Learning how we can make a difference.

This term the Grade 5/6 s studied sustainability and learnt how our actions can affect the world. We also went to the zoo and learnt about how our actions affect different animals and this inspired our class to take action.

We learnt that in Africa they mine for coltan, for mobile phones. They need to clear the forest to do this and this leaves the gorillas with no habitat. Coltan stop mobile phones from overheating. Our actions by not recycling mobile phones is affecting these poor creatures, if we don’t act they may become extinct.

Back at school we decided to take action by hosting an assembly. We were all put into groups and wrote our script and acted out the story of why the gorillas are endangered. We made our community aware of the issue and how our actions are affecting the gorillas in Africa. We started a mobile phone drive at our school and are collecting mobile phones for the zoo. The zoo gets money for recycling the phones and they then use this to pay the wages of the eco rangers.

It is important to learn about these sorts of things so that we can make a difference in our world and understand how our actions can affect others.

By 5/6LJ

3 thoughts on “Learning how we can make a difference.

  1. Nice one 5/6s. Great to see something effective coming out of a quality inquiry and excursion. Your initiative with mobile phone recycling makes really good sense. I can see how this could reduce habitat distruction in such environmentally sensitive areas.

  2. Hi 5/6L,
    the grade 3s have done an expo all about sustainability. We spilt into groups of four. I was in the Electrical Energy group. My group did a quiz,diorama and two main atractions. I had a great time.

    Olivia.C from 3EH

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