but how can something so tiny – 100WC Week 26


One day a Little boy was wandering through the emerald green  forest.

When he came across a particular site he carefully leaned over to take a closer look..He looked in and saw a miniature dog he pulled it off the the forest floor and quickly he ran home. When he was home he wrapped  the dog in a blanket and went down stairs to get some food when he came up stairs his room was not there what?

Robot – 100WC Week 26

Once upon a time there was a robot called the robot 2000. He was a friendly robot he was actually a person who never harmed anyone. So one cheerful morning he rode his bike along the river when suddenly he heard a bang.  BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!! Robot 2000 was so scared his ears were about to fall off. So he kept riding his bike. Another BANG!! “That’s it I’m calling the police” he said angrily. When the police came, Robot picked up the remains of the other robot which made the bang. Two years later the other robot made a very loud noise. It made the whole world angry. “But how can something so tiny scream that loud” robot said weirdly. To be continued.  

by Miquel

100WC – week 7

One day there lived a tiny budgie that was so young named Sunny-shine. He was adorable,

but so tiny in an enclosure with open windows. One day his owners saw him not in the cage

but wandering around the house  when the dog was in the house! But they quickly took

Sunny-shine back in his cage but they thought how can something so tiny do such a thing????  The next day they watched the baby and it squeezed out of the windows!

They were stunned and amazed, like so amazed! And also thankful that the dog didn’t eat Sunny-shine.



By Paul

St Patrick’s Day – Lá Fhéile Pádraig

St Patrick’s Day is on March 17th.  It honours St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, who died on this date about 461 A.D.  Patrick was born in Wales but was captured by Irish raiders when he was about 16 years old.  He was taken to Ireland, where he spent the next 4 years working as a slave minding sheep on the side of a mountain.  He became very religious during this time and after 6 years, he heard God’s voice telling him it was time to leave Ireland.  He went back home and spent years studying to become a priest.  He then had a vision from God telling him to go back to Ireland and preach about Christianity to the Irish.  At this time in Ireland, most people didn’t have a religion and so Patrick told them about God.  He spent the next 30 years spreading the Christian faith and building churches all around Ireland.  It is said he used the shamrock to explain the concept of the holy trinity to the Irish. Showing people the three leafed clover he explained that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit were three parts of the same divinity.  Many people believe this is how shamrocks came to be identified with St Patrick as well as Ireland, becoming its national symbol.


Saint Patrick and the Snakes:

St Patrick is said to have driven the snakes Saint Patrick out of Ireland.


Different versions of the story, tell of him standing upon a hill, using a wooden staff to drive the serpents into the sea, banishing them forever from Ireland.

One version says that an old serpent resisted banishment, but Patrick tricked him. Patrick made a box and invited the snake to enter. The snake insisted it was too small and the two argued. Finally to prove his point, the snake entered the box to show how tight the fit was. Patrick slammed the lid closed and threw the box into the sea.


Singing ShamrockShamrocks, Leprachan and ShamrockLeprechauns, Irish JigIrish jigs, the Irish harp,   the Irish flag, and pots of gold  Pot of Goldat the end of the rainbow  are all symbols of Ireland and its national day.


The Ancient Wall – 100WC week 24

I was walking through a thick emerald forest when i saw a remarkable thing, i creeped in gingerly when i triggered a trap door! I dropped down flat. My legs were in pain as i struggled to stand up, i took grip on the wall pulled myself up. I walked step by step to this glowing yellow chest, however i didn’t have a key. I hunted the area for the key when i came upon an  ancient wall with patterns, i got my hand and wiped all of the dust away when i discovered…

By Liam

The Hand – 100WC Week 24

One beautiful sunny day, I was walking in the park with my dog. The birds were singing and the children were laughing.

I was just walking past a tree when I heard a grumble. Then the ground shook, ‘EARTHQUAKE!” I cried. I picked up my dog and found myself behind a park bench that had been pushed over by the earthquake.

We suddenly saw something, a few little grey things started to rise, I only got more scared. Then I saw a fingernail! As it grew I became more certain it was a hand. It pushed the tree right next to me and pushed himself up…

Then I saw an arm…

The tree

 Hi, I’m Jerry the Giant and I absolutely hate trees, all they do is take up space. Anyway, yesterday, I went around the block doing my daily walk like usual. Then I saw a tree in front of me. I hate trees so every time I see one, I always pick it up, and throw it to Mercury. (Because I’m a giant). But that particular tree looked unique, and it had apples, so I ate the apples, and left it to grow. Now when I come for my daily walk, I eat the apples from the tree, and I don’t throw the tree to Mercury.


By Joseph

The hand! – 100WC week 24

Today is the most beautiful day, the birds are singing. I have decided to go to the park with my dog YoYo.

I am at the park now with  YoYo.

 Why is YoYo growling at a tree, a tree can’t do anything wrong? Well can it?.

Oh no, is that an earthquake!

Ahhhhh, there is a ginormous hand coming out in front of the tree, that YoYo was growling at! It was not an earthquake! It’s a massive hand! “Come on YoYo, we need to run and get out of here right now.” Nooooo, a body is coming out and chasing us. “Run run run!”

To be continued….