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  1. On Tuesday, it was athletics day. We started off with aerobics, then grades 3-6 went off and did there athletic events which were high jump, long jump, triple jump, discuss & shot put. We also competed in 100m and 200m sprints. I didn’t really enjoy the triple jump and I didn’t choose to compete in the high jump because that was not compulsory. I came first in the shot pot and third in discuss which were both my favourite events. Overall I really enjoyed athletics day but I am disappointed that Green team didn’t win ether the aerobics or come first.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog :]

    • Congratulations on your success in shotput and discuss. The Grade 6 students certainly put a lot of effort into the aerobics.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  2. At athletics on the 21st of August, I had the best time! In 100m sprint I came first, in 200m sprint I came second and in high jump I came second, too! At the start, we did the Aerobics. I am in Blue house and our song was ‘Boom, Boom’ by Justice Crew. I was in the back row with one of my best friends Emily in front of me. I thought our performance was really good. I also really liked Gold team’s performance, too. And Red and Greens were awesome! I had a fantastic time at athletics this year!

    By Maddison

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    • Well done Maddison it sounds like you had a very successful day. There was fantastic sportsmanship demonstrated on the day too.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  3. I thought the athletics day was so good everyone played fear and had good sportsmanship in them. I really liked all of the aerobics dance’s but my favorite was green because I thought it was amazing. I also thought everyone ran well and tried there hardest to win. My favorite sport was high jump and shot-put because I really love high jump and I think I’m good at it.And the reason why i love shot-put is because I got a big throw and its really fun. After all the events I had did I thought the athletics day was fun.

    • Fantastic reflection Dean. Yes I agree the sportsmanship demonstrated on the day was very impressive. It was great seeing everyone trying their hardest and encouraging everyone around them.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  4. on tuesday the twenty first of august all of st bedes competed in the school athletics carnival. the day started of by all four house teams competing in the warm up arobics. all teams went very well and got very high scores. Then it came to the one hundred metre sprints for all students under nine. all of the orders of the age group where called out over the loud speaker all of the teams competed very well and it turns out that GOLD WON.thanks for everyone for organising this day it was a great day thanks!!

    • Fantastic reflection Finn about the excitement of sports day. Remember to check that you are using accurate grammar in your reflections.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  5. The most fun sport and my favorite sport was high jump. I like high jump because you need to challenge your speed and jump because if your highest is 2 meters you will try to beat it maybe by jumping 3 meters high. Also you can get 1st 2 3 4 or well done ribbon. No mater what you get a ribbon besides in high jump, shot put and discus. Also if you get higher then last year you can aim to get higher next year. At the end get to the top of it bye year 12. By luke l


    • Fantastic work Luke it is great to aim to beat your personal best each time you compete.

      Please remember the cyber safety rules Luke only your first name I have edited out your surname.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  6. Hi Mrs Boyhan. My favorite moment was whatching the sprints and the relay. I thought some of the kids where really fast and in the relay how fast kate and finn went at the final stretch of the race they where amazing. nick grossi also had a briliant race. In my sprint I thought I did not go fast at all because I am a really slow runner. I came 5th out of 8 people I almost came 4th though but my freind henri he came 7th 1 place behind me I also liked long jump and triple jump Ithin triple jump is a really hard sport I didnt get anything in my jumps but Ienjoyed watching others do it. In long jump my longest jump was 2.78 meters I thought the athleitics was realy fun and exiting for eaveryone even the people who did not get a place in anything. So they where my favorite things at the athlietics.

    • Luke you always demonstrate great sportsmanship and encouragement for your peers. It is great to see that you always give your best to everything you try.

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  7. My favourite moment on the atletics day was when Red team won the realay.This was enjoyable for me, because with help, me and some other year sixes we put together the team. I was all nervous when we started but when red got into a early lead I new we could win. Then at the end Nic Grossi came in first just in front of Quang who was in green. Then everyone started cheering well all of Red anyway. That was by far my favourite athltics day moment. That’s it one hundred words no more no less

  8. On the 21st of August was the St. Bedes athletics carnival. The four teams, Blue, Red, Gold and Green were competing against each other by doing different events to win their team points. All of the teams started of by doing their aerobics made by their house captains. Blue did their aerobics first. I think they did well and so did the other teams and their house captains for teaching their team all of the moves to make their aerobics amazing. I had great fun! My favourite events were the 100 and 200m sprint, long jump and the 800m sprint.

    By Camille
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog 🙂

  9. On Tuesday at St.Bedes primary school had Athletics day. Me being House captain along side a mate we had to think of an aerobics dance to help Red Team win. In my events I came 2nd in 100m sprint, 2nd in the 800m run, equal 3 with two other people in high jump,4th in long jump and 4th in triple jump. My favourite part of Athletics would have been my friends and I competing against each other and having a laugh. Also another great moment was when Red team came first in the relay race. Anthony Go Red

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  10. On Tuesday last week on the 21st of august, the school had athletics day. My friends and I had a lot of fun at athletics day, I think that everyone enjoyed their day winning and playing in the sports. There were lots of sports played in the athletic day, I came third twice in the 100m and the 200m sprints. Red team won the relay, which was very exciting for me. Surprisingly gold won the athletics but all the teams did really well. I liked doing the long jump and discus. I think everyone had a great time at athletics.

    Isabelle 🙂
    Mrs Boyhans blog

  11. My favourite sport in Athletics was the one-hundred metre sprint because I finished in the top three and that is a good achivment for me. I also liked the long jump,I jump two metres and nintey-five centermetres that is my longest jump so far but I’m hoping that I can beat this record and reach three metres. I was exited when gold house won because I thought that we were going to come third.Gold house just won though because blue house was only one point behind us. it was an enjoyable day!

  12. On Tuesday it was athletics day. We started with the Aerobics. Gold Team did really well and I thought everyone did a really great job. In my 100 metre sprint I came 3rd, and in my 200 metre I came 4th. My favourite Event was the Triple and Long jump. Gold coming first in the Athletics was a big surprise. All the teams did a really great job and it looked like everyone was having a fun! I was happy with what I achieved on Tuesday and I am so proud of Gold for coming 1st in the whole Athletics!

    Mrs Boyhans Blog. 😛

  13. On Tuesday, at St Bede’s we had our athletics day, my favourite sporting event at the athletics this year, was the 200m sprint and high jump after competing in triple jump, long jump, 100m sprint, discus and shot put. This year was a success having GOLD win, and a big achievement of mine having to have placed in most events.There was great support on the day and everyone seemed to be having fun! It was a great day and I enjoyed every minute. Everyone did great and there was fantastics sportsmanship. well done and congratulations to everyone! Go Gold!!!!

    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  14. A few weeks ago we had athletics. In the morning we started with Aerobics. The first event was triple jump. My favourite is long jump and high jump. I did not win any ribbons but I competed in all of the events .I enjoyed the day very much .That night I was so tired. On Thursday they told us all the scores. We did not win many races but gold team came first. In the Aerobics we did not win that one but blue did. All the other teams and us came second in the Aerobics. Sport was so much fun.

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  15. On the 21st of August it was the St Bede’s Athletics day. My favourite moment was the relay because it was literally neck and neck between red and green but red just won it by what looked like a split second. I also enjoyed the long jump, even though I didn’t go too well in it. In my 100m sprint I came 4th. That was the best I got, though. I didn’t expect gold to win the athletics. I had no idea they won so many events! I think everyone did a great job and I had lots of fun!

  16. I enjoyed all the sports on tuesday but i realy liked high jump and discus. I liked discus because of when you see it spinning through the air and skid along the ground, but sadly i didnt place in it. I realy enjoyed high jump bacause i love jumping over the rope and running up. I came equal third with four other people and jumped to about 128cm. I also loved watching and cheering for people in different events. Sadly red team came fourth over all and came seccond in the arobics wich was good. I had lots of fun.
    By Ashley
    Mrs Boyhans Blog:)

  17. My favourite part of the athletics was doing the aerobics, because I was at the front leading my line and I realized it was the last aerobics I will ever do at St Bedes. It surprised me how well we stayed in our lines and did the steps together. I had lots of fun helping come up with our routine even though I wasn’t captain! The athletics day was filled with lots of fun. But the only disappointment I had was that I couldn’t do the gift race with all my year six friends. All of our training paid off!

    Mrs Boyhans Blog 🙂
    P.S well done to everyone who participated in the Athletics carnival.

  18. The most fun sport and my favorite sport was high jump. I like the high jump because you need to challenge yourself. If your highest is two metres you will try to beat it by maybe jumping three meters. You can come first, second, third, fourth or get a well done ribbon. No matter what position you get in the race you get a ribbon. In high jump, shot put and discus, ribbons are only given to the first four place getters. You can always try to do better then the previous year, which will eventually achieve your final goal.

    luke l

  19. Recently on Tuesday morning years prep to six were chosen to participate in this years athletics at doncaster. The beginning of the day was started off with aerobics every single team was different in its own special way. i loved all the sportsmanship in all of the teams, especially in green team. Everytime a member of greenhouse was running i could only hear cheering and encouragement. Which put a smile on my face. i like how most were encouraging me alot and in the end it made me win!.In my opinion everyone did an amazing job. Well done!

  20. my second Favorited athletic experience was the long jump.I was competing in the under 11 and i was one of the last to jump.on my first jump i jumped 3.74m and i was very excited.my second jump i jumped3.78m and i was a bit disappointing because i knew i could jump further than that.on my last jumped a p.b of 3.92m and i was rapped.
    in my long jump i won by 12cm.
    my favorite athletic experience was when the under 11’s had to run the 100m.the race was hard but i won.

  21. On Tuseday i really enjoyed watching the Aerobics because there was alot of different moves. I had fun and tryed my best. Everyone cheered and congragulated others. My favirote sport was Shot Put and i really enjoyed Discus. In High Jump Lots of people did a really good job. In Long Jump everone did really well. Also in Triple Jump Everyone was able to do the three steps. Everyone came dreesed in the right colours and everyone was ready to get started. The Preps had a great time and the House Captins chose great songs. I had a great time!

    Alex D

  22. On Tuseday was st bedes sport day it was fun and i almost got 4th place in every event so i got 4th i high jump witch i thought i wouldent do good in it and i almost got ecual in 4th 100 meaters i got 4th and next was 200 meaters witch i did realy good but i got 4th so next i got was 800 meaters and this is the last ribon i got and so my friend will burke bribed me into doing the 800 meaters and i thought 4th place was good and exiting

  23. 3,2,1 and the echoes of the gun explodes and there off. As Green starts off in the lead red rises and comes neck to neck with Green. The crowd is running along with the runners. 100 meters is a short run. 75 meters, 50 meters left. Unexpectedly blue is rushing in. As the runners are in their final 25 meters. Green once again commences and earns the first ribbon! The crowd cheers as the ribbons are being awarded. All athletes shake each other’s hands. What an amazing day. Thank you to all the teachers and Mrs F. Thank you 

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