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  1. philippines crocodile:
    When i went to the Melbourne Zoo, i looked at the reptiles and found the philippines crocidile. it’s an endangered animal, from the philippines, lives on wet land and is endangered because loss of wet land due to farmers. There are only 200 left in the wild.

    From Camille πŸ™‚

  2. hello today wednesday the 23rd of may all of the grade 5/6 went to the zoo one interesting fact i learnt was how many ways humans can whipe out animals it was very intresting and it was a fun day too!!!!!!!!!
    by Finn

    • I agree Finn. It is astounding the impact we have on the creatures of this world. And often without realising!

      Mrs Boyhan

  3. I learnt that the gorillas are endangered due to loss of habitat because of the mining of a mineral that is in mobile phones and that an action we can take is to collect old mobile phones and send them to the zoo.

    The zoo then uses the money from the recycled phones to train and pay the poachers of gorillas to be eco rangers and protect them.

    What other actions can we take Grade 5/6 to help protect the animals of our world?

    Mrs Boyhan

  4. Today our class went to the Melbourne Zoo. At the zoo, we looked at several animals. The one I liked was the African Wild Dog. I liked this animal because it had big ears and was very fast! I also liked it because it had lots of spots on its skin. It was the first animal our group saw. Do you think you know how to help save the African Wild Dog?

    By Maddison

    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • Their ears were amazing Maddison. I wonder how far away they can hear from? Have you discovered why the African wild dog is endangered?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  5. Hey,
    Yesterday (23-05-2012) All the year 5/6s went to the Zoo to look at endangered animals. We looked at the Orang-utans, the Gorillas, the Bears, the Ring Tailed Lemurs, the Kangaroos and the Baboons.
    It was all alot of fun and we learnt alot!

    Bronte, Ally, James, Claudia & Finn

    • Can you remember why those animals are endangered and is there something we can do to help these creatures?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

    • Stephen can you remember what the mineral was called and what it did (it’s function) in a mobile phone?

      When posting on the blog Stephen you need to reread and edit your comments so that they are grammatically correct, your spelling is correct and that your responses make sense and answer / respond to the topic.

      How did the mining of that mineral affect / contribute to making what animal endangered?

      Mrs Boyhan

  6. Yesterday the year 5/6 classes went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo, to learn about endangerd animals like: The Asian elephants, african Wild Dog, Sumatrain tiger, orangutan, kangaroo, The Northan Hairy Nosed wambat.

    we really like it

    • Well done the ‘Orang-utan’ group! Can you tell our audience what is happening that made these animals endangered?

  7. Here are some endangered animals that we found at the Zoo:

    Orang-utan- Deforestation to make palm oil
    Koala- Habitat loss to make toilet paper
    Gorilla- Habitat loss to make coltran

    We had lots of fun at the Zoo and learnt alot. Now we know the cause of extintion can do to the earth

    Lisa, Marie-Anne & Elisa πŸ™‚
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

    • Fantastic research Lisa, Elisa and Marie-Anne. Can you remember what are some of the actions we can take to help these endangered animals and make a difference in our world?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  8. Yesterday we all went to the zoo and our group was espesialy looking for endangered animals so we could find a way to help them.We were quiet sucsesfull because we have found many animals and also many ways to help them.

    From Ashley,Isabelle,Alex.d,Isabella and Emily.c
    mrs boyhans blog

    • What were some of the animals that you learnt about? Why are they endangered? And what can we do to help those animals?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  9. Two endangered animals we found out about were the african hunting dog and the persian leopard from Iran.

    • Well done boys. Why are the African hunting dog and the Persian Leopard and Snow Leopard endangered? And what can we do to take action and help these animals?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  10. At the Zoo i learnt that miners dig up the rainforest (Gorillars habitat) to find a type of mineral to help phones not to over heat or blow up. Another fact i learnt at the Zoo was when the instucter told us that Gorillars are really intelegent and that they also have 98 percent of human DNA!! i thought the excersion was great because you got to hang out with your friends or people that you normaly don’t play with so it was exciting. My most interesting animal that i saw was the lemurs they were really fun to watch because they swung from ropes and played with each other but they also had some resting time they would rest by sitting down like a normal human!
    I thought camp was iteresting but also exciting It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fantastic work Stephen. It is great to see you acting on your feedback.

      Great research and reflections on your learning. A goal is to remember that the pronoun I is always a capital letter.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  11. one interesting fact I learnt at the zoo was that where the gorilla’s main habitat is, under it is the world’s largest source of a rock used to make phones.

  12. Some thing I learnt at the zoo was that our mobile phones are made up of Coltrane witch is a rock that is located under Gorillas habitat witch is mainly why they are endangered. I also learnt that Elephants are endangered in almost the same way Orang-utans are. In the habitat were Elephants live there are trees that make Vegetable oil, and the habitat were Orang-utans live there are trees that are being cut down to make palm oil. I had a great time at the zoo, learnt lots and had fun. I would definitely go again!

    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  13. At our excursion to the Zoo I learnt, why Gorillers are being effected by the human impact on their habitat. the reason is, that miners are digging up the rainforest’s to collect a type of mineral to work phones which stops them from over heating and blowing up. Another fact that I learnt at the Zoo was that quit a few endangered animals were effected by other feral animals. like the ‘Fijian custard Iguana’. My favourite animal that I enjoyed watching at the Zoo were the Orang-utans, because they are so intelligent and amazing to watch. I learnt ways I that i can help the endangered animals and save their habitats. I had a great time at the zoo, learnt new things and got to see the different animals.

    By Greta
    Mrs Boyhans blog

  14. On wednesday the 23rd of May, my class went to the zoo. My group saw lots of endangered animals including; African wild dogs,
    gorillas, Orang-utans, elephants, kangaroos and crocodiles.
    I learn’t that in mobile phones there is a rock called “Coltan”. Coltan is found under the Gorillas habitat which means that their homes are dug up to mine for a tiny speck of the rock to put inside the phone. The action we can take is to recycle all our old phones so we can recycle the Coltan. I had a great time and i learnt a lot!!!!!!!!!

    mrs boyhan’s blog

  15. Last Wednesday we went the Zoo to learn about endangered animals. We saw many animals and learnt a heap about them.
    I for one found out that a special mineral called coltran in is mobile phones to help them to function. This mineral is found underneath a gorilla’s habitat which means a gorrila has become endangered because they have been losing their home.
    I enjoyed every part the Zoo and very much hope to return someday.

    Bronte πŸ™‚
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  16. On Wednesday the 23rd 2012, 5/6 children went to the zoo for an excursion. We all learnt a lot of things but the main thing that I learnt was about coltran.
    Coltran is a mineral found under a rainforest. The coltran is use in phones or electricity devices to make it safe from overheating. Coltran has a massive impact on the gorillas as they are endangered because of coltran. The thing is, we have far too many phones and the more we by the more they mine for. When we mine for the mineral, we are ripping up the rainforest. This is making a lot of the gorillas die out because they don’t have as many trees to live in and they wouldn’t have enough trees to breed. Gorillas are becoming endangered because of our actions. We can try to help fix this by donating old phones to the zoo and the will recycle them and pay the miners to become eco rangers (animal protectors).

    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  17. One interesting fact I learnt at the zoo is that amazingly Gorillars have 98% human DNA.Also I learnt that under neeth Gorillars habitats miners dig for a type of rock that is used to power phones,that is why Gorillars are endangered because their habitat is being destroyed.A way to stop that would be to recycle our old phones so that the people can take the rock out of the phones and reuse it.
    By Ashley
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  18. One interesting fact I learnt was that humans are being cruel to gorillas by destroying their habitat and cutting their hands of for ash trays. I found this really rude and upsetting.

    Alexandra πŸ™‚

  19. At the zoo I learnt that the brown bear is an endangered animal in Northen America because humans are making towns over thier habbitat and then they are being hunted.

  20. At the Zoo i learnt that Gorillas have a 98% of a human DNA. Under the habitat of Gorillas people dig under ground and get a rock out of the ground just for phones. If we didnt have this rock in our phones or electronics it would all blow up.
    Alex D
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

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