13 thoughts on “Needs and Wants

  1. In the last week 2 needs that I have purchased are food and education for my children.

    Two wants that I have purchased are coffee from my favourite cafe and music from iTunes!

  2. Hi,
    My 2 needs from last week were…

    1. Water
    2. Food

    And my 2 wants from last week were…

    1. Pancakes
    2. Television

    Bronte 😉

  3. (Jono) in the last 2 weeks I bought Call of Duty off the internet, which is a want. (JULIAN) in the last two weeks I bought pimp new wheels for my scooter which is a need because my wheels were nearly square it is also a want because I don’t need it to survive

  4. I bought about a bottle of a water from a drink machine (need) and some food (need).

    I also bought a DVD (want) and a hot chocolate from a caffe (want)

    From Alexandra

  5. For a need I think there should be food and water because food gives you energy and water helps you to not dehydrate. A want would be a video game and TV because they are both things that you would’nt need for your whole life.


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