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  1. My personal learning topic is about Orang-utans. I am investigating 4 different questions about Orang-utans. My 4 questions are: What country are the orang-utans from?, where is their habitat?, how are they endangered?, and what can we do to help these orang-utans. The orangutan’s country are in Africa and Asia. In asia they also live in Borneo. Their habitat is in the forest, on trees and tree vines. They are endangered because of bounty hunters that kill them so they can grow palm oil plantations. They are also endangered because sometimes companies pay poachers to kill the orang-utans because they think they are pests because they want to grow palm oil trees, but the orang-utans are in the way.
    Does any one else know more infomation about orang-utans?

    From Camille
    Mrs Boyhans blog:):):)

    • Camille the main threat to the orang-utans is the clearing of their habitat to plant palm oil plantations. The orang-utans are from South East Asia – Sumatra and Borneo. Orang-utan is Malay for man of the forest.

  2. My inquiry topic is on snow leopards and there are 4,500 to 7,500 left in the wild and 600 in zoos. They are endangered because of habitat loss and poaching. They are poached for there fur to make handbags and coat. They originate from central Asia. But are found in 12 different countries.

    Emily from Mrs Boyhans Blog

  3. hi,
    my personal learning topic is all about how Golden Coin Turtles are endangered. Golden Coin turtles are endangered in northern China or southern Vietnam. They live in the mountains, creeks and other aquatic areas. Golden coin turtles are critically endangered because the Chinese are trapping the turtles, this is because people are selling them at the food markets and eating them also I learnt that it was a tradition that people used golden coin turtles as a medicine to cure cancer.
    Did you know that about golden coin turtles?

    From Isabelle,
    Mrs Boyhans Blog (;

  4. My inquiry topic is on orang-utans. I have learnt that they come from the Borneo and Sumatran rain forests. They like to eat flowers, birds eggs, bark, flys, ants and other insects. I have also learnt that they are becoming endangered because some food companies are using a cheap oil called Palm Oil to produce food. Palm oil is made from palms and so the palm oil companies chop down all the orang-utans habitats and plant palms to make palm oil.This means the orang-utans are left with no homes and no food. The orang-utans go around looking for food but all they find is bounty hunters which kill them and then sell them for money. Orang-utan means ‘man of the forest’ in the malay language.

    mrs boyhan blog

  5. I have chosen Palm Oil & Orang-utans as my personal inquiry learning project. I chose it because I am really interested in orang-utans. I have chosen 4 main questions to research more into. The main reason why they’re endangered is because people are clearing the orangutans habitat to make room for palm oil plantations. These orangutans were my favourite animal at the zoo besides the elephants.

    Elisa :]
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • Terrific work Elisa. What is something we can do in our everyday lives to help the orang-utans?

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

      • We could do a pantry audit and check on the back of products for palm oil before buying.

        Elisa :]
        Mrs Boyhans Blog

  6. My personal learning topic is about Elephants. In the last decade the amount of Elephants living in the wild has decreased by 1 million and by 2025, Elephants could be dropped 1.5 million more. The reason for this is because Elephants are losing their land to farmers to plant their crops. When Elephants try to get there land back, they are killed by the farmers. It is also because the two tusks placed near the Elephant’s trunk, get cut off to make things like jewellery and ornaments. Elephants are killed just to get there tusks. I can’t wait to find out more on Elephants and start my project!

    Mrs Boyhans Blog 🙂

    • Terrific research Lisa. I look forward to seeing your presentation. Do you know of any actions we can take to help the elephants?

      Mrs Boyhan 🙂

  7. Hi,for my personal learning project, I chose recycling. I chose recycling because I wanted to learn more about how you recycle and what you can recycle to make into different products. I found out that when companies like Visy take the rubbish to their factory,they re pulp the paper, they take out the ink and then it’s made into recycled paper. I hope you learnt something about how to recycle. Do you Know any more information on recycling?

    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  8. My personal learning topic is about the Yellow Anaconda.
    The yellow Anaconda is found in Venezuela, 2 miles away from another species of Anaconda called the Domestic Anaconda. They are are endangered mainly loss of habitat but poachers and bounty hunters are another big reason why they are becoming extinct.

  9. Hi,
    My personal learning topic is palm oil. I chose this topic because when we went to the zoo that’s what I wanted to learn about. It has been quite interesting so far because I found a long list of numbers and words that disguises palm oil. Have you ever come across a strange word on your products packet? It’s most likely palm oil!
    I am excited to research more about this topic!

    Mrs Boyans Blog 🙂

  10. My personal learning topic is about the persian leopard. So far I have learnt that the leopard lives in the hilly forested areas of Iran. It is endangered because of: Poaching for various body parts, trophy hunting, poisoning and the fact that the millitary bases surround the Persian leopards habbitat. They also are endangered because of loss of habbitat so therfore there is no longer food for the Leopards to eat.

  11. My personal learning topic is about snow leopard.snow leopards are good to learn about. They live along the coast of africa and were their pray lives. There are 5,000 left in the wild now. There use to be 10,000 in the wild.

  12. For my personal learning project I’m doing Golden Coin Turtle. The Golden Coin Turtle (Cuora Triasciata) comes from China, Laos and Vietnam and it’s habitat is Wetlands, Streams, Mountains and other aquatic areas. They live in temperatures that vary bettween 23oC and 26oC. The Golden Coin Turtle is critically endangered because of predators and because chinese people prefer their meat. Also chinese people also believe that their a cure for cancer so the sell them on the black market. So what are people doing around the globe to help these poor little creatures? Well, they are protected in Hong Kong and some nature reserves are being built. Nature Reserves make great habitats for the turtle. Also, China is setting up a captive breeding program. This might be our last resorce to keep the Golden Coin Turtle from going extinct.
    I think this will be a great topic to do a project on and I can’t wait to get started!

    Bronte :]
    Mrs. Boyhan’s Blog

  13. My personal learning project is about Wind Farms and wind energy. I chose this topic because i wanted to learn more about wind farms and something i didn’t know much about. I am researching about how wind farms were made, why they are being used and what they produce. Wind farms are clusters of wind turbines that create electricity sustainably.

    By Greta
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  14. Hi,
    I am learning about Fijian Crested Iguanas. The reason why i chose them is because when i saw and heard about them at the ZOO i thought that they were very interesting. So far I have found out alot about them, and I think it’s terrible that animals come and eat them when they are in eggs because they dont get a chance to hatch and live.

    Alex D
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  15. For my personal learning project I am researching on Bilbies.Bilbies live in deserts in australia,they dig burows upto 2 meters deep and that is where they live.Bilbies are an endangered specise and are endangered because feral animals are eating them. Feral animals are animals that arnt meant to be in australia like cats and foxes.An interesting fact is that their useto be two specise of bilbies but sadly the other one became extinced in the 90’s because of the feral animals.Something we can do to help is if you have a cat keep it in at night because they tend to eat animals like possums and bilbies.
    By Ashley
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  16. Hi Mrs Boyhan,
    my personal learning project is about Orang-utans! I have discoverd that Orang-utans like to eat insects such as butterflys,aints and may other bugs. The Orang-utans are becoming endangerd because of clearing of habitation. The Orang-utans habitats are being cleared to plant palm-trees which provide Palm-Oil. I chose this animal because I believe thay Orananeg-utans are very cute and are becoming to close of being endangerd!

    Thanks alot Marc Habib Amad 🙂 xoxo

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