5 thoughts on “Grade 5/6 Camp

  1. Hi Grade 5/6LJ! I had a great time with you all during camp. It was great to see so many of you having a go at all the activities and being prepared to get muddy! I thought the disco was great fun and I also really enjoyed the orienteering challenge on the last day. Well done everyone for making this another successful camp!

  2. Hey,
    Camp was soooo awesome!!! The mudpit was great and the disco was incredible. It got better when they played the one direction CD!! I cant wait to go again!!


    • I’m glad you had a great time at the camp Bronte. The disco certainly was lots of fun. The One Direction songs seemed very popular with the girls!

      Mrs Boyhan

  3. We had lots of fun on camp. Facing our fears in activities we don’t do every day, was a lot of fun and we were all really proud of ourselves. We had fun on the Giant Swing/Scare Bear and had lots of laughs at the disco. The food was okay and the night activities were very entertaining and creative. It was a great opportunity to have fun with our teachers and friends, we learnt a lot and a great experience over all!

    Elisa & Lisa,
    Mrs Boyhans Blog 🙂

    • It was a great opportunity to have fun with friends and teachers. I too have faced my fear of heights at Rumbug when I abseiled down the 12 metre climb. I certainly felt a great sense of achievement.

      Mrs Boyhan

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