St Patrick’s Day

Grade 5/6 have been writing acrostic poems about St Patrick. Here is the poem that we wrote as a class. Grade 5/6 share your poems here. To our visitors do you know any facts about St Patrick that you can teach us?

St Patrick,

The patron saint of Ireland and Melbourne,

Patrick is his name,

And we celebrate on the 17th of March,

To celebrate people dress up as leprachauns,

Really it’s a laugh for young and old,

If you find a 4 leaf clover it is lucky,

Celebrated around the world,

Kicked out the snakes from Ireland.

By 5/6LJ

41 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day

  1. I love St. Patrick’s Day! Because then I know what to wear!:) My sister has a basketball game on Friday, and if she wins, then she plays on St. Patrick’s Day! What color do I wear? Blue, or green?

    • In Australia we wear green on St Patrick’s Day. Why do you wear blue on St Patrick’s day?

      In Australia some people get dressed up. My Mum has always loved to buy St Patrick’s day dress ups for my children. What sort of things do you do to celebrate St Patrick’s day?

      Mrs Boyhan

  2. Stolen by the pirates
    The 17 of march that is when it is celerbrated

    Patrick is christian
    And Holy also
    The pirates made him become a slave for them
    Rich and powerful and had faith in him
    It is a myth that he kicked out the snakes
    Ccaring and loving
    Kind with the leprachauns
    By Dean

  3. Here is my Saint Patrick’s day peom:
    Siant Patrick is his name
    Told everyone in Ireland about God

    People dress up as leprechauns
    A four leaf clover is a lucky sign
    Taken from friends and family
    Really lets people bring out their inner leprechaun
    Is born in the forth cenetury
    Celebrated on the 17th of March
    Kicked out the snakes from Ireland.

    By Maddison

  4. This is my St Patrick poem:

    St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and Melbourne
    Taken away by pirates

    Patrick didn’t believe in God until he was 16
    And the pirates sold him as a slave
    Then he escaped from the person who bought him
    Religion was what he turned to
    If you find four leaf clover
    Call yourself lucky
    Kicked the snakes out from Ireland

    IN GOD

  6. st. Patricks day poem

    S aint Patrick was born in the fourth centry.
    T aken when he was sixteen from his parents.
    P atrick was sold as a slave at age sixteen.
    A fter six years he studied in a Monatery.
    T his was when he knew his calling was to try and convert pagans.
    R an away and the celtic Druids tried to arrest him.
    I t took awhile after 30 years he setteld into county down.
    C lovers have four leaves and are rare to find.
    K ind and caring but died on the 17th of march.

    By alex d
    mrs boyhans blog

    • In my opinion i think your poem was great! You where smart doing an artistic poem,and you put so much info by just writing 9 sentences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. St Patricks Day Poem

    S aint patrick
    T he lonely slave

    P atrick missed his family
    A nd wanted to leave
    T he pirates sold him
    R an away from home
    I t falls on the 17th of march
    C elebrate this day
    K idnapped and soled as a slave.

    by Isabelle, Mrs Boyhans blog

  8. Saint Patricks day

    This is my poem By Finn

    Saint Patrick
    The sacraficing priest
    Patrick the holy saint
    An Irish Scholar
    Taken from his belovered family
    Referred to as the saint of Ireland
    Isolated by the Pirates
    Conflict of Ireland
    Known by all people

  9. St Patick kicked out the snakes
    Turned to God at the age of 16

    Patrick had a calling
    And led the pagans in Ireland to christanity
    To celebrate, people dress up as leprechauns
    Rally, it’s alot of fun.
    Ireland loves this day
    Celebrated everywhere
    Known all around the world


  10. Saint patrick was a slave and sold
    To celelbrate people dress in green

    Patrick was born in the fouth centry
    And died on the 17th of march
    The patron saint of the Ireland and Melbourne
    Really it’s a laugh for young and old
    If you find a four leave glove you will be lucky
    Clover that have four leaves is very rare
    Kids search of four leave in their backyard
    by emily,mrs boyhans blog

  11. St Patrick was
    Taken from his family at 16 by
    Pirates then sold him
    After 6 years of slavery he finally he broke out.
    To celebrite St Patrick’s day people dress up in green.
    Really sad story
    In reality he was a very
    Caring and
    Kind person.

  12. My Acrostic Poem

    St Patrick’s Day
    Taken By Piarates

    Patrick Led The Pagons To Christianity
    A Saint
    Turned To God When He Was 16
    Ireland Celebrates This Day
    Celebrated On The 17th Of March
    Kicked Out The Snakes

    By Elisa :]

  13. Stolen
    to be a slave by

    Pirates in ireland
    And he wanted to escape
    Then he taught the people of ireland
    Requesting the
    Irish people to listan
    Celebrated on the 17 on march
    Kicked out the snakes of ireland

    HUGH RICE πŸ™‚

  14. Saint patrick
    Taken away from his parents

    Priced by pirates
    And to convert people to christianity
    Taken by pirates to be a slave
    Rid Ireland of snakes
    Ireland was where he was born
    Called by god
    Known by christians

  15. St Patrick,
    Taken away to become a slave,
    Patricks his name strong and brave,
    always waiting and wanting to escape,
    To become a slave was a big mistake,
    Remebering Patrick still now to the day,
    If you come across a four leafed clover keep it with you. make a display,
    celebrated around the world on the 17th of March,
    Kidnapped and taken away, st Patrick in our hearts.

  16. St Patrick Day Acrostic Poem

    St Patrick
    The 17th of March is when we celebrate
    Patrick is his name
    And everybody around the world can celebrate it
    The saint of Ireland and Melbourne
    Rich and kind he was
    If you find a 4 leaf clover, you are lucky
    Caring and loving is what he was
    Kind with the lephrachauns

    By Damian

  17. Saint Patrick is his name
    Taken away from his family

    Patrick was sold as a slave by pirates
    And in Ireland thay celedrate it on the 17th of March
    They all dress up as leprechauns
    Raising people from the dead was a legend
    Ireland is were he grew up
    Christianity was what he told Ireland
    Kicked the snakes out of Ireland

    By Cmille :p πŸ™‚ :p

  18. ST Patrick Poem.

    Serving ireland and melbourne
    The 17th of march ad 461 came his death

    Patrick is his name
    And being a saint is his gane
    The awfull pirates took him at the age of 16
    Right after 6 years of being a slave.
    It was that time he became a christian
    Caring for irish making them catholic
    Kind little lepracauns:)

  19. ST Patrick poem

    Saint Patrick spread the word about God
    Taught about christianity
    Patrick is his name
    A believer in christianity
    Teacher of God
    Recently people celabrated about lephrachaun
    Irish backround
    Chritian religion
    Kicked out snakes from Ireland acording to the legend.

    by James

  20. Here is my St. Patrick’s Day poem:
    Saint Patrick was slave
    Taken by pirates and sold

    Patrick was stolen when he was 16
    And born in the fourth cenetury
    The people celebrate on the 17th of March
    Really if you don’t wear green on this day you will be pinched
    If you find a four leaf clover you will be lucky
    Clovers can have three leafs our four
    Kids and adults dress up as leperchaus.

    This is my St Patrick’s poem.

  21. Great poem everyone! How long did it take to make it?
    I love it. Who made it or was it the whole class?

    From Anna
    Miss Hamiltons Class Blog

  22. The day st.patriks day poems sound great! I really wish i could write one. Keep up the good work, Amelie Miss Hamiltons Class Blog.

  23. Wow! That is a great poem. It is very creative. We love St. Patricks day!

    From Olivia and Chanel
    Miss Hamilton’s blog

  24. ST PATRIC’S DAY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just wish I could make one. I have got some questions for you.
    1.How long did it take to make it?
    2.How do you make such good poems?
    I have got a coment for you!
    I have made and poem before it was very very hard use and get rymeing words but I have not done a ST. PATRIC’S DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Anna
    Miss Hamiltons Class Blog!

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