Picasso style synthetic self portraits

Grade 5/6 have looked at Picasso’s Cubist period this week. They looked at examples of Picasso’s synthetic cubism (The Weeping Woman) and his analytical cubist period (The Guitar Player).

Here are the self portraits that the Grade 5/6 students created in the synthetic cubist style.

What is something you learnt about Picasso or the Cubist movement?

16 thoughts on “Picasso style synthetic self portraits

  1. One thing I lernt about picasso is he did two types of cobism in the synthetic cobism he painted in a very child like way and I enjoied drawing the weird faces like picasso did.

  2. I realy like this painting that picasso painted i think they are all really awsome! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› i really like all the shades of brown and black πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow! we did that a few year ago when we was doing art. Paccasso is a wonderful drawer and expresses his felling through his drawing and parting. His art is beatiful.

  4. We think your art is fantastic. We do art every friday afternoon with one of teachers wich is called Mr Dougill.:)

  5. Hello there Mrs. Boyhan and grade 5/6s. Wow, what fantastic art work. I really like your cubist self portraits. I can see Mrs. Boyhan that your passion for art has continued and followed you to your new school. I look forward to seeing some new art pieces as you explore your new artist! Which artist received the most votes?
    Take care, Mrs. T :))

    • Thank you Mrs T. Yes my passion for art is always with me! I’m looking forward to visiting the Musee D’Orsay soon. What art have you been doing in your class this term?

      I voted for Van Gogh I think! But I like them all.

      Mrs Boyhan

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