Term 3 Inquiry – what are your thoughts?

Grade 5/6 we are currently planning our class inquiry for next term. The ideas that we have about this include; Asian immigration to Australia, why these people left their countries, how Asian culture has enriched the Australian culture – food, music,sport, faith……, the Olympics and how Asian culture has influenced sport in Australia….. What ideas do you have about these thoughts??


17 thoughts on “Term 3 Inquiry – what are your thoughts?

  1. We should learn about the Chinese Star Signs and Asian calligraphy (that could be an idea for our class art with Mrs Boyhan). I can’t wait to learn about Asian culture especially Asian fashion and food!

    Elisa :]
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  2. We could do another PLP (Personal Learning Project) and students can do it on all sorts of things like Asian Food, a country in Asia or Asia in general. Also we could go on an excursion to the Chinatown museum. We should definitely do a topic on the Olympics. We could include something about when Olympics were held in different Asian countries. Also, in year 2, we were able to watch some of the Olympics games live on T.V. Maybe we could investigate trying to do that.

    I think next terms integrated topic sounds really fun and I can’t wait to start learning!

    Bronte πŸ™‚
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  3. What fantastic ideas Grade 5/6. Keep those ideas flowing so the teachers can use them next week in planning. πŸ˜‰

    Mrs Boyhan

  4. I think that we should do another personal learning project but maybe we could do it on an extinct animal. I think another good thing to do a project on is food or a report about how to be sustainable. I think because of the Olympics, we should do a topic on the Olympics or the Diamond Jubilee.
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  5. I think it would be good to study Lifestyle and conditions people lived in when they were immigrating from Asia. We could learn about the homes, the belongings of people, the food and maybe even some of the ancient history. It sounds like it could be a really great topic for inquiry.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog.

  6. I think that we should all have a personal learning project all about the Asian culture. For the project, you might do a Prezi all about the Asian culture, what they do in there life and what they do to earn their money. I think that would be a great topic for our inquiry next term.

    We could also do something on the Olympic games in London this year. Maybe we could do a project about the history of the Olympics. We could present it in Power point, Prezi, poster or a diorama. I would love to learn about the history of the Olympics.

    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog.

  7. I think it would be good to do another personal learning prodject would be a good idea. This time we should do it on the olympics and everybody picks a sport or for the olympics we could do Asian olimpics like the sports they are good at, how many times they have won the olympics etc. Somthing about the olympics would be a good topic to reasearch.

  8. I think it would be good to do another personal learning project and do it about the Olympics. Like where it was held in Asian countries and the different sports they did in each different country. We could also ask all the students if their parents, aunty or uncle and grandparents migrated to Australia from another country and if they did, they could come in to our class and talk to us about their expirience and we can do a project about it. I’m really excited about this inquiry topic for next term!:) πŸ™‚

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  9. i think that we could learn about different asian delicacies and how they prepare and cook them. We could have a lesson on how to cook asian food by a asian chef. If we start a new personal learning project i would like to learn about traditional asian sports that they play all the time. Can we also learn about asian calligraphy and how to write the alphabet.

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  10. I think that we should do another personal learning project but maybe this time do the Olympics,sport or a place in the world .

  11. I think we should do another personal learning project and study about when they immigrated from asia. An idea could be if we bring someone that we know that migrated from asia in to our class room and we could ask them questions about them immigrating like… how they immigrated, why they did it and what were their dreams in australia.

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  12. I think a great personal learning project on Asia will be learning about Asian sports in the Olympics because the Olympics are coming up, the Asian countries competing in the Olympics and just how Asian people live in Asia. It will be good for us students to learn what life is like in other parts of the world. Also we could have someone who has lived in Asia come to our school and talk about his or her experiences in Asia, traditions, cultures and changers to life in Australia.

  13. I think it would be a good idea to do another personal learning project about asia and we could each pick a topic like the olympics or we could pick one about the boats migrating or how it feels about migration,etc.Also I think it would be a good idea to get in groups and create diaramas and models and things like that on a topic about asian migration.
    By Ashley
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  14. i think we shold do another personal learning project because i really enjoyed doing it on endangered animals. i think we should learn about how they live and do things differently to us and learn about there traditions and how they immigrated.


  15. I think, doing a persanol learning project about the olympics and sports of other cultures, would be a great topic to learn about. As we would studdy and research this topic, it would be a great way of getting us to understand,how other cultures around the world are treated when it comes to sports,and how they live. Agreeing with other comments,I also believe having someone with an asia being part of their culture come in and talk to us about the conditions they live in, would be a great experience for all of us.
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  16. my thought are we could research on the different animals in the different countries like parrots in indoniesia and sea life in the japenese sea

    so thatss what i think we should learn about

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