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Mysteries of the East reflections. Grade 5/6 we have been studying different Asian culutres this term and researching how these Asian cultures have influenced our daily lives in Australia. What are some of your discoveries this term?

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  1. During our inquiries and investigations together this term I have reflected on how so many parts of the different Asian cultures are part of our daily lives without us even thinking about it. From my daily green tea, sushi for lunch, lucky dragons hanging around our school (we have just finished an art exhibition of the Year of The Dragon in our Jarrow Room) to many different Asian restaurants in our suburb and the cars that we drive. By further developing our understandings of our Asian neighbours we also can identify how they have helped to shape the Australian culture.

    Grade 5/6 what are some things you now know about Asian cultures? and What has been the most surprising thing you have discovered during this inquiry?

    Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  2. This term our inquiry topic is on Asia. I and a partner found info on a topic. The country I did was Laos. Laos has a few different sports. It has hocky and soccer .we had to do the topic as if we were a kid from our country. This topic was so much fun . thanks all 56 teachers.

  3. For my PLP (Personal Learning Project) I studied Sri Lanka. When I was studying Sri Lanka I realized how much of their culture has rubbed off on us. Same with our class investigation into China. Chinese Food, Chinese Good Luck Symbols, Chinese Traditions, you get the point. When we had to take photos of Asian influences in our daily lives, I had no trouble at all. These photos are now on exhibited in the National Gallery of St Bedes! Asian influences are all around us and most of the time we don’t even realize it!

    Bronte πŸ˜›
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  4. I learnt about countries in Asia. I learnt lots of information about China and India that I did not know. For example, China has a one-child policy because they have too many people in China and they have the largest population in the world. India has the second most people in the world. This topic has been helpful for me.

    Luke L

  5. This term I have been learning about Asia all around us. Where we did a personal learning topic on an Asian country. During this unit I learnt how China was led as a communist country by Mao Tse Tung and the Cultural Revolution went from 1966 – 1976 during this time China was a communist country. it was very surprising all the things I learnt

  6. Hello Mrs Boyhan the thing that I learnt on the topic ‘Asia all around us’ was that there is a lot of Asian influences in Australia and also that lots of Asian people fled to Australia to get away from their country that has had a war or their country is recently having a war so they have to flee.

  7. This term we leant about the influences of Asia in our daily lives. In order to learn about this, we went around our local areas to find evidence of Asia in our life. Some things that I found were Flowers like Magnolia’s and blossoms, and things like Asian dolls and garden figures. These influences showed me the multiculturalism of Australia.

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  8. This term our class have been learning about Asia, our inquiry topic is ‘Asia All Around Us’. Something I learnt was that The Golden cat in the shops and restaurants are lucky to Asia, and brings costumers. One surprising fact I discovered was that China has a one child policy because they want to slow down the population in china.

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  9. During this term I learned a lot about Asia impartial Japan because Japan was the country i studied in the Personal Learning Project. During this topic i studied Japan, I learnt lots such as i did not know that Japan was made over 3,000 islands and on average Japan’s 3,000 islands have 500 earthquakes each year. Thank you
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  10. This term we learnt all about Asia all around us that means that we were looking for Asia things. We went on a excursion around our local area looking for Asian things in our local area we took some photos of the Asian things and then we edited them on a app on the ipads called Isplash this app made the photos all black and white then some

    Luke K

  11. We have been learning about the Asian countries, traditions, cultures, cuisine, artefacts and symbols. I learnt that some of the sports that East Timor do include boxing, weight lifting, karate, cycling, table tennis and more. One thing I discovered is, we never really notice that Asia is simply all around us. Things we eat, drink and items that are Asian.

    By Camille πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
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  12. While learning about Asia I discovered a lot of different Religions such as Taoism, Hindu and Islam. I also learnt that the country Laos has 10,500 villages and only 8,400 Villages in the country have a school. This means that a large number of children do not get to go to school. The Expo was enjoyable for me and Emily.

    By Alex(: (: (: (:
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    Each number was counted as a word

  13. During this term, I have learnt all about Asia and the things that it holds. The main country I learnt about was Dubai because that is what I studied for the project. I learnt a lot about religions and the things that each religions do for celebrations. I learnt about traditional food, clothes and what refuges did to get here.

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  14. Throughout our topic of Asia all around us, I learnt that Asian influence is everywhere in my daily life. I realized that Australia is a very proud multicultural country! I also researched the life of a girl in Cambodia. I chose the country Cambodia because I wanted to do a challenging country not a very well known one!

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  15. As we were learning about the topic on Asian culture and influences my partner and I discovered many interesting facts on Bangladesh, one of the things i discovered about bangladesh was that they have many terrible floods and that they have around 7 different religions. I found this topic very interesting and it was a good topic to learn about.

    By Ashley
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  16. This term we have been learning about Asia. Our topic is β€œAsia all around us”. During this topic I have learnt a lot about their many countries: traditions, nutrition, education, poverty, and about the way people live their lives in countries of Asia. Something that I learnt this term was that the laws in China in Asia are very Strict.

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  17. Now that I have done the topic about Asia, I learnt that China has the largest population in the world. In Cambodia, the country my group was studying I learnt that they had lots of wars. The most surprising thing that I discovered is that most Asian families eat a lot of rice. I really enjoyed this topic on Asia!

    By Maddison πŸ˜‰

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