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Grade 5/6 as part of homework please conduct a pantry audit. Please list what products in your pantry and fridge contain palm oil. What of these products clearly label (not using numbers only words) that they contain palm oil?


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    • Dear Mr Huthart,

      Palm Oil is made from oil palm trees. Palm oil is clearing orang-utans habitats beacause people are cutting down trees to make room for palm oil plantations. This is the reason why orang-utans are endagered. Palm oil is a cheap oil used in many products including M&M’s and Oreos. It is sometimes disgised as Vegetable oil or even numbers. It can’t make you sick and isn’t bad for you, but it is afftecting the orang-utans habitat. I hope you found this information interesting!

      Elisa :]
      Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • Palm Oil is a something that is in most foods and can also be called Vegetable Oil.

      Mrs. Boyhans Blog

    • hi palm oil come’s from palm trees that Orang-utans live in so thats why we dont want to buy products that have palm oil in them

      is that all you need to know?
      Mrs. boyhans blog 🙂

  1. This is a list of products that have palm oil in them. They are all in my pantry and fridge:

    -Raspberry shortcake
    -Jatz Clix biscuits
    -Betty Crocker products
    -Cheerios breakfast cereal
    -Latina Pasta
    -Philadelphia cream cheese
    -Toblerone Chocolate
    -Ritz Crackers
    -baked beans
    -Mars bars
    -5 gum
    -Juicy Fruit gum
    -Hubba Bubba bubble gum
    -CC’s corn chips
    -Thins chips
    -Roll Ups
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

    • Brilliant work Damian. Did any of these products label clearly in words that they contained palm oil?

      Damian can you answer Mr Huthart (he is the Deputy principal of the school in England that we quad blogged with) why we are looking at the products with palm oil in them?

      Mrs Boyhan

  2. I looked through my pantry but I could only find a few things but here they are.

    Shapes-Part of it disguised as numbers
    Kellogs Cereal
    Coconut M&Ms

    That’s it really, our pantry isn’t full of palm oil which is good.
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  3. Here are some food products that contain Palm Oil, but there are not that many that are in my pantry:

    Cheerios Cereal
    peanut M&Ms
    Thins Chips
    Ferrero Rocher

    Mrs Boyhans Blog 🙂

  4. I don’t have many products with Palm Oil in them in my pantry and fridge but the ones I do have are…


    *Arnott’s Gaietys

    *Altimate foods Funtime cones

    *Betty Crocker Cakes, Slices and Biscuits

    *Maggi 2 minute noodles

    *Patak’s curry pastes

    *Flora Light Margarine

    *Crisco Vegetable Oil

    Bronte :]
    Mrs. Boyhans Blog

  5. Wow! I really never new that palm oil was bad for garilers. I hope when i’m in grade 5/6 i will learn all about this. Amelie 3eh Miss hamiltons class Blog.

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