Italian Day 100 word Challenge

Last Friday we had our school ‘Italian’ Day where we celebrated our learning in our language lessons and the Italian culture. Grade 5/6 please write in exactly 100 words your reflection about Italian Day. Visitors could you write for us about an experience when traveling?

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  1. Italian Day this year was really fun, even though it rained most of the time! I really liked making the masks. Everyone’s costumes were very creative. I saw lots of Little Red Riding Hoods! Even some of the teachers dressed up! I really liked Miss Kepple’s outfit, with balloons as a dress! I thought that the masks that we made were a bit hard to colour, but that was OK because most of the class finished and we got lots of time to do the PowerPoints on Italian day. This was one of the best Italian days ever, being honest!


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  2. Last Friday we had Italian day I thought it wasn’t that good. Last year was better because we had done more things to do. I Really liked the costumes i thought that they were good and really creative. I dressed up as a Mariah with some other people. we had the parade I thought it was good looking at the different types of costumes. After play we started to decorate masks I enjoy that. Because you could put whatever you wanted on it. After I finished it me and Julian started create a brochure about Italian I like Italian day

  3. It was Italian Day on Thursday. The theme was Cappuccetto Rosso (Little Red Riding Hood). I dressed up the Italian colours (green, white and red). First we had the Italian Day Costume Parade where everyone got to show their costumes. One of my favourite costumes were Miss Kepels who dressed up as wine (grapes), and then we went back to our classrooms to decorate Italian Masks. After recess, we watched a play that was organized which was also Little Red Riding Hood. Thank you to Signora Nina for organizing a great day. I am sure everyone had a great day!

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  4. On Friday it was Italian Day!!!! In the morning everyone and our teachers came to school dressed in their costumes that lots of parents put a lot of effort into. We had the Parade in the morning and there were many colourful costumes. The Poster winners were called out and received wonderful presents. Everyone cheered and the winners got there posters laminated. After that we did fun activities by creating Masks, Boxes and other things. At lunch time lots of people had a lunch order with Italian food. Everyone had a great day and enjoyed all the fun and activities.

    Alex D

  5. on the 31st of August all of the students of saint bedes came dressed as something Italian then of course it would mean its Italian day. the day started of with everyone joining a parade. It went from order preps to year sixes and then the children with the best posters won a prize. Then all classes went back to their classes to do our art activity for example the year 5/6’s worked on the masks through the day. Then we had italian tuckshop and had our break. After lunch we finished of our art activities and then went to assembly.

  6. Italian Day was memorable this year because it was my last Italian day at St. Bede’s.  One of the highlights of the day was the parade, where we got to show off our costumes, I came as Leonardo Di Vinci.  after the parade, we worked in our classroom on an Italian Day art activity. The grade 5/6’s were making masks. My mask had four different sections – each one a different pattern.  Finally, we had an Italian day performance of little red riding hood. It was a humorous interpretation of the classic fairy tale, and it was told in English and Italian.

    Bronte 😛
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  7. Last Friday we had Italian Day. I had so much fun .first we had a parade and we all enjoy seeing each other’s costume .I was a waiters and allot of people where dressed as little red riding hood .and most of the girl teachers were little red riding hood . When we finished parade they toll as who the winner. One was my sister. After this we started on the mask .I real enjoyed the day. After we had play lunch we had a little red riding hood play .it was very good. It was the same actors from last year. Then we finish the masked.

  8. I did not like Italian day because 5/6 LT made masks. We did not go outside to do any fun activities. We had a parade in the hall instead of standing up I think we should have done it on the stage. Some people had good costumes like Little Red Riding Hood, wine barrels, the wolf and the woodcutter. I think that we need to be more organized if it rains. Maybe next year 5/6 could do more then just making masks. Perhaps next time we could do the pizza race or a competition to invent a new gelato flavor.

  9. On Italian day last week many students dressed in facinating and creative costumes.I dressed up as a marfia. I saw lots of little red riding hoods and wood cutters. The show was exciting and entertaining. I thought that the wolf’s face was a bit freaky. I also enjoyed mask making. It took a while but everyone looked really good and colourful.
    Italian day wouldn’t have worked without signora Nina so I would like to give a big thankyou to her. Also congratulations to the winners of the drawing competition. You all drew great. It was a enjoyable day.

  10. On Friday St. Bedes had Italian day. Our theme was Cappuccetto Rosso, which is Italian for Little Red Riding hood. In the morning the whole school went inside the hall to show the students your outfits. There were lots of Cappuccetto Rosso’s! The 5/6s made masks and drew designs on them with markers. The whole school also went to a play/ show that were the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I thought it was quite funny and creative. The show was good because there were only 2 people acting and there were about 5 characters. Italian day was fun!!

    By Camille 🙂
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  11. On friday, last week it was the schools italian day carnival. In the morning we did a parade. Everyone was dressed up in italian characters and other italian things. They announced the two winners from every class to come up because they did their best effort on the poster, and i was amazed that i was one of the people called up. Damian also won. After that we started to design our italian masks. Most were very colourful and designed well. After play time, we watched a play about Cappuccetto Rosso, it was played by the same people last year.

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  12. Last Friday it was Italian day. Everybody in the whole of St bedes had to come as something Italian or little red riding hood.At school we had a parade to display all the costumes people had come up with.Then after play the year 5/6’s got to decorate masks, that was pretty good because you got to decorate them as much as you want. When we finished that we went on to make a poster about ITALY. After lunch we had time to finish stuff off and then we had assembly.That’s it all finished THE END


  13. On Friday the 31st of August, at St Bede’s it was Italian day! It started with a fashion parade, for people to show off there amazing Italian costumes. Next they announced the cappucceto rosso (little red riding hood) poster winners. Then everyone went off to their classes and started their Italian day activities, such as decorating boxes, creating masks, making Italian posers and many other fun activities!!! Later on during the day, there was a play performed, about little red riding hood in Italian. The play was great and entertaining! I had a great time and enjoyed all the activities!!!

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  14. Last Friday it was Italian day and we did lots of fun activities. First we went to the costume parade that was really fun I saw some amazing costumes I dressed up as a gondolier. After that we got a carnivale mask and decorated it mine was rainbow scribble and a moon and a sun around each eye then took pictures of the masks on a ipad and edited them on isplash then we took the pictures off the ipad and put the photos on to the computer then we made a awesome power point out of the photos. Thanks for reading


  15. On the 31st of august we had Italian day where we had to dress as the characters in little red riding hood.We coloured in mask’s and some of us made posters.During the day we had a brilliant show to watch which was quite funny.I had lots of fun during the day looking at everyones interesting costumes!!!We got to take picture of each other wearing mask’s which was colourful.I liked Italian day I had lots of fun It was a great day.I liked lots of peoples costumes.Great day!!!!!!

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  16. Ciao! On Friday, August 31st, it was Italian Day. At the start of the day we had a parade with the whole school. I dressed up as il Gelato. After that, we made carnivale masks in the classroom. After recess, we watched the Cappucetto Rosso play and I really enjoyed it. Then we finished our masks and took photos to put up on the TV screens to show everyone what the 5/6’s did on Italian Day. The day concluded with an Italian themed assembly. I had lots of fun on Friday on my last Italian Day at St.Bedes. Era Eccelente!

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  17. Alright the time had come I quickly stood up at took a quick glance at all the smiles around the room, trying not to be noticed by Signora Nina, as soon as she had finished asking her questions about who was wearing what we all sat down proud of our colourful costumes. As soon as we walked up to our classrooms the activities begun! As soon as I had finished explaining the instructions for our activity, everyone was busy into decorating there white masks, all the masks looked amazing. Overall everyone had an amazing day! From Marie-Anne.

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  18. I really enjoyed dressing up for Italian day, I dressed up as little red riding hood and all the activities were very fun. I really liked making the masks in class and colouring them in with all different patterns. I liked seeing all of the other people dress up in different costumes and It was very interesting seeing what other people dressed up as. I really liked finding out who won the poster competitions and I liked seeing all of the different posters. I had so much fun on Friday and I am really looking forward next year’s Italian day.

    By Ashley
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  19. Circluling my room step by step, asking myself the same question. What will i wear to my School Italian day?. Sould i dress as a Italian flag, Italian soccer player or what. Finally after about and hour my Mum asked what are your going to Italian day as. Finally I got a mask and went to Italian day as the wolf from Cappcento Rosso.(what we wear studing in Italian.). Being dressed as a wolf was great but the spirt of fun and exitment that everybody had for Italian day was the best. Thank you Siura Nina.Mrs Boyhans blog

  20. Italian day was very fun ! With the whole school crowded with activities, people were dancing laughing and looking at each others costumes! The atmosphere was very nice and many people dressed in many colours ! My friends and I dressed as the Italian Mafia ! We had a lot of fun ! To top the day off we had an amazing Italian Assembly ! I really enjoyed it as this was my last Italian Day at St Bedes ! I hope every year is as fun as this one!Thank you to Signoria Nina ! Also I deserved to win the best Picture 🙁

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