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  1. Dear visitors,
    Welcome to our blog. We have been learning about Sustainability.We believe that sustainability means to care for the enviroment, turn off lights when we don’t need it, turning off the tap when you brush your teeth and turning off the TV when you are not watching it.
    What do you think sustainabilty means?

    From Camille and Maddison :):):(:(:):(:P
    Mrs.Boyhans blog 5/6l

  2. Sustainability is a way to go green and help the environment. It is also a way to save energy and to Recycle Reuse and Renew. Sustainability is thinking Green.

    Ashley and Alex
    Mrs Boyhans blog

  3. sustainability is a way of saving the environment. Looking after nature is a way to sustain the world in it’s natural form. Ways of doing this si to recycle, re-use, stop lytering and to stop putting polution into the air.


  4. Being green means you should only turn the lights on at night or when you really need them and in the day open the blinds to save electricity. It also means when your not using electricity, turn it off (tv, air con/heater). You can also be green by riding your bike to school or walking instead of using a car. You could also use public transport (tram,bus).

    Elisa :]
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

    • Fantastic ideas on how to live sustainably Elisa. What can we do to help make changes to unsustainable practices like palm oil plantations in Borneo?

  5. Sustainability means…
    * Walking/Riding a bike/Taking Public transport instead of driving.

    * Recyling old Newspapers and Fizzy Drink cans.

    * When on holidays, buying souveniers that weren’t previously part of an endangered animal.

    * Buying products that are Palm Oil Free

    There are many more ways we can be sustainable but these are just a few.

    Bronte πŸ™‚
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • Fantastic ideas Bronte. Buying products that don’t damage or affect negatively other species or habitats is a terrific way to make a difference in our world.

      Mrs Boyhan

  6. Sustainability is a way of looking after the Earth. The Earth is our home and we need to respect it and not take it for granted. We need to take care of nature, animals and ourselves in order to be sustainable. If we are mindful of the little sustainable changes we can make for our earth, it can make a big difference.

    Lisa πŸ™‚
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

    • That’s right Lisa if every one makes ‘little’ sustainable changes these add up to be ‘big’ changes in our society like the move to changing to free range chicken in England!

      Mrs Boyhan

  7. I think sustainability means to look after and care for the environment. Doing sustainable practices like turning off the lights when you leave the room or when it is not needed, turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, riding your bike instead of using the car for short distances, using the clothes line instead of the dryer to dry clothes, recycling things and turning off the t.v when you are not watching. If you use solar panels or wind turbines, it could also stop pollution by not using coal and fossil fuels.

    By Camille
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog πŸ™‚

  8. Hello. Welcome to our class blog! Today I will be telling you what I think sustainability means. I believe it means to turn off the lights when you don’t need them, if you have solar panels use them and also to use the sun’s power to make your home nice and bright instead of using a light or even you could use a candle, but I think the sun beats anything! We also need to look after the plants and animals so that future generations can see them. At the zoo I learnt about 12 endangered animals including the Brown Bear, Iguana, African Wild Dog, Philippines Crocodile and the Orang-utans. They were all so cute, especially the baby Orang- tan. Do you know any other endangered animals from a zoo near you?

    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • My favourite Australian animal is the wombat and the Northern Hairy Nosed wombat is endangered.

      I agree we need to make changes to ensure that the world as we know it still exists for future generations. Great reflection Maddison.

      Mrs Boyhan

  9. (this is for the homework task) I didnt learn anything because its mostly about things we’ve talked about in class. The things we did learn about were conserving energy by using things that need less or no power, and turning off things when they are not being used

    • Jonothan you were asked to reflect not only on the video but what we discussed and learnt in class and at the zoo. Everything we have done this term about sustainability.

      Mrs Boyhan

  10. I have learnt that sustainability is about being environmentally friendly. This means use things only when you need them. It can also mean not just wasting things like paper and recycling recyclable objects. That means that it is all about keeping our world a clean and healthy place.

    Mrs Boyhans Blog

    • Fantastic work Damian. It is definitely about keeping our world a healthy place for all living things now and in the future.

      Mrs Boyhan

  11. (This is for homework)
    Hello we went to the zoo on the 23 of may it took 35 minutes to get there when we got there we were all exited to be there I learnt that sustanabilaty is being good to the envierment it means terning off the lights when not in use. if will be much better if every one got solor panles. you can even let the sun heat up your house

    Mrs boyhans blog

    • It would be fantastic Riley if everyone had renewable energy in their homes. Do you have renewable energy sources at home?

      Mrs Boyhan

  12. I have learnt a lot in the past term.
    I have learnt about gorrilas, orang-utans, sustainible living, how to be sustanible and much much more. But the thing I like the most so far was going to the zoo!

    luke k πŸ™‚

    Luke remember no full names. πŸ™‚
    Mrs Boyhan

    • It was a great day at the zoo. One of my favourite parts of the excursion was when Zoo Keeper Kate motioned to the gorillas and they came running and knocking on the glass at us! It made me jump the first time!

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  13. In the sustainability prodject I learnt that most of the world evolves around us and that we are destoying our home land animals and our land and everything we toke will soon disaper. If we don’t use wind farms solar energy and resorces like that.

    • Great reflection Julian p. Yes the things we take for granted will disappear if we don’t start looking for more sustainable ways to live. What is one change you can make to help the earth?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  14. Sustainability is a way of saving the environment. living sustainable means to do things like: recycling and re-using, turning taps off, saving water and turning the lights off when not needed, opening windows to get cool/hot air and using solar panels. Being sustainable is taking part in helping and protecting the environment, and not only will it help for now but it will also make a difference for the future.

    By Greta
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

    • Terrific reflection Greta. What ways can we make a difference for the endangered animals of today that we have been studying?

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  15. I think being green means to look after and care for the environment and to help it keep on going forever.walking riding, a bike,taking public transport instead of driving.another way is to recoiling old newspaper cans.also we can draw on to sides of the paper instead of and throwing it out.there are many more ways we can be sustainable theres are just some of the ways we can help.
    something that i learnt at the Zoo that there is this rock that is mind underneath the gorillas habitat.this rock is very bad for the gorillas because it is destroying there habitat.so this little rock is been put into electronics so the don’t start to over heart.

  16. To be “Green” means that you are finding a way to recycle, re-use and/or save energy. During the video the little girl (or boy) never thought about about being sustainable. Towards the end of the video there was a voice that explained what the girl (or boy) could be doing to be more sustainable and how to sustain our earth for ever. Some of the things the girl(or boy) did wrong was only using one side of a piece of paper instead of using both sides, she left her lights on during the day.
    At the zoo i learnt that being sustainable is using only what you need! I also learnt that being sustainable means to use our natural resources in sustainable way.

    Mrs Boyhans blog

    • Fantastic work Hugh. We can do many small things in our daily lives, that when lots of people do them add up to making a huge difference for our world.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  17. I think being green means to look after and care for the environment. It also means to keep things going for ever going forever. You can buy wind turbines.

    Give zoo keepers your old phones so they can recycle and sell the parts to pay Eco Rangers to do their jobs.

    • Terrific work Luke. Things like donating our old mobile phones can make an amazing difference in our world.

      Mrs Boyhan πŸ™‚

  18. Being green means turning the lights of in the house when we dont need them. Being green also means handing clothes down to younger ones when we grow out of them. It also means teaching parents to be green aswell.

    At the Zoo i learnt that the coltan comes from under Gorillas habitat so Miners have to kill Gorillas just to get Coltan out of the ground just to put in electronics so that they dont blow up.

    Alex D
    Nrs Boyhans Blog

  19. In the movie what “dose it mean to be green” I learnt the saying to draw on two sides of the paper instead of just one.That means only having the lights on when you need them,giving clothes you’ve out grown to somewon smaller than you and when you brush your teeth don’t have the tap running when you don’t need it. I think that movie was very interesting and taught you lots. An interesting fact I learnt at the the zoo is that miners dig for a mineral called Colton that is sadly found right beneath the gorillas habitat. The Colton is used for phones and electronically devices to make sure they don’t over heat and blow up.

    By Ashley
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

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