and work by Vincent Van Gogh. They are an impressionist.

    Mrs. Boyhans Blog

  14. Hi Mary

    We have been learing about 4 artist van gogh he does is an impressionist , warhol does pop art , kadinsky does concentric cicles and pollock does spash art. they are the 4 artist we have learnt art from.
    mrs boyhans blog πŸ™‚

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