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  1. I chose when Australia beat Russia in the basketball. For most of the game Australia lead, but in the dying seconds Russia got in front. Australia called a time out. With four seconds to go Patty Mills bombed a three pointer. The Boomers are now through to the quarter finals.

    Bronte 😛
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  2. my favourite sport is soccer because i play it and its really fun.i like it because you do alot of tackticks and skills.also neally of the countries around the world play soccer but my favouriteleage is epl because it has the best teamsin it and its competative.

  3. My favourite Olympic event would be when Anna Mears won the Olympic gold against arch rival, Victoria Pendleton. The first race was close, but Victoria was disqualified because she went into Anna’s lane. With Anna in front on the last race, she crossed the line first to win! Awesome moment!

    By Maddison

  4. Hi, our fav sport is the Hurdles. it was amazing when Sally Pearson won and demanded a chesse burger and Tim Tams.

  5. our favourite sport in the olympic Games is 100/200 in the athletics because Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake were really really really quick!! Steph’s favourite sport is the gymnastics because the flips are awesome! It looks really bad when they fall!! OUCH!!Steph and Owen from 3gc.I hope you liked it!! 🙂

  6. My favourite Olympic event is 100m sprints. Also when Sally Pearson won the 100m hurdles. It was because she was leading the whole race and she did not give up! Also because she broke the Olympic Record! She is really fast at running as well as me! Also she had an advantage because she was the fastest on the field!

    P.s. Too hard to make it 50 words!

  7. my favourite sport is soccer because i play it and its really fun. I like it because you tackle people and use tactics to parss the people and get a goal.my favourite team is Real Madrid and spain. Thay are good teams but soccer you need skills and speed.

  8. My favourie olympic moment would have to be when Usain bolt ran the 100m sprint in 2008. the record was 9.56 seconds. Also why i chose this moment was because he is also my favourite athlete. That is my best memory and moment in olympic history and this is why thats 50 words!

    By Finn O’Donnell

  9. My favourite sport is soccer because I play it and it’s really fun. I like it because you tackle people and use tactics to pass the people and get a goal. My favourite team is Real Madrid and Spain. They are good teams. In soccer you need skills and speed.

  10. My favourite Olympic moment is when Alicia Coutts, Cate Campbell, Brittany Elmslie and Melanie Schlanger won a gold medal for Australia in 4x100m freestyle relay. Once Campbell touched the wall, she was thinking about her on a stamp, flying home business class, not thinking about the medal she just won.

    By Camille:) 🙂
    Mrs. Boyhans Blog

  11. my favorite Olympic moment was when Usain Bolt ran the 100m final and won the Usain’s friend Yohan Blake came second and they were celebrating a lot. I also liked how in the opening ceremoy the Queen jumped out of the helicopter with James bond that was very cool

  12. My favorite Olympic sport is when women and men do the diving. Brittany Broben won a silver medal and did a great job and everyone was very impressed by her dive. Unfortunately Matthew Mitcham’s dream has failed because he came 13th in the men’s diving, because he had an injury.

    Isabelle 🙂
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  13. My favourite moment in the olympics 2012 is when Sally Pearson won Gold for Australia in the 100m hurdles with a time of 12.57 seconds. Sally Pearson is now the world champion in women’s hurdles, and has also broken the record in the women’s hurdles in the 2012 olympic games.

    By Greta:)
    Mrs Boyhans blog

  14. My favourite part of the Olympics was when Australia versed Russia in basketball. Australia was very good at the start, but Russia started to have a slow come back in the second half. With a few minutes remaining, Russia gained the lead until patty mills scored in the dying seconds.

    By Damian
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  15. My favourite olympic sport is swimming because it is a very competitive sport and it is interesting to watch. There is four different strokes breaststroke,butterfly,freestyle and backstroke. With all the strokes you move your legs and arms. There are relay and single swimmer races in olympic swimming competition.

  16. I enjoyed watching the Gymnastics Artistic. I really loved the uneven bars and the floor routines. My favourite Aussie gymnast was Emily Little; she was amazing on the uneven bars and did an awesome job. I also watched Steve Hooker in the men’s pole vault and Melissa Wu & Brittany Broben.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  17. My favourite sports are fencing (even though I didn’t watch any) and archery I like those sports because they both involve an object I also like those sports because I enjoy watching them on TV and out the on the field I also like those because they can protect you

    By Luke K
    mrs boyhans blog

  18. My favorite sport i watched in the olympics was the hurtels when i saw Sally Pearson win a gold mettal for Australia.It was a breathtaking moment bacause Sally had to wait for about 1 minnute for the results of who came first because she had such a close run.
    By Ashley
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  19. My favourite Olympic sport was the Beach volleyball. At the start of the Olympics it wasn’t but by the end I really enjoyed it. My favourite matches were when Australia versed the Netherlands and when Australia versed the USA. I can’t wait for the next Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog. 😛

  20. My Favourite Olympic event is the rhythmic gymnastics. I found it entertaining and graceful, I especially like when the gymnasts do tumbles and flips. It amazes me how many different things you can do with a hoop. The gymnasts come out in nice costumes and I like seeing their outfits

    Mrs Boyhans Blog:D

  21. My favourite Sport was the Floor Gymnastics. I really enjoyed how easily they spun the hoops and twirled their ribbons and almost always caught their battons when they tossed them high in the air. The costumes were very colourful and sparkly. Their hair was styled into very neat tight buns.

    Alex D

  22. My favourite sporting event was the 100 meter sprint final with Usain Bolt, running under 10 seconds. I woke up at 4:45 to watch the champ Usian run. In the end Usain Bolt won Gold and coming second his training partner Yohan Blake (The Beast). This is my 50 word.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  23. My favourite sport in the Olympic games are the 100 meters sprint. I enjoy this as it bring me to excitement when the runners are on there last few meters. I also really enjoy the Weightlifting. It is amazing on how mankind can left that amount!Thank you Marc Habib 🙂

  24. I chose the basketball because it is my favouite sport and I love playing it all day and I loved how patty mills from the ausy team can get around everone because he is small and pau gasol from the spain team can reach all the way for a dunk

    Mrs boyhans blog

  25. Well done Grade 5/6 you have achieved the challenge and responded in 50 words! Like Dean and Riley the sport I enjoyed the most is the sport that is important in my family – equestrian.My family all enjoyed watching the amazing horses and riders compete the show jumping course.Congratulations.

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