Australian new school year.

Welcome to a new school year Grade 5/6 LA.

What was your favourite Summer holiday activity?

Our visitors, we have just finished our Summer Christmas holidays. What was your favourite Christmas holiday activity?

18 thoughts on “Australian new school year.

  1. Hi,
    One of my favourite activities when I went to America was going on a helicopter, landing in the Grand Canyon and having breakfast. Have you ever been on a helicopter?

  2. On the holidays my family and I went up to Mulwala, NSW with my cousin, his wife and there twins. The twins, my brother and I went on a water slide and we also went on the water ski. It all was alot of fun and I wish I could stay there forever!

  3. Hi, my Summer Holidays were great. Properly my favourite
    part in the holidays was going to a Water Park call Adventure Park. Adventure park is a Water park with other great activities.
    how was everyone else’s?

  4. On the holidays I went to Coolangatta, Gold Coast for a family holiday. I went with my family. When we arrived at Coolangatta, we found our hotel and settled in. On Monday we went to Dreamworld and White Water World. At Dreamworld we went on the Log Ride. It was loads of fun! At White Water World, we wemt on Pipeline Plunge. On Tuesday we went to Sea Worldin Surfers Paradise. We went on another log ride and watched a dolphin show. On Friday morning we left. We had a great time. It was great fun. If yuo would go to Gold Coast would you go to Sea world and Dreamworld?

  5. My favourite thing that I did on the holidays was going to Wye River with my friend for the weekend. We stayed at a “Big 4” caravan park. We rode our bikes around the park, played a game of table tennis, played some board games and went on a jumping pillow. I had loads of fun and didnt want to leave. I definatly go back. 🙂

  6. On the holidays my family and i went to Adelide .On new years eve i went to the fireworks at glenelg with my cousin. At the beach it was aboutt 35 degrees.

  7. On the holidays, my family and I went to Apollo bay for 2 weeks. The weather was great, so most of the time we were at the beach or shopping in town. On the second week, my cousin came down for a couple days. When they got there it started to rain, so the next day we went to see some water falls and look outs. It looked so beautiful the that spot that you couldn’t stop looking. It was lots of fun and it was a really great way to spend my holidays!

  8. On the summer school holidays, my family and I went sking with some of our family friends. We went kneebording and played in Lake Epaloc. We went on doughnuts and even had a try at water sking. We had a fantastic time.

  9. Hi there,my holidays were great but the number one thing i did was going to dromana it was so fun doing all the activities but how was yyour holidays.

  10. hi there, my holiday was fantastic because i went to my cousins house to watch the australia day fireworks. i hope you had a good holiday to. 🙂 🙂

  11. One of my favourite activity I did this summer was going to the beach with my mates, Lino and Jacob. When they arrived we jumped on our bogie boards because the water was really choppy. I caught a sick ride 10 metres back into shore. After that be built a massive hole it was as big as those mini blow up pool. I forgot to mention it also had a moat aroumd it and some stairs. Later we swam out to the marker the water was the best temprature.

  12. On the holidays my family and I went to the goldcost.
    We went to the beach and then dreamworld with my cousin and my nonna.
    It was fun and I had a great time.

  13. On the holidays, my family and my cousins went up to Rosebud for the day. just having one look at the beach and I felt alive. Five minutes into the beach was like smelling a rose all day but it was some how better. The whole day at the beach was incredible. After the beach i went to my family friends beach house and had a delicious feest on fish and chips. The long drive home WAS SO TIERING! I had a great time at Rosebud and hope to do it again.

  14. My favourite activity on the school holidays was when I went to my cousin’s house for the day. We made red velvet cupcakes but they were a total disaster! We also made dumplings and they were yum! I had a really fun day with my cousin

  15. I went to the beach and pools.
    We are your quadblogging buddys from New Zealand!
    How is it going over there?
    Are there any hedge hogs over there, or possums?
    Does it snow in winter?

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